Giants-Chiefs final score: KC stays perfect, beats New York, 31-7

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The KC Chiefs beat down the New York Giants in Week 4 to move to 4-0 on the season. The Arrowhead Stadium crowd was very loud as the Chiefs won the game, 31-7. It was a tight game until Dexter McCluster's second half 89-yard punt return touchdown blew it open.

Before the game


Brandon Flowers ruled out for the game. Marcus Cooper got the start in his place.


Chiefs first drive: Chiefs punt after one first down and six plays.

Chiefs lined up in the pistol on the first play.

They also lined up in an empty backfield with five-wide.

Giant first drive: Giants punt after a three-and-out.

Of course they're starting inside their own 10 because Dustin Colquitt.

The Arrowhead crowd was LOUD on the Giants first drive. It felt like the fourth quarter out there.

Chiefs second drive: Chiefs punt after a three-and-out.

KC starts on their own 34-yard line.

A holding call moved the Chiefs back 10 yards.

Giants second drive: It's another punt.

The Giants tipped Colquitt's punt and ran into him. Colquitt stayed on the ground for a few seconds and limped off. He came back later in the game, however.

Giants start on their own 37-yard line.

Holding call pushed the Giants back to first-and-20.



Chiefs third drive: Touchdown Chiefs. 11-play, 98-yard drive. CHIEFS LEAD, 7-0.

Chiefs start this drive on their own 2-yard line.

Alex Smith ran the ball once again as the Giants defense dropped back without paying attention to him.

A defensive pass interference gave the Chiefs a free 16 yards.

A Giants DB lost track of Jamaal Charles and Alex Smith found him for a 31-yard gain into the red zone.

Alex Smith found Sean McGrath in the end zone for a five-yard touchdown.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Giants third drive: Eli Manning finds Victor Cruz for a 69-yard TD. GIANTS TIE IT UP, 7-7.

Speed. Victor Cruz simply beat Dunta Robinson with his speed and ran past him for the TD.

Chiefs fourth drive: Chiefs punt it after a drive that included two third down conversions.

Colquitt was out for the punt. He did not look comfortable but still landed it inside the 20-yard line.

Giants fourth drive: Eli Manning fumbles it away.

Giants start on their own 11-yard line.

Marcus Cooper now playing on the outside in the base defense. Dunta Robinson in the nickel.

Strip-sack! Tamba Hali sacks Eli Manning, forces a fumble and Dunta Robinson recovers

Chiefs fifth drive: Turnover. Fumble sends it back to the Giants.

A bad snap from the center resulted in the Chiefs FIRST turnover of the season. Giants get it back.

Giants fifth drive: Giants punt after a three-and-out

Chiefs sixth drive: Chiefs settle for the field goal. CHIEFS LEAD, 10-7.

Sean McGrath went down with an injury. The only healthy TE behind him is Kevin Brock.

Giants sixth drive: After a long drive, Giants miss a field goal.

Chiefs seventh drive: KC downs it to end the first half.



Giants seventh drive: Giants punt after a three-and-out.

Chiefs eighth drive: Turnover. Alex Smith throws an interception.

Eric Fisher has a head injury. Donald Stephenson replaced him at RT.

That INT looked like it might've been D-Bowe's fault. Or miscommunication.

Giants eighth drive: Giants punt after a three-and-out.

Chiefs ninth drive: Chiefs punt it away.

Chiefs start on their own 20-yard line.

Chiefs offense continues to have problems running the ball.

Giants ninth drive: Interception. Chiefs get it back.

Chiefs start at their own 20-yard line.

The Giants faced a 3rd-and-19 and you just knew he was in trouble. Eli went deep but the WR cut his route off early. Quintin Demps picked the deep pass off and returned it for 17 yards.

Chiefs 10th drive: Turnover. Again. Alex' pass to Jamaal is picked by Antrel Rolle on a ball that bounced around a few times. The review was upheld.

Giants 10th drive: Punt after a three-and-out.

Chiefs 11th drive: Another punt after another three-and-out.

KC starts from their own 30-yard line.

Giants 11th drive: Touchdown! Dexter McCluster returns the Giants punt 89 yards for the touchdown! CHIEFS LEAD, 17-7.

Eli Manning completed a pass on 3rd-and-18 and the refs gave him the first down. Andy Reid challenged the play and the ruling was REVERSED. That was a HUGE play because it allowed the Giants to punt, which then brought on the DMC touchdown.

More importantly, DMC trolled Victor Cruz's salsa dance.


Giants 12th drive: After a six-play drive, the Giants punt it away.



Chiefs 12th drive: Alex Smith to Jamaal for six. CHIEFS EXTEND LEAD, 24-7.

Chiefs started this drive at the start of the fourth quarter.

Ryan Succop kicked a field goal, which was good. But a penalty on the Giants gave the Chiefs fresh life.

Chiefs clock-eating drive: 14 plays, 80 yards, 9:17 off the clock.

Giants 13th drive: Turnover. Fumble is recovered by Eric Berry.

Chiefs 13th drive: Touchdown. Alex finds D-Bowe for six. CHIEFS LEAD, 31-7.

Giants 14th drive: Turnover on downs.

Giants start the drive from their own 5-yard line with three minutes left in the game.

Tamba picked up another sack. That's two on the day.

The Giants are a complete mess.

Chiefs 14th drive: Victory formation.

Final stats:



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