Welcome to John Dorsey's Blue Collar Contracting

In this edition of parts and pieces(my first post) i want to take a look at John Dorsey, the Chiefs new general manager. Here after in this post he will be referred to as Dorse(at times cause it sounds neat) as A. Reid refers to him. This is not a poll or anything like that, it is just an observation by a fan of the Chiefs. This is my feel for one of the big pieces of the kingdom.

John Dorsey was signed by the Chiefs to replace Scott Pioli on Jan. 12th,2013. This was a good thing it seemed after the much ballyhooed regime that Pioli had administered until his departure. I will not digress into the Pioli era as it has been widely discussed by many and frankly it's not worth talking about at this point. Dorse has brought to the Chiefs a very different approach as far as GM's go. He is honest and straight forward, very open with fans and media(as much as possible anyway), and generally seems like a mans man or woman's man as the case may dictate. His personality has come across nicely with fans who have met him and the players all seem to relate well to him. I'm not sure if this is because he is not smug and arrogant or if he goes about his job differently than these people he hires have ever been around. Whatever the case may be he seems like the right hire for the Chiefs.

As stated in the title Dorse seems like a blue collar guy, no pin stripe suits here, hey sometimes his socks don't even match. I went to training camp this year and spent 3 days just watching, not only the players but the coaches and Dorse. I came away with a great respect for this coaching staff and above all Dorse. He is genuinely concerned about this football team. He is very interactive with all players whether they are Jammal Charles or the guy he has to cut tomorrow. He is constantly talking with coaches,assistants, even the water guys(are they really water boys and girls). I got close and listened to Dorse speak to different people at different times. Some of these were media,T.V people,news and even bloggers(and Joel.LOL)and one thing i got was he is genuine but very factual. He didn't give generic answers like we hear so often, he actually had conversations.In short Dorse seems like a man i would want my sister to date,my kid to play for and a man that could be my boss anytime because i would want to work hard for him. I get the feeling this is why he and Andy work so well together. They want to work hard for each other to make the Chiefs a winning organization on and off the field.

Now as far as his functioning ability as the GM of the Chiefs that is where i came up with the title. Dorsey's Blue Collar Contracting is indeed a real thing if you think about it. What he does is hire a bunch of different men for different jobs that he needs done on his job site,right? So how is he doing this? Another thing i learned from camp and watching him intently every chance i got is he never stops evaluating people.I have really come away impressed with the whole John Dorsey package(OK stop laughing) and can't wait to see how the next draft is handled with all his people in place. After all isn't the draft ultimately how we as fans judge our GM's?

It seems to me that Dorsey's touch doesn't stop with the team, i feel like it has carried over to the office, the scout dept and even the vendors(the beer even tastes better or maybe it's winning) in the stadium. Now i'm not saying that Dorsey is the be all, end all of GM's but i do feel he was the perfect hire for the Chiefs. Here are my reasons why he gets it. One of his first moves was to start getting rid of anything negative about the Chiefs locker room. Also he went and got players to finish rounding out the base of this team. Some were here and just needed to be signed or tagged(Albert)and some were free agents. But he evaluated and went and got his men and signed them. Some of us may not agree with the price but the fact remains they are Chiefs and playing for us. As an example i give you the first 30 moves of John Dorsey GM:

1.2/12/13 signed Kevin Brock(right now with injuries this seems more important than originally thought) 2.2/18/13 signed Husain Abdullah(solid edition here) 3.2/19/13 Released Steve Breaston/Kevin Boss - (still free agents/out of football) 4.3/04/13 signed D.Bowe long term(i am still trying to figure Bowe out is he an elite reciever or a hold down the fort blue collar guy) 5.3/04/13 tagged Branden Albert(i really hope they come to a long term solution with Branden) 6.3/04/13 signed Dustin Colquit - (nuff said here) 7.3/07/13 released Eric Winston - still free agent(also wasn't a fan favorite and we all know why) 8.3/13/13 traded for Alex Smith - (some think we paid too much but i'll wait and see on this one) 9.3/13/13 signed Dunta Robinson(quality,experience and great depth) 10.3/13/13 signed Donnie Avery(Looks like he is the one getting on the same page with Alex faster than anyone) 11.3/13/13 signed Chase Daniel(we will know quickly if Alex goes down) 12.3/13/13 signed Anthony Fasano(great move here maybe a little expensive but he will pay for himself just teaching Kelse the art of the tight end position) 13.3/14/13 released Matt Cassel(hmmmmmmmmm) 14.3/15/13 signed Sean Smith(great pick up here and he seems to have blended well with Flowers) 15.3/15/13 signed Geoff Schwartz(good depth signing showing dividends already)

In and among these 15 moves were 15 other camp signings i chose not to list because you get the jest of what i'm getting at. John Dorsey went to work and got these guys in evaluated and signed. Also please notice the type of players these all are, team players and quality people and blue collar workers. Oh and they are all still here and producing for our Chiefs. Along with these moves Dorse has been relentless at evaluating other teams rosters and finding little gems for us to add to the fold. He has made about 115 roster transactions to date between camp and the draft and constantly upgrading the lower portion of the roster.

I also feel one other thing about Dorsey should not go overlooked. The man does not have a big ego, he looks to others for input and guidance and does not go around tooting his own horn. As I've heard more than once it's not about him or Andy or Clark it's ALL about the CHIEFS and what is best for the team. That is so refreshing after King Carl and Egoli(Pioli) and the look at me era's. We here in the mid west are hard working, hard playing and hard nosed fans of the Kansas City Chiefs and for once it is great to see someone looking out for the team and not themselves. All this and the fact that when i got to shake his hand at camp he looked me in the eye and thanked me for coming to camp and supporting the Chiefs. Down home roots and the work ethic and honesty to go with it. With him acquiring players and guiding the scout department and Andy and his great coaching staff doing what they do i really don't see how this season will not be special.

So Chiefs fans welcome to John Dorsey's Blue Collar Contracting located at One Arrowhead Drive,right next to Honest Andy's Used QB's.

My favorite John Dorsey quote so far:You learn from the past,you live in the present and you build for the Future! Wow what a great outlook.

And if you did not get the chance to hear John Dorsey on ESPN yesterday here is a link to AP's breakdown. He just seems solid to me.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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