Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey on ESPN after 3-0 start

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

KC Chiefs GM John Dorsey joined ESPN's NFL Insiders show on Thursday afternoon following the Chiefs 3-0 start. Read on for a full transcript of what Dorsey had to say.

On his assessment of the Chiefs:

Dorsey: The assessment is that we've played three games. As we all well know, this is a very long season. We have a very challenging game coming up this weekend against the New York Giants. What we're trying to do, we're addressing each game as they come. We're playing it one game at a time.

On the decision to trade for Alex Smith:

Dorsey: What we did was when we first got there, for about three or four days, the coaching staff and personnel staff, we separated ourselves and we basically wanted to assess our personnel and our team. Andy and I got back together and once we were able to assess from the coaching and personnel side, we brought it all together and Andy and I both decided that, to a man, the first thing we needed to do was to go out and get a quarterback. When we looked into the college pool coming in this year we did feel there was a quarterback worthy of taking No. 1. So the next resource we had to use was the NFL and that's how we came about with Alex.

On Dontari Poe, Justin Houston and Eric Berry:

Dorsey: Pretty good players. As you well know, any rookie in his first year, to me the biggest adjustment that a draft pick makes is when he gets into the second year of football and that's where Dontari is as you see the big swing from year one to year two. He's done a really nice job of taking care of his business in terms of understanding that he has to reduce his weight a little bit and tighten things up there. I give a lot credit to Tommy Brasher and Bob Sutton for him buying into what we're trying to do here and he's played very well to date.

On what has surprised him as a GM:

Dorsey: Time management. You line up at your door at 6:30 in the morning and people are knocking at your door and you go into about 7:30. The time management part of it is critical and let's not lose sight at what you're good at, which is player evaluation. I have a very good staff around me. It's helped me tremendously. I would say time management is the biggest thing. I'll tell you this, this has been the funnest 10 months of my entire life. [Q: How come?] Not only is it rewarding, it's challenging. It's everything I could've imagined and more. All of a sudden you get a chance to work with a head coach like Andy Reid, have an owner like Clark Hunt, the staff here, and everyone realizing we're all in this together. This is a collective effort by this organization.

The next step for this team:

Dorsey: I think it's improvement. There's a degree of consistency that you try to sustain week in and week out. From an offensive side of the ball, you want to see consistent development because right now we're not playing at our optimal best right now. As the weeks go on, I believe we can be more efficient within our offense. But it's everyone buying in and being on the same page for the common goal everyone is trying to achieve.

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