Dri Archer: The Real Dexter McCluster?

Allow me to say that I have not given up on McCluster or believe that the team should move on from him during the next offseason at this time. However, DexMex has not lived up to what we envisioned him to be as a player, or as a cog in the offensive scheme. So far this year, he hasn't been very good at holding on to the ball or making the defense miss albeit his very limited participation in the offensive attack for the first 3 games of the season. My primary concern with McCluster is that he simply has not been as fast or quick as I believed. He hardly takes the top off the defense, and lacks that second/third gear that makes him a matchup nightmare. His juke moves are decent, but his lack of acceleration coming off his maneuvers mitigate his effectiveness as he isn't the most elusive small "OW" to begin with.

So here we begin to look at a player who could be much more suited for McCluster's role in this offense. To be honest, I have no clue where Dri Archer will go in the 2014 draft (currently ranked as 24th best WR at walterfootball and 16th best at cbs prospect rankings), but I could see his stock make an astronomical rise as he comes back from the ankle injury that he suffered right off the gate in his first game vs the Liberty Flames. I'm not sure why he is not ranked as a RB, but I guess it just shows his projected versatility in the NFL. Let's take a look at this explosive prospect without further ado.

Dri Archer #1, Senior RB/WR, Kent State Golden Flashes, Height: 5'8", Weight: 175lb

Lowest 40 Dash: 4.21



Here is his college career stats so far.

Note that he was 5'7" 155 as a freshman, 5'7" 162 as a sophomore, and 5'8" 175 as a junior and 5'8" 178 as a senior.

As you can see, most of his stock currently is taken from his junior year as he racked up 1429 yards on 159 rushing attempts with 80 yards coming on his longest rush, 561 yards on 39 receptions with 60 yards coming on his longest catch.

He also scored 3 TDs in his 17 KR with a 99 yard return vs Ball State. Also had two other 98 KR in the season.

Here are a couple highlight videos, now that we established a general idea of who he is:

Kent State's 5'8 Dri Archer is the Most Exciting College Football Player. Junior Highlights (via JMBasketballVideos)

Kent State's Dri Archer 33 yd TD catch (via ESPN)

Dri Archer (Kent State) vs Miami University (11/10/12) (via Falcon Wook)

Here are my takeaways from Dri Archer:

- The word deceptive came up a lot as I was watching him: deceptively fast, deceptively strong, deceptive angles and acceleration, and deceptive&small: Not a lot of players are going to be able to see him behind offensive lines before he hits that hole.

- Very impetous and hits the hole hard, momentum always carrying him forward.

- Perspicacious of his blocks and running lanes, has a great feel for the game

- Nice hands in general, can catch the ball well and has a nasty stiff arm.

- Dangerous if he breaks through the first level or around the corner. Very good endurance, doesn't seem to slow down too much at the end of long runs

- Extremely impressive change of direction and angle of his body to avoid the big hit, turn corners, juke defenders going full speed, good body control, good balance can get low and put his hands in the dirt to get going.

A lot of the videos I've watched so far just display the positive plays, so I am not sure at all about his negatives. One reason I wrote this fanpost was to see if there are people out there who have watched his games and can give some input on this very intriguing prospect. Obviously he isn't playing against great competition as he is from the MAC, so there's that. I actually thought Archer looked much more like Jamaal Charles than McCluster at the end of the day, but looks like he could definitely fill McCluster's role. It is blasphemous but his running style, physique, and speed reminds me a lot of Barry Sanders in college. It gets me excited thinking about a 2TE formation with Charles and Archer in the backfield... Well that is basically it, I thought there was a slight lull with the 10 day break and with the Chiefs interest in Greg Little and Chris Rainey would be a good time to bring up Dri Archer.

I think Chiefs will be picking very late in the first round, hopefully the 32nd pick in the draft, so maybe this is a guy who they could be drafting. There is a possible need for a WR #2, but Donnie Avery could work out or the fan favorite WR FA, Jeremy Maclin is another option. Go Chiefs, I wanna see 10+ sacks vs the NYG!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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