A Response to: Is History Repeating Itself with the KC Chiefs?

This started as a comment on piece entitled Is History Repeating Itself? by RDOGuy. After I realized how long my comment became, I decided to make it a post of my own. seems to me that many of us are having thoughts on the subject of whether this 2013 squad have similarities to the one from the 1990's coach by Marty Shottenheimer

Andy Reid was Marty Shottenheimer
Jamaal Charles was Marcus Allen
Who'd be Kimble Anders? Anthony Sherman surely isn't Anders
Who'd be Joe Montana? Alex Smith is not Joe.
Alex Smith might be a combination of 3 QBs - Steve Deberg/Elvis Grbac/Rich Gannon

I'm just listing the few better known offensive players but if you compare the receivers, Montana had nothing to work with. JJ Birden, Tim Barnett, Willie Davis and Keith Cash is not in the caliber of what Smith have with Bowe, Avery, Fasano, Kelce, McCluster. Montana's receivers were one-trick pony. The ones in this 2013 squad have size, speed and are much more dynamic, especially their run after the catch. So, with that I'm gonna give the edge to the 2013 offensive squad.

In terms of the players and approach, I see no similarity of Marty's offense to the one Andy Reid is running. It's quite simple, Marty was conservatory in every aspect of the game. Andy Reid is almost the opposite - very unconventional. Also, Reid willingness to explore the option having Ault as a consultant and then install 5 wide and pistol for Smith to run is a good thing. Smith ran this sort of offense very well at Utah.

And then there's the DEFENSE.

Marty 90's Chiefs squad were 80% Defense, offense is bend don't break
Will Andy be relying on Sutton's Defense that heavily? I'm leaning towards 50/50 after 3 weeks.

The strength of Marty's 90's team was the DEFENSE even when they had Marcus Allen and Joe Montana in 93-94. The strength of this current squad is shaping up to be the DEFENSE as well. The difference I see again is Sutton non-conventional style (4-3, 3-4 hybrid whatever you wanna call it). With Marty's, KC had one superior D player in DT58 but a very solid supporting cast such as Neil Smith and Saleamua and a pair of ass kicking DBs in Dale Carter/James Hasty/Kevin Ross/Deron Cherry. If I were to compare them, it'll look like this:

Sean Smith as Dale Carter
Brandon Flowers as James Hasty
Husain Abdullah as Kevin Ross
Eric Berry as Deron Cherry
Tamba Hali + Justin Houston as Derrick Thomas
Dontari Poe as Dan Saleamua
Mike Devito as Bill Mass
The wild card this defense possessess that Marty's 90's team didn't is none other than the Chiefs Defensive Leader and a True Captain - Derrick Johnson.


This Chiefs defense will go as far as DJ will carry them. He is the Heart of this Defense, the one player that each and every player on the defensive side response and looks up to. To think that once upon a time, he was almost a free agent was fucked up and utterly crazy. I hate to say this but that was the only good thing Pioli did, by keeping DJ and not let him escape to another team and win a Superbowl somewhere else. I had written a post back in 2010 on AP about the importance of the Chiefs Linebackers entitled What Do These Three Players Have?. That write up also covered Chiefs inability to draft LBs (specifically during the Vermeil years) The ones (LB) that was drafted but left the team via Free Agency ends up with a Superbowl ring at their next stop.


So right about when DJ's contract was coming up in its final year, I had a theory about this. And my theory revolves around the next KC linebacker that was going to win a Superbowl. I immediately identified that player to be Derrick Johnson.

So if my theory is true, DJ will be the key in bringing this organization and city its first Superbowl in 44 years.

No. 56. Chiefs will go when you go. Let's make my theory a reality :)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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