It's Time to Let Your Gaurd Down...



So I have written a few posts on this site, and a lot of them have been met with 'moot'ness. I won't choose to show the fact that I mentioned that Alex Smith can win football games for us, I wont even mention that I posted that he was more than worth the draft picks we gave up, I also wont mention my 'Perfect Storm' article which detailed how everything was lining up for the Chiefs to be good this year, I also wont mention how I recommended for people to empty their savings accounts and place bets on the Chiefs making the playoffs BEFORE the season even started.

But I will mention my love for this team, and the obvious love that exists outside the territory of the kingdom. We have played two road games this year, and both times the lower bowl was filled with Chiefs fans. Tonight in Philadelphia you could hear the Tomahawk Chop in the background... in Philadelphia. Two-thousand plus miles from One Arrowhead Drive. The Kingdom is alive.

I am a thinking man, it's my job. I am an algorithm specialist and a genius computer scientist. I wouldn't post this if I didn't know that my line of thought was true. The Chiefs are for real. Everything runs in circles, and it is our time to shine. There are a list of men that we need to thank:

  • Clark Hunt
  • Carl Peterson
  • Herm Edwards
  • Scott Pioli
  • Andy Reid
  • John Dorsey

Without these leaders our team is nothing. Clark Hunt manned up and made the change at GM. Carl Peterson drafted some of the most prolific players on our team with Herm's help. Scott Pioli drafted Poe, Houston, nearly the entire offensive line, and Succop. Andy Reid knows how to coach, and Dorsey overturned the roster and made great free agency moves to create a highly talented bunch. You can hate on Pioli all you want for his complete failure at signing a great head coach or quarterback, but you can't judge him for the players on our team that will set us up for success for years down the road.

There is one burning thought that has been in my mind ever since week one, and it deals with Romeo Crennel. My thought is as such:

Crennel is a horrible coach and a product of the Bill Bellichek system. Perhaps Crennel was a horrible defensive coordinator. Perhaps our defensive personnel were so great that they made a horrible coordinator/coach like Crennel look good. Now that we have an average or not horrible defensive coordinator our defense can really flourish. Let that sink in.... If Andy Reid is capable of going 3 - 0 with this prior 2 - 14 Crennel led team then possibly Bob Sutton is capable of feilding one of the best Chief defenses ever. Think about it...

Last year before the season started every Chiefs fan had the ideology of: Well if we don't shoot ourselves in the foot offensively and don't screw up with the ball in our hands, we should make it to the playoffs. Then Matt Cassel happened. We have a quarterback now that will not go all Matt Cassel on us. We will win a lot of games because of this fact. Rest assured.

Now in my infinite knowledge, this team will not go undefeated, this team will not break any records, BUT this team does have what it takes to win a Super Bowl. Yea, yea, go ahead and call me stupid or a sucker or a homer, but really... If I could tell you how it will happen I will, OH WAIT... I will.

This team is great at controlling the ball, this team is great at running the clock down when they really need to. This team is good at holding the opponent to subpar offensive numbers, this team scores in the red zone, this team controls the tempo (if you don't believe this then look at how the Eagles game went), this team can and will disrupt the passer, this team can play great coverage, this team can win on special teams, this team can play field position, this team can win on the road, this team can do it all.

I am telling you now this team can win a Super Bowl. Do I realistically think that this Alex Smith led team will make it to the Super Bowl? NO. Do I think we will win a playoff game, YES. So put your Vegas money on that. I am telling you right now, just like I told you to bet on us making the playoffs.

ps Joel Thorman you better post this to the main thread.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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