Take a break from the real thing and take five for fantasy

Fantasy football is becoming more and more popular. The hardest of fans are beginning to give in and try their luck in the world of fantasy football. I'm a fan and you should be too. If you're not, well read this anyway and comment on how silly it all is. If you are, share your best draft story and vote on your favorite team name from our league.

AP posted a tweet about a week ago asking if anyone wanted to start a fantasy team. I was sitting at work with nothing to do so I went ahead and took him up on the offer; I mean I only had three Yahoo and one league already so what’s a fifth? I appropriately named the league AP’s Twitter People and capped it at 12 teams. It took no time for the league to fill up however in the frenzy we had one owner join twice and another potential owner (who I suspect was a Raiders fan) say he joined on accident and asked that I drop him. Once we ironed out the first couple wrinkles we were off and sailing.

Since this is a league of AP Twitter followers I thought it would be fun to get know the owners a little better and see some of what we’re working with in the community:

We have owners from Missouri of course, the border states of Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas; and reach all the way to Texas and Utah. Some interesting facts about one of our owners in particular is he is such a fan that he himself is in fact a genetic clone of Derrick Thomas, he made his wife change her name to Lynn Dawson, and they named their child Marcus Allen. He didn't stop there. He has a dog by the name of Kasey Wolf and if it weren't for a hate of all things Broncos he’d have a horse named warpaint with, of course, a tattoo of warpaint. Unfortunately, the owner suffers from Nigerian nightmares but has been lucky enough to find the one and only cure… 65 toss power trap.

Our most memorable draft moment:

When the draft kicked off I think we were short three or four owners. A bit concerning I must admit since I posted to the league to let me know if the draft time wouldn't work for anyone but as with most live online fantasy drafts it’s hard to get a good time for every owner as plans change. A round or two into the draft one of the auto pick icons goes away and in the chat window we all get the apology message. "Sorry I’m late; I’m at the farmers market with the wife." The chat window fills with one liners, some sympathetic, some sarcastic but all classy since it’s a league of Chiefs fans. After a grocery list of fresh produce request from us all and a few solid rounds of drafting the owner informs us that he is leaving the farmers market. His struggle and obligation is over and location depending he may be able to make it home in time for the last few rounds. Until the next post, for which we all could feel his despair and that still makes me cringe. "Now she wants to go to Hobby Lobby!" I can think of nothing better than spending the opening Saturday morning of college football, and an important fantasy draft, at a farmers market and Hobby Lobby. So we filled the chat window with more encouraging words of support trying to prevent losing another good man in the card stock isle of Hobby Lobby. I’m happy to inform everyone that he made it through the morning but feel it’s necessary to share that as the draft concluded and his wife checked out he was sitting on the bench in front of the store due to continual snickering at the comments we flooded him with to keep his spirits up. An unforgettable to say the least.

A cool new feature of Yahoo’s Fantasy game is that they send you a post draft report card. If you haven’t drafted a yahoo league yet you need to (better hurry). With that, our report cards are back from the press so here’s a look (you can click on the letter score to view the report cards and teams:

  • @Chiefs58 A-
  • The TambaHawks B
  • PadingtonCityRamblers B
  • Twig & Berry’s B
  • Angi’s Team B
  • Stink Apes B
  • Keep Calm & Chief On B
  • raiderhaters B
  • Miley Bears C+
  • The Bowe Show C+
  • Deli Fresh Colquitt C
  • Silver Bullets D+

A few draft notes:

Miley Bears was the first owner to take a rival player with Manning in the second round.

Keep Calm & Chief On and Angi’s Team were the only teams to not draft a rival player. KC&CO drafted two Chiefs while Angi’s Team steered clear of the AFC West as a whole.

Stink Apes drafted the most Chiefs (Bowe, Succop & D/ST)

I wish luck to all the owners and to the Chiefs.

*I entered an inquiry to Yahoo to see if leagues can publicly viewed just in case any of you non players want to keep up and see if it's something you might be interested in.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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