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Welcome everyone and congratulations on improving Andy's record against the Cowboys!!! We greatly appreciate the help considering our demise at the hands of the Chargers (seriously, screw Rivers). Let's just say that we may have had a better performance on defense if we decided to onside kick on every possession and pray to stop them in the red zone half of the time... at least our O would see the field more. By the way, they are real and they are spectacular. That being said, I answered some questions in NigerianNightmare's post on BGN, so let me just display them hear to preempt some of your questions:

1. Is Vick the real deal? Vick has looked unstoppable in this offense. He has been putting up freakishly good numbers for the last two weeks, but we have not been creatively challenged thus far. While I am not sure if the Chiefs have a better pass rush than the Redskins, I do know your secondary is no joke. The NFC East doesn’t have safeties, buy that guy Eric Berry is pretty good (sore subject around hear from an AR draft, but I digress). I do think we put up 24+ points on you guys, but there will be some turnovers and general sloppiness on offense. If not, I am ready to proclaim Chip Kelly a wizard...

2. How’s the defense, as they seem to give up lots of yards?
Are you around 200 pounds and able to identify which spot you should gravitate towards if your coach shows you a index card that you previously studied? If so, we are auditioning for defensive backs. Please also see us if you are above 280 pounds and would like to pretend to lean on the other team’s OL. Defense was absolutely brutal to watch today. Phillip Rivers went 36 for 47 for 419 yards, 3TDs and no picks. Most of the passes were dink and dunks, with the occasional free big play thanks to a safety failing to identify where they need to be in zone defense.

3. Pass rush? Naturally, having no secondary is complimented by generating no pressure. We couldn’t hit Rivers with 7 man blitz plays today. I am hoping this was an aberration because we did have some success getting to RG3, but the sight of King Dunlop stopping Trent Cole will give me nightmares for weeks to come.

4. O-line? Easily the most athletic OL in the league and beasts in the run game. Pass pro is fairly solid, but there are some occasional mistakes (with alignment of all things…). We have quality tackles, but are extremely vulnerable to getting beat inside by powerful NTs. Kelce is a smallish center, and Herramans has been frankly awful this year. I expect Poe to cause problems when he is energized, so expect a lot of off tackle runs early on to tire out your DLine.

5. Bonus – keys to a Chiefs’ victory. Your team is uniquely situated to do exactly what the San Diego did: dink and dunk while eating up the clock. Alex Smith is the perfect quarterback to play ball control with and should be able to keep us on the sidelines. I don’t think you guys have much of a chance in a shootout, but that’s okay because our defense forced exactly one punt last game while allowing the Chargers to chew off over 40 minutes of the clock. If Reid can contain his inner Rex Grossman and avoid chucking it deep on every play, you guys should be able to take this one.

If someone could let us know about the Chief's OL and propensity to commit penalties, turn the ball over, and shoot themselves in the foot, the Eagles defense desperately needs it I would appreciate the insights. Myself and a few other BGNers will probably make our way over here to answer some questions, so ask away!

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