Debbie Downer Returns To AP

Bad luck and trouble hangin' 'round my door
Bad luck and trouble hangin' 'round my door
You believe it I'm a hopin', won't come back no more


Yeah, I thought that might get your attention ... excuse me while I seek refuge from the torch carrying lynch mob that seems to be following me demanding that I turn in my "fan card" ... ahh there, a brief respite, long enough to make a post (maybe)

Come on, ups! This is a new year, a new HC, a new GM, a new QB (que the Hallelujah chorus singers) and practically a new owner ... you're ALWAYS emphasizing the bad and never give credit where credit is due when the Chiefs win

Ok, look ... I've been watching this team since they moved to Kansas City (from Dallas, FWIW, and absolutely NOTHING could please me more than to see the Chiefs beat the Cowgirls ... seriously, a 400-3 stomping of the Raiders would pale in comparison to our home opener today) and like so many Chiefs fans, I (we) have been let down time after time after a slight bit of renewed hope

Think about it, we had THE most intelligent HC ever in Marv Levy (IQ of about 185) and he gets fired ... we had a playoff team with John Mackovic and the PLAYERS fired him! Seriously. We had the best record in the NFL in the 90's and made it to the Super Bowl exactly zero times, and making it to the AFC Championship game only once, where we were summarily blown out well before halftime by arguably the greatest team ever assembled (the Bills? the greatest team ever? that's it, more proof that ups has gone over the deep end). We had The Greatest Show On Turf, Ver 2.0 and the most prolific offense outside of Peyton Manning and ... well, we know all about THAT ending. We had a playoff team under Todd Haley who then proceeded to lose his own sanity the following year, followed by LAST year when hopes were high for Crennel's Crew for about 13 seconds and ok, enough of that ... you get the idea here: Chiefs Nation has been so snakebitten over the years that any light at the end of the tunnel is almost bound to be an oncoming train.

If I had a dollar for every broken heart,
I'd be drinkin' fine wine and eatin' caviar.
If trouble were money,
I'd have more money than any man should.

I'm open for business in your neighborhood,
The blues is my business, and business is good.

Wow, ups sure knows how to be a wet blanket at a party ... can't even let us enjoy a win for a day before he starts posting his lame BS and blah blah blah ... give it rest, old man!

Listen, as I said, nothing makes me happier than the Chiefs beating Dallas, and the fact that it was out home opener makes it that much better (and I absolutely LOVE the red-on-red unis and think the team should wear that for every home and away game from now til the end of time) and there is no question in my mind that this team is 1) talented and 2) more focused and 3) way better than last year or the year before or the year before that ... yes, we have a a TEAM! Here's the thing, though. Last week we won against like THE worst team ever (yes, the Jags are just that bad) and this week we won against a good Dallas team, but it WAS our home opener (a little extra pump there maybe?) and let's face it: the odds of Romo having two good games in a row is slightly less than your chances of hitting a winning $300 Million Powerball ticket, so ... just how amped up should we be at this point? And there's the rub, as Billy Bard might say ... I'm not sure (and neither are you, admit it) because this team could go belly-up in a week and reel off 5 straight losses ... then too, the Chiefs could be 43-0 before the bye week (and you though Poo had high hopes!). The simple fact is that we just don't really know (yet) how good (or not) this team will be ... so to avoid what could be a MAJOR letdown (I know, we should be used to it by now, right?) my advice to anyone still reading this diatribe is simple: don't get yourself TOO caught up in the hoopla thinking this year's Chiefs will win the Super Duper Bowl of the Universe at this early stage of the season ... because there's a long, long ways to go.

Born under a bad sign
I been down since I begin to crawl
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all


Way to go, ups, ruin it for everyone why doncha! Debbie Downer is right, and her sister Negative Nancy and wow, and you call yourself a fan!

Look, I love the Chiefs as much as anyone, trust me on this ... just that we've been burned so many times, let down time and time again that, well ... I prefer to be cautiously optimistic (at most) ... call me Realistic Ralphie or Grounded Grampa or whatever, but I simply cannot jump on that Positive Pete bandwagon ... not yet, not quite yet. The stats from today's game were underwhelming at best (Alex Smith had as many yards rushing as Jamaal Charles? Seriously?). Granted Smith is no Matty Nice (thank you football gods!) but he's no Peyton Whatshisname, and yes, Dwayne Bowe actually caught a TD pass, but wow, did Flowers get toasted and roasted or what? If it hadn't been for mistakes by Dallas, well, you get the idea ... so until this team proves to me a little bit more, a few more wins under the belt, a couple more notches on the gun barrel ... I refuse to get overly excited. You can, and bless your heart if you do ... you're a true fan, just like me ... I just can't be jumping up and down for every little thing at my advanced age. I might spill my warm milk.

Lord, one of these days
There'll be no more sorrow
When I pass away

And no more hard times
No more hard times
Yeah, yeah, who knows better than I?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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