GIF'd UP - Dontari Poe vs. Jax

Alright my fellow Chiefs fans! I'm new to the GIF World, but thought I'd try my hand at it. All of the smack talk this week going on between Dallas Fans and ourselves about how amazing Poe is got me all fired up, so I decided to take a detailed look at how Poe performed vs. Jax last week.

A lot of GIF's are about to smack you in the face, so get ready!

PLAY 1 - 1st and 10 on Jacksonville's 2nd drive of the 1st quarter

On this play you will see Poe at his NT spot face up over the center. You have Tyson Jackson at LDE and DeVito at RDE. Houston is on the line of a scrimmage as the LOLB and Hali is doing the same on the right side. Akeem Jordon is at the LB level between TJ and Poe. Derrick Johnson is between Poe and DeVito at the LB level.

At the snap you see the flow to the left, Poe sheds the center, then absorbs a hit from the LG, which he shucks off and then brings down MJD for the tackle. This is a great example of Poe flowing one direction as he reads the play, stopping, tossing his man aside and fighting through a 2nd man to bring down the ball carrier. Dude is stout!



Oh man there is some good stuff going on with this play!

Notice in the middle of the line how Hali is playing in the middle of the field next to DJ. At the snap Hali crosses DJ's face and heads to the A gap between the C and RG. DJ then trails Hali and hits the A gap between the C and LG. Because of Hali shooting into the line, he frees up DJ to get a free run at Gabbert. Now Poe is matched up on the LG and Kendrick Lewis is matched up with the LT. (Yes Lewis is taking on a LT!) Poe holds his ground and watches the play develop. He's athletic enough to jump up and bat the pass down! Just brilliant play by Poe and the entire design of this play!



On the previous play, Poe tackled MJD for a one yard gain. Jacksonville decided to go no huddle and they ran the ball again. Again, Poe works his magic down the line. He's initially facing a double team, but the RG has to let him go because of backside pursuit and that leaves Poe alone with the center. We know what Poe does when he's one on one. He easily throws Meester away and stops MJD for a short gain! This brought up 3rd and long again for Jax!



This play is towards the end of the 1st half and it's where Dontari gets his full sack. He had 1.5 on the game. It's a 3 man rush and he just abuses Meester!



Ok lots and lots of stuff going on with this play and it's all good things!

To start off we have Poe and Catapano as the down lineman. Hali over the LT and Houston over the RT as they normally are. You also have DJ in the middle of the field at the LB level and Eric Berry is outside of Houston showing blitz.

So many times I remember blitzing the past couple years and we didn't get to the QB. What was very encouraging for me in the JAX game was seeing how effective some of our blitzes where. It wasn't just one guy that could have made the sack, it was 3 people. You can tell right away that Gabbert has the pull the ball down and goes into scramble mode. Against a better QB they might hang in there a bit longer, but I still think we would have gotten a sack either way.

Ok back to the play! You'll notice that DJ circles around behind Poe and Catapano to the open lane. Also Eric Berry circles around Houston and freezes at the line of scrimmage to see what the RB is going to do. He sees the RB is blocking, so he instantly goes for Gabbert. My guess is that if the RB tried to release into a pass pattern Berry would have followed him.

DJ flushes Gabbert up in the pocket and he's met by Berry and Poe who was one on one with the LG. Poe as usual has no problem shedding his block to help make the tackle. At times I see Poe reading the play instead of pushing his guy back. Poe can 2 gap or 1 gap, which allows for even more flexibility with our scheme. I don't know if this particular play is a 2 gapping assignment or not , but when the play comes his way Poe disengages from his blocker and gets credit for 1/2 a sack.


I hope you've enjoyed my 1st ever GIF'd up FanPost! I hope to do this weekly as long as I have time.

Like many of you, I'm quickly falling in love with Poe. Looking across our D it's pretty stacked honestly. I think we can field a top 5 D this year if we continue to play with creative schemes, high execution and winning our one on one battles.

I hope this year is one of those magical years we've been waiting for! It's been a long time since we had one. A decade in fact!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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