A Cowboy Wandered into KC...

Howdy KC Fans!

I am a Dallas Cowboys fan (finally got activated to participate in the AP blog!), and I am here to talk to KC fans about their team and to share/answer/discuss, to the best of my limited ability, my views on the Dallas Cowboys as well. Over at BtB, there is not much new I can add to the conversation as we have a plethora of commenters that run the gamut from total kool-aid drinkers all the time to those that drink straight cyanide, and I thought it a good idea to go talk with the opposing fans before every game. This is the first week I am doing this and is actually my first Fan Post ever too!

So, I plan on stopping by here as often as possible till Sunday to share some intelligent conversation with you all. To get the ball rolling, after reading through some recent posts here, I am going to start with some topics and thoughts you all have already raised.

Discarding Popular Memes...

- Romo "chokes" and is the problem in Dallas...suffice to say, this is not backed-up by data in anyway. Romo is great in 4th Quarter and Comeback situations and has been left hung-out to dry by the defense or special teams. Yes, Romo has meltdowns(3 or more INTs) every year, but only at about 1 game higher than the leagues "elite" QBs.

- Jason Garrett is on the "Hot Seat"....this is another one of those BSPN pushed memes designed to drive clicks that just isn't true. JG has had some coaching gaffes on the sideline, but he has done a great job changing the culture in Dallas and re-stocking the team with young talent. You can even hear it in the interviews that the players give when all they do is spout the JG values. As for play calling duties, he spoke of giving them up last year when Callahan was hired and would after a period of time....that time was this past offseason. Freeing JG up to be a walk-around HC has allowed him to better manage the team and be more on top of what is going on during games. Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones like JG and what he is doing, so barring going 1-15 and losing the entire team, I don't see JJ/SJ getting rid of JG. Even 7-9 or 8-8 will bring JG back for one more season.

Dallas will win easily, if...

1) OL provides protection like it has to Romo during preseason and through week 1

2) Dallas avoids numerous pre-snap and holding penalities in and near the Red Zone

3) Charles doesn't run for 150+ yards

4) Dallas ST doesn't give the game away (see Seattle last year, week 2)

Yep, these are about the only things I "fear", though JG seems to not go for the kill shot in games and lets opponents stick around way too long, which seems to be shortening my life expectency.

KC will win, if...

1) Dallas completely falls apart with Turnovers (especially on ST), penalties in the Red Zone that prevent TDs, and...that is about it.

KC seems to have a great front seven, but Romo is very elusive and the Cowboys offense will get its points in the end...however, will turnovers and penalties (along with an energized crowd) be too much to overcome?! I don't believe the KC offense can beat Dallas alone and must be +2-3 in TOs to have a good chance to win.

Prediction: Dallas 30 KC 20

Now, please, let's talk about anything and everything for this week's game!

(note: I am not savvy enough to put in links or pics...yet!)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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