The Chiefs by the (Powerball) numbers

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From the FanPosts -Joel

Like most people, we dream about winning the Powerball. We talk about what we'd do if we won the big jackpot. The places we'd go... the charities we'd fund... the house we'd live in. We seldom buy a ticket, but when we do, we always repeat the Powerball Prayer:

"Dear Lord... please allow me to prove that winning the Powerball won't change me."

While we were watching Sunday's game, I turned to my beautiful wife Terri and said, "If we win the Powerball... Chiefs games. Home and away." We shook on it. We've talked about a lot of things we'd do with a huge sum of money, but it was the first time we instantly agreed on something.

Of course, in order to make good on that pledge, first you have to buy a damn ticket. (Well... it takes a little more than that, but that's where you have to start) So while I was in the Quik Trip yesterday, I bought a quick pick for tonight's drawing. I looked at the numbers the machine had given me... and then I looked at the numbers again.

10 11 32 45 58 19

Trent Green. Alex Smith. Marcus Allen. Bobby Holmes. Derrick Thomas. Joe Montana.

What the hell? Five of my favorite Chiefs players, and the new kid on the block. What are the Powerball gods trying to tell me, anyway? We're about to win $245M so we can become awesome Chiefs fans? Or that Alex Smith will lead our team to the Promised Land?

Last night I posted this as a Facebook status update:

The quick pick Powerball ticket I bought tonight has the numbers of Trent Green, Alex Smith, Marcus Allen, Bobby Holmes, Derrick Thomas and Joe Montana. I'll be happy to take the money, but I will gladly settle for Alex earning his spot on that list this season!

This is the essence of being a sports fan. You invest your time... your money... your passion. All so that someday you can revel in the sweet glory of victory. When you think about it, it seems silly. But there it is.

Terri and I would love to win $245 million, but let's be realistic: we're not going to win that money tonight. And who cares? As the Glimmer Twins pointed out, having money is a full time job. But the Chiefs returning to relevance? Any true fan will tell you that's something worth having.

If we do win the money, the first call will be to my sister the financial planner. The second will be to the Arrowhead ticket office. Then there will be a series of calls to ticket offices across the country. And eventually there will be six framed jerseys on the wall of my rec room. In my new house.

All of that would be great, of course. But I'll settle for Alex making us proud again. Go get 'em, kid.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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