Chiefs vs Jags: Good and Bad about our performance

Disclaimer: I copied this from my reddit post.

Good: We dominated the Jaguars. Their offense only hit the 100 yard mark in the late 4th quarter, because we were playing second stringers on defense. We let them get to the red zone, then slapped them down...with second stringers. That's not a typical NFL drubbing, that's college football stuff.

Bad: It's the Jaguars. They are terrible. Gabbert isn't currently an NFL QB; with some work, he could be Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn. They had one good receiver and a good running back rusty from injury.

Good: Houston had three sacks. Poe sacked Gabbert and generated pressure in the pocket all day, like he was Dan Saleaumua's big brother. Flowers picked, Tyson gave a rare sack-moon, and Tamba won the Andy Studebaker Award for "least likely to return a pick for a TD".

Bad: The offense couldn't sustain drives in the second half. We didn't have any long plays, it was all dink-and-dunk. Where was Dwane Bowe? And we gave up a safety. A frickin' SAFETY!

Good: Them two points were the only points they got. We got three TDs in three tries inside the red zone, then let up on the throttle. Bowe was double- (or triple-)teamed, and Alex threw to the open man, hitting 9 different receivers. Alex Smith was efficient, with 2 TDs, no INTs. Our O-line only gave up one sack, and run-blocked well against Jax's front seven.

Bad: Okay, the D was solid, but it's JACKSONVILLE. And the O wasn't letting up on the throttle, they tanked. Our best receiver was our fullback. And where were the special teams touchdowns?

Good: Hey, Dave Toub had basically his whole ST crew replaced in cutdowns, the ST TDs will come. The fullback means that's just one more guy to guard,,which frees up D-Bo, JC, and the rest of our playmakers. Our O did what it needed to do--3 TDs. And the D wasn't just solid, it was dominant.

Bad: I'm not sold on the offense, can it sustain a drive when it matters? And can the D work against a QB that's a legitmate starter in the NFL?

Good: Hmmm...we know we've improved, but we don't know how much.

Bad: Yeah, we've proven we can beat our 2012 mirror match, but we can't make a legit judgement until we have a better test.

Good: Dallas?

Bad: Dallas.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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