I am the one who knocks.

Good afternoon AP.

The best show that has ever been on television is 3 episodes away from its finale.

Without any spoiler alerts, last Sundays finale is leaving very little doubt that shit is going down for Heisenberg, and that Walt’s wish to blend back into anonymity isn’t going to work out. If you aren’t a Breaking Bad fan, I’ve already lost you and you probably aren’t going to read on. This isn't the post for you anyways.

I was thinking of the parallels between Breaking Bad and Chiefdom and to me it’s quite eerie. For years and years Chiefs fans have been a microcosm of the team as a whole. Beat up, downtrodden and kind of blended into the fabric of Americana. No one really hates the Chiefs, there really isn’t anything to hate about them. Sort of like Walter White. Why would anyone hate Walter? He’s a father, a husband, a school teacher, a cancer fighter, but also a bit of a loser. Would you fear this man?


A 41 year old dude with a MASSIVE inferiority complex who is still bitter he sold out on his Gray Matter share for a couple thousand dollars. This has been us for years. Nothing really going for us, get super pissed while watching power rankings and Vegas lines and other sites claiming "We don’t get no freaking respect". Well… we were a 41 year old middle school teacher standing out in a desert cooking meth in our tighty whities with a loser highschool dropout. We didn’t deserve no freaking respect.

Then something happened. Call it a shift in culture around Arrowhead. If the word swag wasn’t stolen by college bro’s I’d call it swag, but Chiefs are starting their dramatic shift from Walter White to Heisenburg. Some people (Right 53’ers) probably don’t like this but I happen to thing Heisenberg is super bad ass, and has the characteristic's I'd like my favourite football team to have. The shift happened when Walter White decided he wasn’t happy with just getting by. He wasn’t happy with being anyones bitch. We don’t like to admit it as fans, but since the mid 90’s we were the NFL’s bitch. Teams and fans alike would walk over us and we’d hang our heads down and take it. Not any more. My favouite scene in Breaking Bad is when Walter was talking to Skyler and claim that "I am the one who knocks". Any fan of BB knows this scene.

This is us now. No longer the pathetic 41 year old loser who’s wife doesn’t respect him and driving around in a 2004 Pontiac Aztec. We ARE the danger. I know it was only Jacksonville, but didn’t that feel a little different? I'm leary to even quote the Hermanator, but dont' you think we can build on this? What part of Sunday's shitkicking can't be translated to the next 15 games? It's not like we won with smoke and mirrors, we lined up at noon and punched them in the face with complete dominance and did it with a smile on our face and didn't relent until the final whistle blew. Don’t we have the feeling of the team who went back to the house to grab the risen out of the outlet? The team who stocked up with guns and ammo in the back of that waffle house that was going to go to war with whoever got in our way?

You’re God Damn Right.

Don’t apologize for being the stone cold killer, let’s embrace it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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