Roll call: HOF game open thread

Jason Miller

During the season we'll do this on Chiefs game days but I figured the very first football game of the season, last night's HOF game, is a good place to start this up.

This is called roll call. It's a compilation of who posted in our HOF game open thread. A neat addition this year is collecting the comments that were rec'd.

Check it out.

# Commenter # Comments
1 NigerianNightmare 124
2 ForeverRanger91 103
3 Steve_Chiefs 63
4 niageriannit1 47
5 KCinAZ 28
6 Micheal Clark 28
7 Scythian 27
8 Tarkus 21
9 joedingus 19
10 ChiefMedic 16
11 Oskie! 16
12 RamX21 11
13 WhiskeyBravo85 10
14 Buck'O 10
15 Chris Thorman 6
16 SillyHatDay 4
17 His Royal Greatness 4
18 ArrowSpread 4
19 go_saleaumua 4
20 dcherry35 3
21 808NaNz808 3
22 kaiser1118 3
23 workingmansdead 3
24 Madtown28 3
25 WestonJamesKC 2
26 ChiefsGuru25 2
27 9ersince71 2
28 HatCreekCattleCmpny 2
29 smuckj 1
30 BB86fan 1
31 Tomahawk_Chop 1
32 WhirlingDervish10 1
33 Ukapan 1
34 LHO 1
35 Chiefs70man 1
36 dablueguy 1
37 jscanlan 1
38 joedelaneyhero 1
39 powercat12 1
40 The Dank Dank 1
41 BAMFSpecialOps 1
42 Akr_Baby 1
43 Redreign 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
8 Steve_Chiefs WARE IS HE!
5 dcherry35 just ordered tix for my 1st game at Arrowhead!!!
2 niageriannit1 glad that deal didn't happen,
2 Steve_Chiefs I thought the Chiefs were a 4-3 when DT played for us in the early 90's
2 RamX21 Didn't that happen in the first Super Bowl?
2 Steve_Chiefs He might not be allowed to play
2 ForeverRanger91 If Tony Moeaki is your third TE, you are doing good.
2 KCinAZ After WIll...TonyG
1 dcherry35 Chahjahs
1 Steve_Chiefs Would you have spent a 1st round pick on him?
1 ForeverRanger91 That is what I like to see Jordan.
1 Steve_Chiefs There be Jordan
1 niageriannit1 i bet we won't have to watch mccluster up the gut plays anymore in kc for no gain
1 niageriannit1 watching palko play qb for kc was god awful to watch, still pisses me off
1 Micheal Clark Miami's tackling is a case why you tackle in camp live
1 dcherry35 remember our opening drive last preseason?
1 Oskie! Pioli and hall of fame
1 WestonJamesKC Miami is so much suck.
1 NigerianNightmare I'd take Jeff George in the 7th
1 joedingus There's Goodell
1 NigerianNightmare Can't wait to see Kelce 1-on-1 with some free safety five yards from the endzone
1 Scythian Enough with the freaking
1 Scythian Usually comes vs an eligible receiver
1 RamX21 A quater and a half or 2
1 niageriannit1 how long would u play alex smith friday
1 SillyHatDay we'll finally get to see some Alex Tanney action
1 NigerianNightmare bitchass collinworth thinks he knows more about the Tampa defense than Dungy
1 ForeverRanger91 That is gif worthy.
1 SillyHatDay pretty appropriate replacement
1 NigerianNightmare We do it better
1 KCinAZ I think he is too f**king stupid to keep his head on straight
1 ForeverRanger91 That too. That is why I am all for a farm league for the NFL.
1 ForeverRanger91 Cut soon. Bray has did everything Stanzi didn't want to see.
1 Steve_Chiefs I thought he played sub packages to start
1 Micheal Clark typical kyle orton
1 smuckj Yeah, but the art student paying 5000 per year is allowed to sell his artwork for extra money while in school.
1 KCinAZ this will raise the "college player should get paid" argument again
1 Steve_Chiefs That Chiefs Super Bowls team has like 8 Hall of Famers from it
1 KCinAZ more pro bowls than roaf...
1 KCinAZ Manziel being investigated
1 KCinAZ i have not read all the details...
1 ForeverRanger91 Now we get to see what two RT's will do for a team.
1 Micheal Clark lolololol
1 KCinAZ Ive got a 17 and a 14 year old girl...I dont need any more torture
1 NigerianNightmare Looking at all these guys giving their HoF speeches
1 Steve_Chiefs Hopefully the 2013 Chiefs start a number of New Chiefs inductees careers into the Hall of Fame.
1 NigerianNightmare Seems to be a little over the top for my taste
1 Steve_Chiefs I dumped a girl or two
1 NigerianNightmare What a fucking little douchebag
1 Oskie! Chiefs depth chart out according to Teich-bag
1 Oskie! [no title]
1 ForeverRanger91 It didn't look good for Stanzi the moment Bray signed up.
1 niageriannit1 its early don't think tony mo is sliding but competition is good
1 Tarkus Nope.

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