5 Things I Loved about the 2013 Preseason

#1: A Coach who wants to win.

Rewind a couple years to Todd Haley’s view on the preseason.

"What counts is being ready for week #1 of regular season. Winning is not that important."

So for 28 days, the chiefs played scrimmage ball and received a whipping from other teams, the media, and the fans.

Sure, week #1 is what counts.

Problem is that after 21 days, a habit sticks. What happens when the mindset of "these games don’t count" becomes a habit? Losing season and getting fired!

#2: A Coach who inspires confidence.

I like Romeo Crennel as a defensive coordinator. Heck, he even appears to be man of character (part of the right 53+1).

However, if you want to destroy your teams confidence, say this after a loss:

"I don’t know what went wrong. We had a great week of practice."

Talk about sucking the confidence right out of your team! No hope for next week. Even the following would have been better:

"Not enough pregame BBQ. We will fix that for next week."

Listen to what Andy Reid said after the 49’ers loss a couple weeks ago:

"You’ve got to eliminate quarterback scrambles, and you’ve got a pretty good day there. Offensively, we’ve got to go back and have to be able to throw the football in this league and we’ve got to do a little better of a job protection up front and we’ll do that. They gave us a lot of different looks, so that will help us down the road. We don’t do very much game plan for this so we get all of the different blitz looks and some of them are new ones and it’s our first time seeing them. You have to handle it and pick them up and things go a little smoother. There are a bunch of things we can learn from it. I thought that special teams did a great job."

That builds confidence and gives direction!

#3: Playing the best players and cutting unproductive ones.

Remember, the Todd Haley offense? Makes me cringe.

Start the game by running the rusty, iron tank a couple times and then punting. Again, nothing against Mr. Jones as he was a vital part. But starting him seemed to waste the first couple series.

Look at the preseason so far. Baldwin gone. Arenas Gone. Chase Daniels is not guaranteed to be the main backup.

#4: Attacking defense & special teams

Do you let things happen or make things happen? I’m looking forward to special teams and the defense creating some shock and awe – instead of being in shock and awe of what just happened.

Preseason has shown that an attack mindset is the new mindset in town.

#5: Finding ways to win

Great teams find ways to win. Poor teams find ways to lose. So my brother says (who stole the quote from someone). To early to tell, but there is hope.

Rewind to the years of Marty.

Marty ball was frustrating, hair-pulling, at times:

  • Conservative.
  • Dumping good quarterbacks (Gannon) for poor play (Grbac).
  • Running the ball 17 times in a row.
  • Over-practicing players so they were tired when playoff time came.
  • Keeping the fans on the edge of their seat till the final play or 5 minutes into overtime.
  • Lining Marcus Allen up at the 50 yard line for two point conversions

However, his teams had the Marty Magic—they found a way to win. Maybe an Vanover punt return in OT. Coercing a ref to get in the way of a receiver so the DB could take an interception all the way back (Raiders game…Remember that?). Etc.

A rising cloud in the east is telling me the Marty Magic is coming back—without the Marty. When is the last time a chiefs coach sent a preseason game to overtime to try and win?


I’m excited…not just because we have a good chance of having a winning season but because games will be more fun to watch!

What did you love about this preseason?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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