Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 8/31


Good morning! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. Enjoy!

Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Emphasized Passing Game In Preseason from KC Star

"I was trying to get the passing game going," Reid said during a Friday teleconference. "This team has run the ball well in the past, and it hasn't necessarily thrown the ball quite as well as I thought needed to be done, so I wanted to really get that taken care of the best we could and get enough reps at that before we get into the season.

"Then you get into the season, and you keep the blend going, and you mix and match, and I think it will be okay. I thought we were average (rushing the football) during the preseason games, but I think we'll be all right, when it's all said and done.

"We've got a good runner there (in Jamaal Charles), and he's had a lot of yards, and he's done it mostly behind this offensive line."

Despite Win, Chiefs Focus On Improvement from The Mothership

The Kansas City Chiefs gave fans a laundry list of things to talk about, heading into Labor Day weekend. Among the most-popular topics to discuss include Thursday night's 30-8 victory over the Green Bay Packers and the fact that we're now just nine days away from kicking off the NFL regular season with a road test against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sept. 8. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked after the game about Jacksonville, but preferred to talk about his team's win, first.

Chiefs Wide Receiver Junior Hemingway Waits On Final Roster News from KC Star

On a sweltering Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium, Hemingway's preseason progress took a sharp upward turn with seven receptions for 80 yards and a touchdown in the Chiefs' 30-8 victory over the Packers.

"When the ball comes your way, you have to make plays," said Hemingway, the most productive of the Chiefs' receivers on Thursday. "That's what a wide receiver has to do."

Chiefs coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey have some decisions to make at Hemingway's position, starting with how many receivers to keep. It might be five or six, depending on special-teams needs and whether the Chiefs decide to keep an extra tight end.

Andy Reid's Conference-Call Transcript from The Mothership

What are your overall thoughts on your defense and how much more progress they need to make with defensive coordinator Bob Sutton's system?

REID: "They're picking it up and picking it up fairly well, I think. The more they play in it, the more familiar they become and more comfortable they become. I can't really tell you what degree they're at right now, but with what he's dialing up, they seem to be functioning well and handling (it) well. We'll have to see. We'll have to measure it against a team that's giving you their full offense and we're giving them our full defense and see how that measures up. What's been thrown at them so far, they've handled really well."

Chiefs Are Deliberate In Making Roster Moves from KC Star

Buffalo ... San Diego ... Philadelphia ... New England ... .and Jacksonville have announced some, if not all of their cuts (and yes, quarterback Ricky Stanzi survived another day with the Jaguars, who face the Chiefs on opening day).

But we haven't heard a peep from the Chiefs.

There's good reason for that. Video: Chiefs Full Contact Preview Photo Gallery: Primetime Stars

Packers Vs Chiefs Recap: QBOTF? from Warpaint Illustrated

It's inconceivable to believe the Chiefs have never raised a rookie quarterback into a viable Super Bowl calibre performer. On Thursday night against the Green Bay Packers, it appears that trend might just change under the tutelage of Head Coach,Andy Reid.

Bray's journey to the Chiefs nearly never happened. Initially, after Bray was bypassed by every NFL team in each of the seven rounds of the NFL draft, he was going to sign with the Miami Dolphins.

Pain Tolerance Key For Blaine Gabbert from ESPN

Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said Friday that Gabbert has begun squeezing a ball and may begin throwing again this weekend. A final determination on whether Gabbert will be available for the Sept. 8 game against the Chiefs won't be made until the middle of next week.

AFC Capsules: West from The San Francisco Chronicle

Chiefs watched from afar last season as Colts upgraded at QB and went from two wins to playoffs. Now, they'll try to follow example. Trade for Alex Smith gives KC stability at marquee position for first time in years. New coach Andy Reid and GM John Dorsey, formerly of Packers, know how to win.

Panthers' Armond Smith Fined $15,000 For Kicking Raven In Groin from USA Today

Also fined $7,875 for various infractions were...

...Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Frank Zombo (face mask)

99 Problems With NFL List from ESPN

Explain to me how the 13-3 Denver Broncos have only seven players in the top 100, the same as the Kansas City Chiefs, who went 2-14.

From The SI Vault: In Football, Everything Old Is New Again from Sports Illustrated

Just as the Wildcat had its antecedents in the run-based offenses of the 1920s, the current option palette has been around for quite a while - and in some very familiar forms. The Pistol formation variant was technically invented by then-Nevada head coach (and current Kansas City Chiefs consultant) Chris Ault in 2005, and that's a newer wrinkle. But it would seem that if you superimposed a base option play from the days of Jefferson Airplane over one from this last month, it would be pretty easy to see the similarities in most cases.

Every Game Is Vital For NFL Supremacy from The Nisqually Valley News

Wild Card: Chiefs, Bills

The 2012 Kansas City Chiefs had the most talented 2-14 team in NFL history. Quarterback Alex Smith isn't great, but he's accurate and much better than the garbage they had under center a year ago. With a respectable passing game, running back Jamaal Charles could have his best season ever.

Twenty Bold Predictions For 2013 NFL Season from Sports Illustrated

But it will be "Big Red,'' now wearing red in Kansas City, who gets the last laugh. Former Eagles coach Andy Reid was the only guy to jump from one full-time gig in the NFL coaching ranks to another this offseason, and he'll show that experience really does count for something, leading the talented and vastly improved Chiefs from 2-14 to an AFC wild-card berth.

Chiefs See NFL Potential In Former Vol Tyler Bray from The Tennessean

Tyler Bray knows that he's probably not going to get a whole lot of snaps in a game the rest of the year. It comes with the territory of being the third-string quarterback.

That's why he made the most of the ones he got Thursday night.

Football Season Is Upon Us from The Journal Review

In the West, the Broncos will win the division by a closer margin than most think. Peyton Manning clearly has a lot of talent around him, but I see the Chiefs keeping things interesting. The division will come down to the two meetings between the two teams.

The two wild cards are the Chiefs and the Colts. As I said, I see Kansas City vastly improving with Andy Reid coaching and an underrated Alex Smith under center. The Colts and Andrew Luck, who I feel will have a bit of a sophomore slump, will do just enough to sneak into the playoffs.

Chiefs Add Vice President Of Business Development from Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City Chiefs filled their newly created position of vice president of business development by hiring Tyler Epp.

Epp will be making calls throughout the business community to establish corporate partnerships and sell suites. He most recently served three years in the same role for the San Diego Padres.

Eddie And Shimika Kennison Make A Winning Team from KC Star

The proposal and marriage: In 1999, Eddie's mom asked Shimika to plan a big party for Eddie before he left for training camp. They threw a gala gathering at a favorite restaurant, complete with a band and dancing. Late in the evening, Eddie invited Shimika onstage. There, in front of friends and family, he got down on one knee and proposed. They were married June 23, 2001, in Lake Charles.

For Retired Players, Concussion Settlement A Safe Bet from Time

For a league that generates over $9 billion annually, the number seems small. "Big loss for the players now and the future! Estimated NFL revenue by 2025 = $27 billion," Kevin Mawae, a former center with the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets and Tennessee Titans who has served as president of the NFL players' union, wrote on Twitter. "In the grand scheme of things, it's not going to hurt the NFL," says Karon Riley, an ex-linebacker who played in the NFL from 2001-2004. "They're just swatting away a fly, and get to move on."

Riley, however, is generally happy with the deal. "Oatmeal," he says, "is better than no meal."

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