NFL roster cuts 2013: Deadline, rules, waiver wire, practice squad and more

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The KC Chiefs roster cuts continue this evening. Below you can find information on some of the basics of today's events. More important links for today: Chiefs roster cut tracker | Chiefs depth chart | NFL cut tracker

What are roster cuts?

Teams are allowed to have 90-man rosters during the offseason. Earlier this week they were required to cut down to 75 players. By Saturday they will be required to cut down to 53 players, which is the in-season active roster.

When is the roster cut deadline?

Saturday, August 31, 5 p.m. (Arrowhead Time). Andy Reid told us on Thursday night that they would probably wait until Saturday to make their cuts, so don't look for them early.

Can the Chiefs sign players cut from other teams?

Yes they can. The Chiefs hold the No. 1 spot on the waiver wire due to being so terrifyingly horrible last year. By Sunday morning-ish we should know if the Chiefs claimed any players on day one -- if not before.

What about the practice squad?

The Chiefs can have eight players on the practice squad. It's designed for younger players with little to no NFL experience. Read all the rules on it here. Eight Chiefs will end up on the practice squad, probably some of those players that will be cut on Saturday  Players on the practice squad do not count towards the active 53-man roster, but they can practice with the team throughout the season.

To place someone on the practice squad, the Chiefs will first have to cut him on Saturday and then hope he clears waivers by Sunday and then put him on the practice squad.

One more important note: Players on the practice squad can be signed by any other team at any time. The only catch is that the team that signs him will have to keep him on their active roster for at least three weeks.

The start time for creating practice squads is at 11 a.m. (Arrowhead Time) on Sunday, September 1.

What is the waiver wire and how does it work?

Chris wrote this four years ago and it still stands. This year the Chiefs are No. 1 on the waiver wire so young players who are cut, the Chiefs will get the first crack at. Of course, they'll have to release someone from their team to make room for them. Having the No. 1 spot is a very interesting position for KC but so far they haven't been claiming like crazy (like it seems Jacksonville has).

What position battles remain?

After Thursday's game Andy Reid said that there were some tight competitions remaining. So I asked him which ones he was talking about. He smiled a little and politely said he didn't want to get into naming specifically which ones. Hey, at least I tried.

Here are some of the remaining questions from my look at the position battles:

No. 3 running back
No. 3 tight end
Final wide receiver spot
Last two defensive ends
Last inside linebacker
Final safety

How does Tony Moeaki fit into roster cuts?

Tony Moeaki fractured his shoulder and is expected to miss 12 weeks. The Chiefs are options are to do nothing and hold his roster spot (not happening), place him on IR or on IR-designated to return. If they place him on regular IR, that will probably be reflected when the Chiefs make their cuts on Saturday. If Moeaki remains on the roster after Saturday, the Chiefs are probably going to place him on IR-designated to return. You can not place players on IR-designated to return until Tuesday, September 3. The IR-designated to return label means Moeaki would not be able to practice for six weeks and can't re-join the active roster for eight weeks. He would unlikely be ready for another 11 or so weeks from now though.

The Chiefs could also negotiate an injury settlement with Moeaki, which means they would part ways immediately. The Chiefs can not cut him outright because he is injured. Doing so would trigger a grievance from the NFLPA.

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