Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 8/29

Joe Robbins

Game Day! Sort of. Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Go Chiefs!!

GM John Dorsey Respects Packers But Has Fully Embraced His New Life with Chiefs from KC Star

"The only significance it has is it gives us another opportunity to evaluate players as a fourth preseason game," he said, adding, "When you play good football teams, it helps you measure where you are as a club.

"It will give me a chance to, you know, visit with some old friends, but besides that, that's it. I mean ... I've had the greatest nine months in my life just take place here and continue to take place.

"I'd been (in Green Bay) for a long time, but I am also of the belief that you learn from the past, you live in the present and you build for the future. That's where my mind-set is."

What we Know: Chiefs-Packers Preseason Finale from The Mothership

Regardless of which players play or don't play and how many snaps each receives, here's what we do know about Thursday's matchup.

It's reunion night at Arrowhead Stadium, highlighted by Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey and Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid facing a Green Bay Packers team that each is very familiar with.

Five Things to Watch In Thursday's Chiefs-Packers Game from KC Star

1: The Chiefs need to be better balanced on offense. They threw for 310 yards at Pittsburgh but their running backs gained just 33 yards in 18 carries and were unable to pick up a yard in two tries on third and fourth down. A lot will depend on how far into the game the Chiefs and Packers starters play.

One Man's Guess At The Chiefs' 53-Man Roster from KC Star

Wide receivers (6): Dwayne Bowe, Donnie Avery, Dexter McCluster, AJ Jenkins, Devon Wylie, Junior Hemingway

Rico Richardson had a nice moment in overtime against the Steelers, but I still think he's the odd man out. The Chiefs have been focused on speed, especially at receiver, which gives Wiley and Jenkins an advantage.

Chiefs Don't Expect Big Changes To NFL's Preseason Schedule Anytime Soon from KC Star

Most teams don't play their starters in these games, especially the final one, or they don't play them for more than a series or two because they don't want to risk injuries.

Season-ticket holders, meanwhile, still have to pay full price for games featuring players at the bottom of the 75-man rosters who will be without jobs in less than 48 hours. And many of those fans don't bother showing up for the games.

The Chiefs, who entertain Green Bay at 7 tonight at Arrowhead Stadium, have played in front of tens of thousands of empty seats in all three of their preseason games, including their home debut against San Francisco and their road games at New Orleans and Pittsburgh, two of the NFL's most fervent fan bases. Video: Excitement Surrounds Chiefs Kickoff Luncheon Video: Reid Wants To Make The Right Move For The Chiefs Video: The Mic Behind The Voice Of The Chiefs

Chiefs GM John Dorsey Gets Chance To See Packers Again from The Associated Press via FS Kansas City

Dorsey was drafted by the Packers in 1984, and managed to hang on for five years largely as a special teams standout. His career finally ended with a devastating knee injury, but he's willing to admit his passion for playing the game had started to wane.

"I was smart enough to realize I had lost it and it was time to move on," he said. "I had lived out the dream and I was perfectly content with the dream that I lived in terms of a player."

Indeed, Dorsey had started to have other dreams in football.

Chiefs Season Prediction: 8-8 from ESPN

The Kansas City Chiefs have too much talent to win just two games again, and they addressed their two major flaws from last season: poor coaching and lousy quarterback play. They also have an early schedule set up for success. But it's still a bit much to expect them to make the playoffs in their first season with Andy Reid as their coach and Alex Smith as their quarterback.

Excitement For 2013 Chiefs Season Building As Team Hosts Annual Kickoff Luncheon from KSHB

A sold-out crowd of fans joined the players, coaches and front office staff at the Sheraton Hotel Crown Center. The Chiefs new general manager says while he's happy to see the enthusiasm now, he wants to see it in a few months as well.

"If that buzz is still in the air in January, then I'll be excited," General Manager John Dorsey said. "But then you know our job is still not done. Because you have to consistently keep at this thing for years and years and years to be really successful."

Packes Vs. Chiefs Primer: Final Audition from Warpaint Illustrated

Pioli's players are being getting their pink slips in alarming numbers. That's because Reid can't afford the luxury of wasting his time on players that aren't worthy of being a Chiefs going forward. In other words, what they did or didn't do in the past just doesn't matter to Reid.

And when you consider he's already jettisoned one of his own draft picks Kansas State Fullback, Braden Wilson, any Pioli leftover better realize that they better completely buy into the mix or they won't be around to see the Chiefs resurrection.

AFC West Preview: New Look Chiefs Will Compete For Crown from The SDSU Collegian

I have a strong love for the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, also known as the worst team in the league during the 2012-2013 season. The same team who selected first overall in the 2013 draft. However, I still have very high hopes for my squad, as would any fan for their particular team coming into the season, regardless of how last season may have turned out.

The Chiefs compete in the AFC West, along with the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers. That being said, it seems appropriate to provide some sort of preseason analysis on the division as a whole.

Packers Vs. Chiefs Preview: Diamond Search from Warpaint Illustrated

2. RB Cyrus Gray - If the Chiefs carry six or seven wide receivers, they may debate keeping three or four running backs as well. One of those roster bubble guys (another Scott Pioli draft pick) is former Texas A&M running back, Cyrus Gray.

A year ago he showed flashes of brilliance but he's in a roster dog fight sitting behind, Jamaal CharlesKnile Davis and Shaun Draughn. So it's doubtful he'll make the roster, but he does have enough talent to make plays at the NFL level. However, should one of the backs in front of him get injured, Gray could squeak on the roster Saturday.

Chiefs, Rams, Eagles Among Sleepers; Packers, Colts Will Regress from

The good news for the Kansas City Chiefs is that it can only get better than last season. But things might get much better, and in a hurry. Former general manager Scott Pioli left a roster stocked with plenty of young talent, and when Andy Reid arrived, the highly accomplished coach got the big missing piece in quarterback Alex Smith. A glance at their schedule makes the Chiefs a surprise playoff contender. They should be better than the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders in the AFC West, they have games against the rebuilding Jacksonville JaguarsCleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills, and they also face the NFC East -- where Reid's familiarity with the opponents should help. Getting to at least nine victories -- seven more than last year -- is entirely plausible and could give Kansas City a wild-card berth.

Governor Salutes Results Of Habitat Challenge from The Joplin Globe

A ceremony marking the accomplishment was put on Wednesday at St. Paul's United Methodist Church.

In addition to Mizzou, the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals, the St. Louis Cardinals, Rams and Blues, and the Kansas Speedway representing NASCAR and NASCAR Unites lent their celebrity status to the project to attract volunteers. Players, coaches and others affiliated with the teams also conducted workdays in Joplin to work on the builds.

Bucs K Tynes Not Fine, His Wife Says from The Chicago Tribune

"I hear my husband is responding "well" to treatment. LOL! He's NOT responding at all yet. This is our #bucslife," Amanda Tynes said in Twitter while posting a photo of her husband with an IV in an arm.

NFL 2013: Denver Broncos Again Class Of AFC West from The Associated Press via The Coloradoan

Kansas City's rebuilding project got a jumpstart with the hiring of Andy Reid after his long stint in Philadelphia came to an unceremonious end. With Wes Welker teaming up with Manning after six seasons as Tom Brady's top target in New England, Denver looks like the class of the division again. But the Broncos will be hard-pressed to go 6-0 in the West like last year, and the Chiefs don't look anything like another 2-14 team.

NFL's Top 10 Linebackers from The Onion

8. Tamba Hali: Kansas City Chiefs linebacker displays outstanding effort and intensity while relentlessly pursuing a trade to a better team

IPDs To Target In 2013 from ESPN

No really, this is the year. If you are an ardent IDP player, you have been waiting in line to watch this awesome Eric Berry movie for a few years, yet we still haven't seen it. Endorsing Berry isn't exactly deep-sleeper territory, but for the cycle of hype and deflation we've witnessed with him, the price might just be perfect. Offseason hype and hyperbole shouldn't induce instant trust or excitement, but when you consider that Berry might be deployed regularly as the blitzing safety in the nickel or even serve as the dime linebacker in those rare instances, the upside and chatter become understandable.

2013 NFL Predictions: MVP, Rookie Of The Year And Much More from

Michael Silver: Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs. Big Red finesses a playoff season out of last year's NFL doormats, reviving his career and creating lofty expectations for 2014.

Baldwin's Debut Gives 49ers Reason For Optimism from NBC Bay Area

In his first game as a 49er, Jonathan Baldwin was everything A.J. Jenkins was not.

For one thing, Jenkins is small and fast; Baldwin is big and fast. Jenkins had trouble getting open in two preseason games for the 49ers; Baldwin made two catches in his Niners debut, a victory over the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night.

Alex Smith Keeping Up With His California Charity from ProFootballTalk

Many professional athletes have a hard time making their charitable endeavors worthwhile when they're nearby.

But even though he's halfway across the country now, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is making sure his California foundation which helps foster children attend college stays strong.

Noland Smith from The Jackson Free Press

In a sport where size and ability increasingly go hand in hand, its refreshing to meet someone whose talent shines at any size. Known as "Super Gnat" due to his small stature (5-foot-7-inches and 154 pounds), Noland Smith proved he had the fight, drive and passion to play pro football. The Kansas City Chiefs picked the Jackson native up in the sixth round of the 1967 American Football League draft.

"That was the first time in the history of the AFL that they drafted a player solely as a punt-kick return specialist," Smith says.

Ladies, Quit Whining About The NFL's New Bag Of Trouble from KC Star

My favorite yellow Coach wristlet is smaller than the maximum size allowance. And in it, I fit everything most women say they "need": keys, phone, wallet, lip gloss, mints and a tampon. It's not that serious. For the love of football, get a clear tote or use your pockets if you need more space.

Just as we learned to downsize post 9/11, we can pack smarter in the wake of the Boston Marathon. What could be in a purse that is more important than your safety? Put those worries in the bag - don't worry, they'll fit.

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