Kansas City Chiefs preseason 2013: The good, bad and ugly

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The KC Chiefs are halfway through the 2013 preseason schedule. Let's revisit the good, bad and ugly of the preseason so far.


Return game. Game one: 79-yard kick return (Knile Davis), 55-yard punt return (Dexter McCluster). Game two: 104-yard kick return TD (Quintin Demps), 52-yard punt return (Devon Wylie). Four players, four big returns.

Sean Smith. I don't want to jinx it, but Smith looks like a really good pick-up. His long arms are coming in handy and he picked off a (bad) pass in Friday's game against San Francisco. The defense, in general, looks better than the offense and part of that is due to Smith's press coverage. Related: The Sean Smith breakdown

Jamaal Charles. Yeah, yeah, he was hurt last week but he looked fine in the first game. Remember way back when we were worried about how many touches Jamaal would get? Seems like one series took care of that issue. Most indications are that he is going to be fine moving forward. As long as Jamaal is healthy in Week 1, his arrow is pointing up.

Dustin Colquitt. The blocked punt notwithstanding, Colquitt has looked sharp in the preseason. Looks like the decision to make him the NFL's highest paid punter will pay off. Given the Chiefs type of offense, ball control and field position will be key. Colquitt can make a big difference this year.

Inside linebacker battle. Akeem Jordan vs. Nico Johnson. The best position battle? Both of them look capable of winning this job. Jordan is winning right now but Johnson could pop in there at some point. This has been a good position battle because there are two legitimate players who could fill this spot.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Jamaal Charles' injury: It's my list so I can put him here twice if I want. Yes, most indications are that he is recovering from his foot strain. Yes, I believe he will recover just fine. But there's still the tiniest inkling of doubt in my mind that he'll be back until I actually see him suit up again. That may not happen again in the preseason. Related: Everything we know about Jamaal's injury

Offensive line. Could this be under ugly? Maybe after last week. The Chiefs first team o-line was fine in the first game, partially due to Alex Smith getting rid of the ball quickly and a limited sample size (14 plays). In the second game they struggled giving up three sacks in the first half. They saw some blitzes they weren't quite prepared for and couldn't adjust well enough. The Chiefs offensive line is young so this is a unit you could see improve as the season goes on.

Eric Fisher. Yes, I'll go ahead and mention Fisher separately from the rest of the line. To answer the early question: No, I'm not yet truly worried about him. It's just two preseason games. But he's been banged up, dealing with hand and shoulder injuries. Friday's game against the 49ers was not a good one for him, injury or not.

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Wide receivers. Dexter McCluster has caught a pass so it's not a complete shutout but Dwayne Bowe and now-former Chief Jon Baldwin have seen just four combined targets in two games. Bowe hasn't caught a pass. The closest one came when Baldwin dropped a gimme over the middle. Alex Smith and Andy Reid have both said that Bowe's lack of targets is a result of the defense moving the coverage his way. At some point, the Chiefs have to pass to their wide receivers. Is it too early to be worried about this? That's the debate here.

Chiefs preseason record. No, preseason does not matter. But that doesn't mean I don't want to see a win once in a while. The Chiefs are on pace to record their fifth winless preseason in the last 10 years. Since 2004, the Chiefs are 7-31 in preseason games. Ugly.

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