Meet Donnie Avery, Kansas City Chiefs new starting WR


Before coming to the Kansas City Chiefs this summer, wide receiver Donnie Avery spent a season with the Indianapolis Colts where he caught 60 balls for 781 yards and three touchdowns. With the Jon Baldwin trade, Avery is now the KC Chiefs new starting receiver opposite Dwayne Bowe. To get to know Avery better, I spoke with Brad Wells of SB Nation's Colts blog, Stampede Blue. Our Q&A is below.

What was the very best thing Donnie Avery brought to the Colts?

Brad: Well, his speed was obviously. You have to remember that, the season prior, the Colts had very little - IF ANY - speed on the outside. Reggie Wayne is a potential Hall of Famer, but he isn't as fast as he was six years ago. Aging does that. Avery brought a big play explosiveness to an offense that was built around generating big plays in the passing game. A five-yard slant is an insult to Bruce Arians. The man wants his cake. The whole cake! Even the wax figurine on top! Avery provided that "all-or-nothing" speed that Arians loves. Speed that could stretch defenses and apply pressure to the safeties.

The most frustrating thing Donnie Avery did with the Colts is...

Brad: The drops. Oh Jesus, the drops! I believe he lead the league in dropped passes. Part of the reason that Andrew Luck's completion percentage was so "bleh" in 2012 were the drops. Avery and then-rookie T.Y. Hilton were two of the biggest droppers in the NFL last year. Avery had the rep in St. Louis as well, along with a tendency to get hurt a a lot. He was mostly healthy for the Colts in 2012. Still, I'll give him this: The biggest catch of his life was that 4th down catch and run to beat the Lions with no time left in regulation. That is one of those "all time" Colts plays. That was not an easy catch-and-run to make, and he did it.

Your reaction when you heard that Avery is the Chiefs new starting WR....

Brad: I was happy for him. Clearly, his one season with the Colts - which was a career year in many respects - was used to leverage him a better contract with another team. Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson values speed over size, and Andy Reid (who used to work with Grigson in Philadelphia) values the same. I think he'll do well in KC.

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