NFL roster cut down dates next week, which means KC Chiefs depth chart will get a shake-up

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs will be trimming their roster nearly in half within the next 10 days as NFL roster cut down dates come up. With nearly 1,200 players hitting the market, it's a good time to remind you that the Chiefs are first on the waiver wire. That depth chart will receive a shake-up.

NFL roster cuts. One of the most underrated times of year to make your team better. Right now every NFL team has a maximum roster of 90 players, which is what teams carry in training camp.

Next week, on August 27, the Kansas City Chiefs will be cutting down to 75 players, which means 15 players will get the boot on that date. That round of cuts will put a whopping 480 players on the market. 480 is a lot.

Four days later, on August 31, the Chiefs will be cutting another 22 players to get down to the 53-man roster maximum. That's over 700 (!!) players that will go on the market on that date.

Combined, there are nearly 1,200 players that will hit the market by August 31. For many of those players, the dream is over. They were undrafted free agents who were long shots to make the team anyway. They're probably not getting another shot.

But for other players, it's not over. In fact, some good, known players will be cut during that time. If a team doesn't want to carry a veteran player's full salary on their roster, they will cut them. Perhaps it's a cap issue or maybe the player is good but just overpaid. Maybe the team cuts the player hoping to sneak them onto the practice squad, which will be created on September 1. Players must be cut first and then re-signed to the practice squad, so they are exposed to the rest of the league.

For veterans that are cut, they will immediately be free agents and eligible to sign with any time. Non-vested veterans (those with three or less years in the league) will be subject to the waiver wire. And, oh by the way, who's No. 1 on the waiver wire? Your KC Chiefs are. The benefits of being the worst team in the NFL.

Take a look at our sort-able roster here. It's not so hard to find the first 15 cuts, which will be comprised mostly of rookie free agents. It gets a little harder when you make your next round of 22 cuts. The Chiefs will be cutting a veteran player that will surprise, it happens every single year. A surprise undrafted free agent will make the team.

As of today, the Chiefs have just $288,000 in salary cap space, which is the second lowest amount in the league. That doesn't mean the Chiefs won't be active. It just means they very well could be cutting someone with the intent of giving themselves more salary cap space. Here's a list of some of the highest paid Chiefs players so you can see who's getting Casey Printers money.

I will get into this more a little later this week but I do expect the Chiefs to be active during this period. It's a new regime so there are a lot of end-of-the-roster guys that the new regime is not loyal to. Positions where you think the Chiefs have a need, such as wide receiver, are probably positions the Chiefs front office is keeping an eye on.

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