Frank Gore's 52-yard run in 49ers-Chiefs game turns into a positive for KC

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs allowed Frank Gore to scamper 52 yards on San Francisco's opening play in Friday's 49ers-Chiefs game. KaloPhoenix explained here what went wrong (lookin' at you, Tamba Hali). What's interesting is that the Chiefs have turned that into a positive.

The rare moment when a 52-yard run can actually end up being a good thing for your team.

The scene:

The 49ers first possession last week against the Chiefs. Starting on their own 25-yard line. Colin Kaepernick in the game with Frank Gore lined up in the backfield. Gore takes the handoff to the right side of the field, not seeing anything but a pile of Chiefs players. Unfortunately, some players over-pursued leaving the left side of the field wiiiide open.

"Speaking on the play last week," Chiefs safety Eric Berry said this week, via comments from the Chiefs, "everybody is trying to get to the ball, but I think it's more like organized aggression you could say. Everybody moves to the ball fast but still does their job first. I think we all just over played the play.

"... it's more like organized aggression..." -Eric Berry

"If it was any other running back, I don't know if they would have tried to cut that right there. Frank Gore just made a heck of a play. We have to be prepared for stuff like that. I think that really helped us, and I'm glad that happened during the preseason."

Glad it happened during the preseason so that they can get those plays out of the way. But also glad because it put the Chiefs in the position of having to defend their field early on in the game after a bad play. We know the Chiefs defense is going to give up big chunks like this, every team does.

With the 49ers in field goal range, the Chiefs stopped them, holding them to three points. A "win" considering the circumstances.

"The fact that we held them to a field goal," Berry continued, "and once that play was done, it was done. Everybody gave it up and was on to the next play. I think that's the mentality that we have to have, and I think it shows us maturing as a team as well."

It's good that the Chiefs can do that because let's be honest more big plays will happen. The Chiefs corners play press coverage. The defense occasionally blitzes a lot of defenders. Opposing offenses are going to have their shots against this Chiefs defense. That type of play will happen again and you just have to hope that the Chiefs can hold them, instead of continuing the meltdown.

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