Evaluating Chiefs Roster on Madden NFL 25 - Offense Edition



So as a hardcore Madden player, I've run online leagues for 10 years, and the current league I've run is going on its 5th year, and our inaugural 20th season! With that said, I have been able to get my Chiefs every year in our online franchise/connected career, and that is no different this year. This is a very exciting time of the year as they have released all the player ratings for Madden NFL 25. As soon as I get my hands on this I immediately start breaking down my roster, sorting out what my depth chart will be, who will be cut, and who will be trade candidates. I figure it'd be fun to break down the the Chiefs madden roster on here for Arrowhead pride to see. (this should also help you all make the best possible roster if you plan on playing online this year!). I'm going to do this just for the offense first, if enough people like it I'll post up the Defensive edition later this week.

First things first. When ratings come out, the first thing I think to do is who might be cut or "must trade" candidates simply based on speed. If a LB doesn't have at least 78+spd, a CB/WR/HB doesn't have 87+spd, FS/SS 85+spd, FB/TE 78+spd hen there is a good chance they'll need to be cut as they won't be able to keep up no matter how good their other ratings are. So here will be my immediate cuts based on speed:
MLB - Orle Lemon - 69spd
TE - Thomas Gafford - 72spd
MLB - Zac Diles - 75spd
FS - Hartman - 79spd
HB - Draughn - 81spd
WR - Copper - 84spd
WR - Hemingway - 85spd (really like him so had to look at other att's too, 74cth doesn't cut it)
WR - Gilyard - 87spd (73cth)

I quickly cut ties with a couple O-Linemen who I could tell out the gate weren't worth keeping around:
RT - Matt Reynolds - 74rbk/67pbk
LT - Steven Baker - 71rbk/76pbk

I also want to say something, you can pretty well throw overall's & players real life ability out the window. Its time to evaluate the roster, and the only thing thats going to matter is the attributes. Sure I'll keep my preferencial treatment to a point, but at the end of the day attributes win out every time (unless its Priest Holmes, if Priest was in the game I'd make all exceptions possible to have him on my roster as HB1 lol).

~ A couple of standard attributes (yp = years pro, spd = speed, str=strength, agi=agility), you'll see these listed for almost every player.

Now that we've got all the slowmo's off the team, we can start breaking things down position by position. Lets start at QB (sac/mac/dac=short/medium/deep accuracy, pac=play action, and tor=Throw On the Run):
1. Tyler Bray - 21age, 0yp, 56spd, 96thp, 75tha, 74sac, 71mac, 79dac, 44pac, 75tor
2. Alex Smith - 29age, 8yp, 77spd, 85thp, 93tha, 95sac, 85mac, 69dac, 76pac, 78tor
cut - Chase Daniel - 26age, 4yp, 72spd, 83thp, 78tha, 85sac, 73mac, 67dac, 70pac, 83tor
cut - Ricky Stanzi - 25age, 2yp, 62spd, 85thp, 76tha, 83sac, 76mac, 63dac, 62pac, 75tor
~ Tyler Bray has a couple of huge intangibles at QB that are so hard to find. 96thp, 79dac. Especially in franchise with his youth he will be able to improve so much, while Smith is only a couple years away from his decline, he also has terrible thp and dac, so if I wanted to have a deep passing game I wouldn't be able to take advantage of it. Daniel & Stanzi's terrible thp combined with bad accuracy are immediate cut candidates, as I can easily find another QB with better attributes in free agency.

HB (cth=catch, car=carrying, trk=trucking, elu=elusiveness, sfa=stiff arm, spn=spin move, juk=juke move)
1. Jamaal Charles - 26age, 5yp, 98spd, 59str, 97agi, 80cth, 85car, 67trk, 97elu, 67sfa, 92spn, 97juk
2. Knile Davis - 21age, 0yp, 94spd, 79str, 83agi, 73cth, 67car, 78trk, 68elu, 71sfa, 67spn, 66juk
3. Cyrus Gray - 23age, 1yp, 92spd, 64str, 84agi, 70cth, 74car, 53trk, 79elu, 45sfa, 80spn, 74juk
~these 3 positions are as clear cut & easy a decision as there can be. Whats interesting to me as how they built Davis as a power back, in my online league he has great intangibles to build into a great power back (good speed, str, trk, sfa). His juke and carry definitely need work but he's a rookie & will have plenty of time to build, in 2-3 seasons he can be an elite power back. Gray is basically a career #3/4 hb in this game, not good enough in any 1 area to be special.

FB (cth=catch, car=carrying, trk=trucking, elu=elusiveness, sfa=stiff arm, spn=spin move, juk=juke move, rbk=run block, rbs=run block strength, rbf=run block footworkpbk=pass block, imp=impact block)
1. Anthony Sherman - 24age, 2yp, 80spd, 78str, 72agi, 72cth, 67car, 58trk, 55elu, 74sfa, 65spn, 62juk, 74rbk, 75rbs, 66rbf, 60pbk, 82imp
2. Braden Wilson - 23age, 0yp, 76spd, 74str, 73agi, 59cth, 74car, 81trk, 37elu, 74sfa, 55spn, 54juk, 77rbk, 75rbs, 76rbf, 74pbk, 72imp
~ well that was way too many attributes to evaluate such a useless position. I immediately regret that decision. Anyhow! I went with Sherman here & I'm going to look to cut/trade Wilson. It was actually a very close & tough decision because Wilson is a rookie. But sherman has advantages in speed, strength, and catch (which has way more value in the game then in RL), hes also not far behind in the run blocking attributes, and has an 82impact block which is great. I will most likely look to upgrade this position through free agency if possible, but Sherman is solid enough to likely be a league avg FB for me.

WR (awr=awareness, cth=catch, car=carry, jmp=jumping, elu=elusiveness, sfa=stiff arm, spn=spin move, juk=juke move, spc=spectacular catch, cit=catch in traffic, rte=route running, rls=release)
1. Dwayne Bowe - 28age, 6yp, 88spd, 77str, 86awr, 88cth, 71car, 97jmp, 52elu, 84sfa, 84spn, 88juk, 96spc, 94cit, 85rte, 98rls
2. Jonathon Baldwin - 24age, 2yp, 91spd, 76str, 65awr, 76cth, 69car, 97jmp, 68 elu, 80sfa, 76spn, 74juk, 88spc, 77cit, 63rte, 83rls
3. Donnie Avery - 29age, 5yp, 94spd, 42str, 79awr, 79cth, 61car, 85jmp, 89elu, 45sfa, 90spn, 96juk, 78spc, 72cit, 77rte, 61rls
4. (bonus) AJ Jenkins - 23age, 1yp, 93spd, 39str, 60awr, 81cth, 68car, 91jmp, 86elu, 39sfa, 75spn, 84juk, 79spc, 81cit, 75rte, 51rls
5. Dexter McCluster - 25age, 3yp, 92spd, 47str, 72awr, 80cth, 72car, 80jmp, 90elu, 35sfa, 91spn, 94juk, 79spc, 74cit, 75rte, 56rls
6. Devon Wylie - 24age, 1yp, 94spd, 42str, 49awr, 73cth, 73car, 92jmp, 88elu, 43sfa, 83spn, 76juk, 64spc, 76cit, 66rte, 39rls
7. Jamar Newsome - 25age, 2yp, 90spd, 65str, 42awr, 68cth, 65car, 91jmp, 58elu, 55sfa, 71spn, 72juk, 72spc, 64cit, 56rte, 77rls
~ Baldwin is clearly the better "madden" player between him & jenkins, his release makes him the only viable #2 option in this game on our roster (and that'll be gone as soon as theres an update). Its an immediate need (if hes gone) to get a WR2 on the team with good release, otherwise they can just jam the line & we'll be in trouble there. However we do have speed for days, Avery/McCluster/Wylie/Jenkins are all cut from the same cloth with very good speed. I will likely trade 1 or 2 of these guys, keeping 1 of Wylie/Avery as a slot option (for their speed). Outside of #1 WR there isn't a whole hell of a lot of difference between all these guys unfortunately, and its a big downer we got no guys with good release to be a solid 2nd WR option. Newsome is a cut candidate, but with that 77rls it may be worth keeping him around to see if he can grow, 90spd/77rls is a good start to WR2, but hes got a ton of other att's that need work, mostly cat/rte/awr/cit in that order.

TE (awr=awareness, cat=catch, rbk=run block, rbs=run block strength, rbf=run block footwork, spc=spectacular catch, cit=catch in traffic, rte=route running)
1. Travis Kelce - 23age, 0yp, 83spd, 80str, 43awr, 74cat, 74rbk, 73rbs, 76rbf, 73spc, 78cit, 45rte
2. Tony Moeaki - 26age, 3yp, 81spd, 67str, 78awr, 83cat, 65rbk, 58rbs, 61rbf, 92spc, 82cit, 74rte
3. Anthony Fasano - 29age, 7yp, 73spd, 78str, 83awr, 81cat, 74rbk, 75rbs, 65rbf, 65spc, 84cit, 71rte
cut - Kevin Brock - 27age, 2yp, 76spd, 66str, 64awr, 73cat, 64rbk, 63rbs, 64rbf, 63spc, 65cit, 55rte
~ I may have let favouritism play a bit of a part here cause I love me some Kelce. But he is the fastest tight end & also has the best blocking ability. His catch & route running need a lot of work, but I am a run the ball first type of guy. I can definitely see myself subbing in Moeaki a lot on passing downs though. Kelce also has the advantage in the youth department, which is big in my online franchise. Fasano & Brock could both be cut/trade candidates, Fasano is just too slow, but he makes up for it in other areas, and unfortunately he's the type of guy nobody in your league is going to trade for, but would likely get picked up by other teams to be a #2 or 3 TE. Brock has no value & really no upside, hes just got no key attributes to make him worth keeping for the future.

O-LINE (awr=awareness, rbk=run block, pbk=pass block, imp=impact block, rbs=run block strength, rbf=run block footwork, pbs=pass block strength, pbf=pass block footwork)
1. LT - Brandon Albert - 28age, 5yp, 91str, 84awr, 83rbk, 96pbk, 85imp, 83rbs, 91rbf, 94pbs, 95pbf
1. LG - Geoff Schwartz - 27age, 5yp, 92str, 73awr, 87rbk, 76pbk, 80imp, 89rbs, 82rbf, 85pbs, 73pbf
1. C - Rodney Hudson - 24age, 2yp, 82str, 72awr, 78rbk, 86pbk, 79imp, 75rbs, 83rbf, 82pbs, 87pbf
1. RG - Jon Asamoah - 25age, 3yp, 89str, 75awr, 90rbk, 87pbk, 82imp, 80rbs, 86rbf, 85pbs, 93pbf
1. RT - Eric Fisher - 22age, 0yp, 86str, 65awr, 87rbk, 89pbk, 85imp, 82rbs, 88rbf, 87pbs, 94pbf
2. RT - Donald Stephenson - 24age, 1yp, 85str, 59awr, 81rbk, 74pbk, 78imp, 76rbs, 84rbf, 72pbs, 79pbf
2. LG - Jeff Allen - 23age, 1yp, 83str, 56awr, 81rbk, 71pbk, 81imp, 80rbs, 87rbf, 75pbs, 79pbf
3. C - Eric Kush - 23age, 0yp, 79str, 49awr, 77rbk, 76pbk, 78imp, 77rbs, 77rbf, 76pbs, 76pbf
trade - RG - Ryan Durand - 27age, 4yp, 87str, 55awr, 75rbk, 80pbk, 74imp, 82rbs, 70rbf, 84pbs, 76pbf
~ Brandon, Asamoah, and Fisher were easy choices for the starting lineup, there was no doubt at the tackle position which moves Stephenson to backup, which he will be a very solid backup especially when I'm able to get that pbk built up. At LG/C was a bit more of a battle, at the end of the day I see more consistency in Schwartz & Hudson's attributes then with the 2 23yo's. After a year or 2 of building up maybe Allen or Kush will be ready to step up, but they just have too many holes right now to be starters, and really I'm not all that happy at LG/C & may look to upgrade these positions in trade (ONLY IF, they make O-Line right this year, and having a good o-lineman actually means something). Once we fix those positions we'll have an elite O-line, we're already off to a great start. Durand is a trade candidate, hes solid enough to be a backup somewhere in our league.

1. Donnie Avery (94spd, 93agi, 89elu, 96juk) - although I'm taking a chance of losing him at WR, he is our best option as a returner, and as said above in the WR category, there are a few guys cut from the same cloth that can replace him at WR if need be.
2. AJ Jenkins (93spd, 91agi, 86elu, 84jkm)
** Charles (98spd, 97agi, 97elu, 97juk) - I will sub him in if I'm down in games late, or for any online ranked games he will return, but in online leagues hes just way too valuable to have him out on return duties.
~Wylie & Davis just don't have strong enough juke moves to play here yet, and davis doesn't have very good elusiveness either. McCluster would be the other guy for consideration but 92spd just isn't very fast in the return game.

Well thats the offensive roster breakdown, let me know what you think. Like I said if enough people seem interested I'll do a defense edition as well.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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