Can we question the Kansas City Chiefs new regime yet? And more thoughts on the trade


The Chiefs just traded away a player who has spent the last six months lined up as a first team receiver. Poor planning?

Are we allowed to question John Dorsey and Andy Reid yet?

Is the honeymoon over for the KC Chiefs new regime?

I'm not ready to slam Dorsey and Reid by any means. I am, however, curious how this Jon Baldwin-A.J. Jenkins trade went down. I've got a few thoughts and questions with how the process and the end result.

1. My biggest issue is that the Chiefs just spent an entire offseason and training camp working a No. 2 receiver into the offense who now won't be in Kansas City. All that time now appears to be a waste. I would be curious to know when the Chiefs decided to trade Baldwin. Or when they first thought it might not work. Surely the Chiefs watched two years of Baldwin tape when they first got here and realized there's a chance he may not be the guy. John Dorsey had to know that Baldwin not making the team, or not being productive, was a very real possibility, if not a likely possibility. It seems like we (at least the fans) are nearing panic mode with a situation that we knew would probably end up happening.

"... the Chiefs just spent an entire offseason working a No. 2 WR into the offense who now won't be in KC."

2. The lack of offseason moves at receiver is a little concerning. Maybe a lot concerning. The Chiefs No. 2 receiver issues shouldn't be an all-of-a-sudden surprise. Were the Chiefs banking on Baldwin being the guy? Because the other receiver they signed, Donnie Avery, wasn't even seeing snaps ahead of Baldwin. So what are we supposed to read into that about Avery? Is the guy who wasn't getting snaps ahead of Baldwin the one that will replace him? Did the Chiefs just get worse judging by their own depth chart?

3. Roster cuts must play a role into this. John Dorsey must be waiting for a veteran receiver to get the purge before the season. Teams will cut from 90 to 75 players on August 27 and then from 75 to 53 players on August 31. The Chiefs have to be rolling the dice on picking up another receiver then, right?

4. The whole idea of these speedsters going deep just don't make sense in Kansas City. I'm talkin' Donnie Avery and A.J. Jenkins, that type of receiver. What good is a supposed deep threat if your quarterback isn't a threat to throw it deep? Can they use that speed intermediately? This isn't as much a criticism on Reid as it is a question because I just don't know with his offense being new and all. I really don't understand how Avery and/or Jenkins are going to regularly contribute to this offense.

5. The Tl;dr version:

Take the under

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

MOST Chiefs fans agree with the trade

Last night the numbers were at 85 percent approve so there was some late night momentum away from the deal. But overall, most fans agree with the move.


And I bet most agree with it simply because Jenkins is a new face.

Don't expect Jenkins to be a savior, or even be a contributor

Jon Baldwin and A.J. Jenkins have both already been given the "bust" label, whether it's fair or not, so keep that in mind analyzing the surprise trade the Chiefs and 49ers made on Monday. Don't expect Jenkins to come to Kansas City and light it up as you might expect a first round receiver to do. There's a reason he was traded, and it's because he couldn't light it up in San Francisco. In fact, he couldn't even get on the field with the 49ers. Really, you could argue the expectations for Jenkins should be lower than Baldwin.

Jenkins looks more like an Andy Reid receiver than Baldwin

There are reasons this makes sense on paper. Jon Baldwin, the 6'4' hulking receiver never seemed to fit the mold of the type of receivers that Andy Reid used in Philadelphia. (Although Terrell Owens comes to mind.) The 6'0, 192-pound speedy Jenkins seems to fit the type of receiver Reid has had throughout his career. Andy Reid places a priority on speed and Jenkins, despite his struggles, is a fast receiver.

There's also this:

That person is a former Eagles scout under Andy Reid.

Of course, this is all on paper. Actually getting on the field matters, too.

"Change of scenery"

What does this even mean?

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