NigerianNightmare's Super Cool and Rad Training Camp Review: 08/2

What's up people of AP, I'm back in St. Joe after a 5 day hiatus for some training camp action! Brskr seems to have done a good job in keeping you guys educated on what's been going on (and I guess Joel exists, too. Although that smug bastard acted like he didn't even know me today), but he's taking time off from TC because he has a life to live or whatever so I decided it was my duty as a St. Joeian to head on down to Chiefs camp and update you guys, especially when it's like a 7 minute drive away.

It was a beautiful, cloudy day here in northwest Missouri in it's lower 70's and upper 60's the entire time so I couldn't have picked a better day. They stretched before they practiced and I noticed a few things about these guys, so I'll just get those out of the way first.

HOLY COW Jeff Allen looks massive. He's like the biggest guy on the team and obviously worked on getting better and primarily, stronger. During an individual drill, they were wng on picking up stunts and he pushed Albert inside and as Hudson came across his face, he tossed him 4 yards to the side and 1 yard off the ground.

HOLY COW Jamaal looks stacked. Much stockier than I remember from last year. Could easily pass for 215.

HOLY COW Braden Wilson is massive. If I didn't see his jersey number I'd swear to god he's some tackle-tight end hybrid. I saw him lining up in the backfield to lead block and I was all "No way, he is much to large to be in the alignment!" Ha ha. It was funnier if you were there.

I sat about right in the middle, but moved over to the left when the lineman drills started up because screw DB's and WR's, they're weak.

Ok, so without further ado, stuff you care about.

Mike DeVito was the first guy in line for ever DL drill, so that's nice to know. He also looked thinner than he looks on TV.

In walkthroughs the DL coach called out "Heavy, Heavy" and Powe went in at DE for DeVito. I love the idea of this because more beef means good beef, or something similar.

They also ran another package where Powe and Zombo went in, but Jordan went out and so did DeVito. Tyson, Powe and Poe lined up over the guards and center, Zombo went in shading the right tackle to the left about 2 yards off the ball and Houston was at the 9 technique. DJ moved a little closer and a little inside the RT. This is a pretty typical but also completely atypical 46 formation. There are a lot of crazy blitzes and stunts that could happen from here and there is no way it doesn't create pressure. Love that this is implemented.

Zombo and Kendrick then leave, but Jordan and Devito comes back in, rotating with Allen Bailey. Tyson and Bailey/DeVito play the seven technique and Poe and Powe play the 2-I and 3 technique, respectively. Hali and Houston move out to the 9. This was a typical 4-4 look, if not a little oh, I dunno, gargantuan? Another blitz package that I love to see implemented.

I then looked over at the drill that the LB's, TE's and RB's were doing. The RB's and FB's started out doing pass protection against the LB's. Here's what I saw.

DJ was the first one up against Draughn and it wasn't close. He went with the bullrush and just blew over him, then swatted him off to the side to grab Bray.

Anthony Sherman shut down everyone he went up against, he was like a wall. He shut down Jordan then planted Diles on his back.

Braden WIlson struggled with leverage but he did a solid job overall.

Knile has a bit of a mean streak in him and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. He gets ahead of himself sometimes but he doesn't let up and always finishes. Orie Lemon went up against him and got a helmet right in his chin then got taken to the ground, it looked like a wrestling move. Kilgore took advantage of his aggressiveness with a counter move and got right passed him, though. He's obviously strong enough to take on these linebackers, though.

One of my favorite things about Jamaal is that despite being in a glamour position, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Last year you could always tell who was in pass protection because the difference between Jamaal vs. Gray/Draughn is so drastic. He got beat by Jordan first off but he didn't allow any pressure otherwise.

Draughn got beat like a drum all day by almost everyone.

We might have ourselves a blitzer in Nico. He has a wide array of moves and consistently got something. And for God's sake, let DJ blitz like a maniac.

Roberts was obviously adjusting to the speed of the game because he couldn't keep up a lot with the guys coming at him.

Toben was good enough I suppose, but he lacks the explosive pop the other fullbacks have.

The other drill was a typical inline blocking drill where the tight end tries to shove out the OLB while the RB runs up inside. Here's what I saw there.

Kelce is a very good blocker, always has been. He's tenacious and always finishes his blocks past the whistle. They had him going up against Houston because no one else was even a match for him, and he still shut it down.

Fasano was decent, but wasn't able to drive off the ball much. Mainly just tried to wall off Houston.

Moeaki went up against Tamba and handled him very well. Didn't get beat once.

Kevin Brock was so, incredibly mediocre. Pretty much overall today.

Demetrius Harris sucks at blocking. Like he barely even gets hands on.

Drills then switched. Offensive players would run a route and defends would cover them.

Anthony Sherman was the most physical guy on the field today, and I don't remember that necessarily from his college tape. First route he sprinted right at Zac Diles, put in his helmet right in his stomach and knocked him down while he went and grabbed the pass. Diles rolled on the ground in pain and the lineacker coach yelled out, and I mean YELLED "WHAT THE **** WAS THAT!?"

Kelce has some sick routes. He beat everyone pretty bad whether that was Houston or Hali. Subtle little moves throw them off then suddenly he's wide open. This guy is GOOD.

Fasano is quicker than I thought. Very crisp, sharp moves.

Houston couldn't cover anything today.

Harris is not as quick, but is very fast. As the kids say, he has burners. Like the thought of him as a wideout.

Team time! What you've all waited for!

Offensive line with a great surge to start off on a run to the left. This was true for most of the day.

Lots of pistol today. They run about 80% pistol, 20% of which out of the Diamond with Sherman and Kelce on either side of Alex. Like this idea.

Oh, and the elusive read option. Alex Smith freezes Derrick Johnson and takes it for what would have been a 20 yard gain easy. He's plenty fast for it.

Fisher seems a little more comfortable run blocking. Stunt with Poe and Nico gets penetration, causing Jamaal to go outside.

Nico gets about 30% of the first team reps.

Kelce gets reps everywhere. Slot receiver on first team, tight end on first, split out wide on 2nd, tight end on 3rd.

Braden hits his man hard and blows open a hole for Knile Davis.

Geoff at RT for 2's.

The 2nd team LT gets bowled over by Edgar who takes down Knile for the loss.

Chavis rips right passed Tepper and plants a forearm right in Draughns chest. Nasty play.

Rodney gets to the second level and gets into it with Jordan. Mini skirmish ensues. Only word I hear is "B*tch".

Poe gets up under Rodney and puts him on his back on a stretch play. Don't mess with his LB's, I guess.

Tyson and Poe hold down the front, but Knile bounces it outside for a huge gain. Tamba doesn't keep contain.

Fisher is looking really good, offense getting first down after first down.

Jamaal at WR, catches a 20 yard TD on a crossing route.

Poe blows passed Asamoah for the TFL.

Oh, a shovel pass. I remember those from 2009. Jamaal probably has fond memories.

Kelce beats Demps with his strength and agility here for the TD.

Hemmingway playing slot for first team with McCluster out wide.

Baldwins drop in the endzone. Grrrrr...

Nico looking good on first team. Especially in coverage.

Tiptoe by Baldwin in the corner, making up for that drop.

Succop sucks it up, missing the first two field goals.

Fake field goal is Chase Daniel pulling to the right with Geoff leading the way and... Anthony Sherman as the pitch man?

Pass Rushing 1-on-1 drills and 7-on-7

Dixon looking good, relentless pass rusher. Lots of moves under his sleeve.

Geoff Schwartz getting repeatedly beat by the speed rush of Bailey and Lane. I liked him better inside anyways.

Fisher shuts down Lane and Chavis and Hali, not close.

Chavis is very impressive. He grunts and makes a lot of noise while playing, but has a nice bull rush and solid inside move.

Fasano and Kelce with great back to back diving TD's.

Moeaki torches Lewis.

Poe looks like he's about to blow passed Hudson, But Hudson's fancy footwork helps him recover and stonewall him.

Fisher gets put on his back by Lane, and hops up to lots of boos. Gets really, really mad and the next rep he lands a huge punch on Lane then throws him down.

Tyson has obviously been working on his handfighting and pass-rushing. He shoots his gap and will bullrush with one hand while knocking down hands with the other. Looking very good.

Harris is really fast. streaks up the sideline and knabs a pass over Demps for the big gain.

Kelce gets the pass over the middle with no one around but Lewis standing there still five yards ahead. I wonder who wins that battle in a real game? I think I have an idea.

Chase Daniel with a very good read option. Read to Jordan with Knile as the pitch man.

Nice screen to Knile who rumbles up the field. He catches an off balanced Zombo with a forearm to the face and they get in a shoves before they are broken up.

Offense is rolling, Jordan Roberts and Chase Daniel in particular. Roberts runs hard and is shockingly stocky.

Daniel delivers some nice passes to Avery and Fasano on a rope. Fasano with the nice reaching grab over the shoulder.

Knile looks like he was shot out of a cannon. He just barrels into Demps as Sherman walls off DJ and Fisher kicks out Houston. Looked like popcorn off of Tecmo Bowl. He barely even sputters his legs and Demps is flat on his back.

Fisher is very good in space, better than I expected. Nice block on Flowers leads to a huge gain for Jamaal.

Kickoff team covers kicks well. Knile is seriously so fast. You see everyone else in a wall running down field then Knile is five yards ahead breaking up the wedge.

On kickoff return, McCluster fields it and Knile sprints across the fields with a lights out block on an unsuspecting Neiko Thorpe, who hops up with a laugh.

Who was most impressive though, NN? And who wasn't?

Hudson wins my MVP award for his play today. Lots of push in the run game and lockdown pass protection created a pocket to step up into and spearheaded a running game that was looking very dangerous.

Poe was shooting gaps and making plays like a madman. Love the packages he gets to play in that take advantage of his ability to be a badass.

Knile Davis was very good today. I know you guys think I'm biased because I am but even Arrowspread, even MN, even Brskr would come to this practice and say "That was pretty dang good." My Dad, who had never heard of him before said "#34 will be playing this year."

Kelce was great in every facet.

Jeff Allen showed why he should be the starter today.

Sherman did so as well.

Fisher showed lots of resilience and mean streak today. He got beat but only used that as fuel to play better.

Miguel Chavis was very good, but I'd like to see how he does against better competition.

Chase Daniel had a great day, running and passing.


Demps wasn't what I expected. Everyone was talking about him like he could be a starter but the only thing he did today was get knocked out.

I was wanting Asamoah to separate himself today and he failed to do so. He wasn't bad at all but was very average.

Berry was the same. Didn't see much at all from him that was notable.

Kendrick didn't do so great. The size of these big tight ends we have now seemed to have intimidated him.

Shaun Draughn looked sluggish and weak.

Dunta Robinson looked lazy and halfhearted.

Stanzi SUCKED.

Anyone you want to know about in particular?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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