Kansas City Chiefs' Tyler Bray and Ricky Stanzi are statistically similar through 2 preseason games

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The battle for the No. 3 quarterback spot on the depth chart is rather uninspiring through two preseason games.

The first two slots on the KC Chiefs quarterback depth chart are a given. After John Dorsey and Andy Reid were hired this offseason, quarterback seemed first on the list of changes to make for the Kansas City Chiefs' new leaders. Alex Smith was identified early as the new starter, and the Chiefs paid handsomely to get him. Chase Daniel received a nice deal in free agency to serve as the primary back-up.

With the first two slots set in the depth chart, the attention now turns to the third and final spot on the roster. Ricky Stanzi and Tyler Bray have been battling it out in training camp and preseason games, and so far neither candidate looks the part -- statistically speaking at least.

Stanzi is the holdover from the Scott Pioli era, a former fifth round pick who never earned a chance to play in a regular season game despite names like Tyler Palko getting multiple chances in the same stretch. Bray is the new kid, an undrafted free agent with a big arm out of Tennessee.

So far in the preseason, they are eerily similar in terms of stat lines.

Stanzi is 5-of-12 for 42 yards. His completion percentage is 42 percent. Bray is 7-of-15 for 51 yards and a comp. percentage of 47 percent. As for quarterback ratings, Stanzi is at 51.4 and Bray has a 55.1 rating. Bray's also been sacked twice while Stanzi is untouched.

In short, both quarterbacks have put out unimpressive yet small sample sizes.

The Chiefs have two preseason games left as well as a few weeks of practice, so there's still plenty of time to set themselves apart from one another. AP's Joel Thorman has reported that Bray has looked better than Stanzi in three weeks of training camp practices.

"...the odds have to favor Bray."

It's easy for fans to fall in love with the new kid, since Stanzi has yet to do anything. Bray has the ability to go deep in practice beyond any others on the depth chart, and Reid and Dorsey have to love his potential. But it's also easy to forget just how accurate and intelligent Stanzi was coming out of college, and the fact that he has a few years at the pro level gives the decision makers something else to consider.

Yet the odds have to favor Bray at this point. Stanzi didn't play at all in the game against the 49ers, and Bray's potential will likely give him the upper hand over the former Iowa product. Here's hoping one of them step up and secure the third quarterback slot with a strong showing of potential in the preseason games that are left, rather than giving it to the guy who screwed up the least.

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