First Official Fan Post- Comments on the Season So Far

Hi AP nation. I have been prowling AP for a couple of years now but only in an intake sense. This is my first fan post so hopefully you enjoy it. I am superhype to see the how the chiefs do this season. Here are just a few of my thoughts on how the boys have looked thus far.

There have been two preseason games. The first game against the saints proved to be everything that fans want to see. First team offense drove the long field and scored with a series runs, screens, and short passes. Alex Smith looked smart, decisive, and poised. Something we have not seen out of a quarterback in quite some time.
Jamal Charles looked like....well Jamal Charles. He does seem to be a tad bit stockier. Looks like he put on 10 or so pounds this offseason without losing any quickness. The additional weight should allow him to take a little more of a beating all season long, Recall the shot that he took on the goal line on the touchdown score.

The starting defense stonewalled the saints starting offense on their first drive and it felt amazing!! Last but certainly not least our special teams units looked extremely dominate.

The first preseason game ends and "The Chiefs are going to the superbowl!!!". Now comes game 2...

To make a long breakdown short, the first team offense looked nowhere near as dominate as in game 1. Defense looked pretty good minus one long Frank Gore run that was truly stuffed behind the line of scrimmage. Special teams looked really good yet again minus a blocked punt. You all watched the game so onto analyses.

After game 2 all I hear is "chiefs suck", "here we go again", "Andy Reid traded too much for Alex Smith" blah blah blah. Calm down everyone. A few things from game 2 were very apparent. 1) 49ers are a great team. 2) 49ers wanted to blitz our offense and make us look bad. Coach Harbaugh knew that there is no game planning going on and our offense was very vanilla. How do I know this? The 49ers never blitz that much. To blitz that
much in preseason was to try and embarrass Alex Smith. 3) It was a very good thing to get o-line and running back protection exposed the way it was. Andy Ried is direly going to work on those things and get them cleared up. It is a good thing that this happened in the preseason as opposed to wk 1 or 2.

Hmmm what else did I notice.... Oh yeah, Jonathon Baldwin will get demoted this week. Donnie Avery was brought in as a vertical threat for insurance just in case this happened. Baldwin is not looking good. He needs to be benched to try and motivate him. I saw Baldwin targeted 3 times for no completions. Not all of them were his fault however this dude is not getting open. When D. Bowe garners the attention that he does your #2 reciever has to do SOMETHING!! I must say though that Baldwin can run block pretty well. This brings me to my next point. Bowe. He has been targeted one time in two games. Im a little concerned that he may not have the stellar year that he should due to the attention he gets and the shallow route offense that we are running. Hopefully we intend to lull the defense to sleep with short crossers, running plays, and screens then see "Bombs over Baghdad" as Bowe would put it. Brandon Albert looks a little off. I went to chiefs training camp on a Sunday this year and noticed him get done by Tamba Hali twice in one series in an 11on11 period. Hali looked as though he would have had the sack on both occasions. That along with some of his preseason play has been a little suspect. Nothing to be too woried about because he is a good left tackle and it is TAMBA HALI, but worthy of note. Another offensive note, I am worried for our team if Jamal Charles goes down. Kniles Davis did OK with the ones but I'm not sure if OK is going to cut it during the season. To his credit Davis had a very nice 4th down conversion in game two but nothing amazing around that.

On the defensive side of life- Dontari Powe is a Beast and Tyson Jackson is playing very well. Powe, Tyson Jackson and Devito will be a pain in offensive line's asses all season long.

Eric Berry is playing at all pro status. Looks as though he will have a huge year. Sean Smith looked excellent in game 2. Dunta Robinson needs some hands. Akeem Jordan and Nico Johnson are having a neck to neck position battle. As soon as the ones left the field in game 2 the first person I noticed making plays was Nico.

To wrap up I think the chiefs will make the playoffs this year. I surely have red and yellow goggles on but that is the only way to live right? I think they will make it. The defense will have to play very well to keep us in some games, but I think they are up to the challenge. Please let me know what you think of the post! AP is amazing. I check it every hour or two while at work to see if there is any new insight on the boys. Keep up the good work fellow contributors.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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