What was Andy thinking

I found it fascinating, in the Andy Reid 810 interview posted a couple of days ago, what he may have been thinking. Joel got a little traction on the post regarding specific usage of the WR's in Andy's offense. Yet, Andy did not want to talk specifically about WR's as Kevin Keitzman found out. Listen to the interview.

As quoted by Joel in his post:

"The thing that you notice [back in Philly] is we used our fullback in the pass game and guys you usually wouldn't consider your primary receivers, we were able to get them involved," Reid said.

"Really what you're looking at is you want to be able to present a defense with no extra offensive linemen. So if a fullback or tight end isn't involved in your passing game, then [the opponent] those guys are blockers so they don't have to worry about them and they can double your key players.

"It's important that all the guys that are out there are viable threats to a defense. Then you're going to get your receivers singled up in some cases. And then it's important that your quarterback can see that and pick out the guy that's singled and make the defense pay for doing that."

Why did Andy change the question? Does Andy consider WR's a little bit different than other eligible receivers? It doesn't appear so. He wants to make the opponent cover every eligible receiver with a defender. Who are eligible receivers?



In this picture F, H, X, and Z are eligible. Y is not as he is on the line of scrimmage covered up by the Z player. IF Y takes a step back, or Z for that matter. Y becomes eligible. So you can have a maximum of 5 eligible receivers. Andy wants to make them all viable available targets to force the opponent to cover them.

Now, something I am wondering about, we all hate those penalties for an Illegal Man down field. On a pass beyond the Line Of Scrimmage the Center, Guards, and usually the Tackles are not permitted to be beyond the LOS.

A Tackle can report eligible as long as he is not covered up by another player on the LOS. So how could Andy make use of this fact? How can he get his lineman down the field blocking Linebackers and such if he wants to throw the football?

He throws it to an eligible receiver behind the LOS.

Clearly if the play is to release the linemen down field the QB cannot throw the ball past the LOS at all. How many defenses key on whether the Offensive lineman are moving forward or back to decide on pass or run responsibilities.

With one exception, on any given pass play only eligible receivers can cross the line of scrimmage before either A) a pass crosses the line, or B) a defender touches the ball. The exception is on a forward pass that doesn't cross the line of scrimmage (like a screen or shovel pass). On such a play, the linemen can cross the line and be on their merry ways.

Nice article but more college centric

Sorry I was just led to this stat from 2012

Behind LOS - Aimed Passes - ranked by actual completion %

  • John Skelton 20
  • Chad Henne 16
  • Tom Brady 77
  • Nick Foles 53
  • Matt Hasselbeck 29
  • Russell Wilson 47
  • Robert Griffin III 73
  • Andrew Luck 67
  • Alex D. Smith 22
  • Aaron Rodgers 85

Clearly, it is not a foreign concept to Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh, Mike McCarthy, and Mike Shanahan.

Link to data


Article 1 A player of either team may block (obstruct or impede) an opponent at any time, provided that the act is not:

  • (a) pass interference;
  • (b) illegal contact;
  • (c) fair catch interference;
  • (d) clipping against a non-runner;
  • (e) an illegal chop block;
  • (f) an illegal crackback block;
  • (g) an illegal low block during a free kick, scrimmage kick, or after a change of possession;
  • (h) unnecessary roughness;
  • (i) roughing the passer;
  • (j) an illegal cut block;
  • (k) roughing the kicker;
  • (l) offensive or defensive holding;
  • (m) illegal use of hands;
  • (n) tripping;
  • (o) illegal peel back block; and
  • (p) illegal blindside block

From the NFL rulebook.

I do not see any rule against eligible receivers Legally blocking down field. What better way to move the ball than using those Wideouts and Lineman to make deep holes in the opponents defense in legal blocks. If you think about it, If a DB has been getting knocked on his butt for a quarter or two, what does he naturally not want to do? Cover that WR close and get knocked on his butt again:)

Geaux Chiefs

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