The Glamorous Life of a Chiefs Intern



The 2007 season ranks highly in my memory as important.

I spent that 4-12 season in a closet at One Arrowhead Drive. And I loved it.

A Junior at UMKC, I was absolutely thrilled to be an intern in the Creative Services department - responsible for those excellent music videos, highlight reels, and web content you know and love. I really had a great time, especially happy I was tasked with DOING THINGS that helped my professional growth. I grew up in Blue Springs, and have been a life-long fan of the Chiefs. I remember The Nigerian Nightmare, Vermeil’s "Greatest Show on Grass," the Lin Elliot kick and making a custom made POG (90’s kids: Remember pogs?) of him at a Urinal, peeing into the neighboring stall.

Clearly, an artist was born on that day.



Random Observations/Experiences from that Season

- Herm is a great guy. Like, a great guy. I set up the lights and audio for weekly Tuesday pressers. You understand that despite occasional technical deficiencies in the art of actually coaching, you see why grown ass gladiators trust him to lead.

-Larry Johnson looked pretty lonely in the locker-room. While there is always much talk about the influence locker-room cancers, I don’t seem to buy-in for the fact that when its clear there is one, most of the team avoids him like the plague. (It's easy to see why...)



- Jared Allen is as much of a goofball off the camera as on. This was his last season in KC.

- This was Dwayne Bowe’s first season in KC, and could be spotted on the field with headphones before most players on an early Sunday morning. I learned to appreciate how fast the game moves by standing on the sidelines for some late season home games. 3 flashes of lightning, body outstretched, pulverizing tackle. First down, Kan-Sah-Citeee.

- I got to shoot Tank Tyler’s "Cribs" episode with a co-worker. He lived in a nice condo near the Plaza and was a really warm, friendly big man. I still check up on him now and again online, and he's currently out of the league.

- Chiefs players, by their contract, do A LOT of community service. A lot of stuff that doesn’t have a camera crew/media with them. It’s quite amazing.

- Mitch Holthus is MUCH shorter than you would probably imagine, but he was astoundingly nice to me for the season I was there. And the dude prepares. While recording some "bumpers" for the weekly CBS show, he was attacking a door-sized white poster board with red sharpie in 8pt font, littering it with stats, backgrounds, fun facts. He was a freak.



- This was a season of very, very weird things, and a season that can be traced to our current misery. Remember when Priest came back for like 2 games, and then promptly retired? He was one of my favorite Chiefs players of all time and it was heart-breaking watching him go.

- The small crew in this department BUSTS ASS ALL DAY EVERY DAY. It was like being in a news environment. So many seemingly-unattainable objectives done with grace and integrity. When I got Pizza Hut and a hat on the last day for "Intern Appreciation Day," I couldn’t have been happier.

The experience helped my confidence immensely as a creative professional, and only a position that married my dual passions could have accomplished this. In 2010 I was accepted into one of the best graduate film programs in the world, and the latest short I directed is going to play an Oscar-qualifying film festival in early September. I miss Kansas City dearly, but I will always find a way to check out my Chiefs here in Texas. So thankful for a place like ArrowheadPride for in-depth coverage.

Here’s the trailer for my new action film, if anyone’s interested:

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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