Amateur Hour: Scouting Preseason Week 1

I usually don’t do anything like these write ups after games. There are a lot of talented people on here that write a lot of great stuff more in depth than what I can see, but I’m going to give it a go. I didn’t get to watch it live so I recorded it and watched it, sometimes rewinding several times to watch several players.


Overall I mean what can you really say from that first team offense? Amazing. Spectacular. Unreal. It’s one drive against the Saints. Yep you are darn right and I’m still excited. Just about as perfect as it gets.


Smith was exactly as advertised. He was a leader out there. Maybe it was because he was the guy in the booth but I felt like I was watching Trent Green again. He had complete control of the offense. Made the correct pass every time. Are we going to get tired of watching Smith make the safe pass? Not if he gets 7 yards every time which it seemed like he was getting.

Daniels had some moments and is more athletic than I thought. There were times though I felt like I was watching Matt Cassel again though. Throws to guys that were covered, check downs to guys that had no business throwing to, starring down his first option. Look, he’s a backup in his first game with a new team, but I was hoping for a little more.

Bray actually looked like he had done this before. I was confused watching it. Like how did this guy not succeed more in college? And then you see why with a complete bonehead play. Yep, he’s got a heck of an arm but I’m not sure what he’s thinking sometimes out there. His accuracy was actually better than I thought. With a big arm you think that he’s wild, but the guy puts it on his target’s hands. He needs touch though. If he can get that, he’ll make this roster for years on that alone.

I’m not even writing about Stanzi. He’s on the roster just in case someone goes down. He threw some good balls, but Captain America is heading to the practice squad.


Day 1 everyone was worried about our star on offense, Charles. How does he fit in Reid’s offense? We have a long way to go, but Charles looks like the offense runs through him. Plenty of run plays going on the right side of the offensive line. Then you add that he is a good pass catcher and this could be a match made in heaven. Davis looked very okay. He looks better I’m sure with a solid OL but I thought a very meh performance. Draughn got some good work in but minus one big run, there wasn’t much there to get excited about.


Watch out for Dexter. He can make some plays with this find a hole, sit down, let Smith find you and then start running. How I thought he should have always been used. We didn’t see Bowe or Baldwin, which I have to admit, was disappointing. Next week we have to see those guys more. Fasano did a good job though. Showed good hands, blocked well. Random thought: Favorite Moeaki play of mine was when he boxed out the defender for Daniels to make a good QB run.

Offensive line

Solid. I was looking at Fisher closely. Nasty is a word I would use for him. I think he has some work to do. He seemed to want to stay close to the line on running plays and could have been a bit more aggressive. He was challenged in several ways but I thought did very well. Helps going against Tamba and Houston every day. The rest of the line looked like they were not sure of themselves sometimes on where they should be. I think they will come together as a unit but something to look at over the next 3 weeks. The rest of the line got some decent push, and was giving Smith some time to look over his options. I understand now why everyone says we are thin. Without Stephenson out there, you can tell there isn’t much depth to this line.


Overall I thought the group did some good things. We saw a very simple defense, so hard to say too much good or bad. They seemed to take away the first read from Brees. Many times Brees had to scramble to find his next option and create something which isn’t his strong suit. Nor is it for most of the QB’s that the Chiefs will be going against this year (how’s that for some research!) There is a noticeable lack of depth in almost all positions though on defense.


Got fooled a few times when it came to running plays. Thank goodness for good LBs because they had to clean up a few times. Poe stood out though. He seemed to be all over the field. There is not enough pressure from the DL, especially in the 2nd and 3rd team. Now I will say this, they did get some push, but push and pressure are two different things. The DL though doesn’t look like they have ever seen a screen pass before. Random thought: How much does Bailey weigh? The guy looks like he was smuggling another guy under his jersey.


DJ is the leader of this defense. You can watch him on the field and he knows what is going on. The defense looks a little slow still at times not knowing where they should be. It’s week 1 in the preseason so I’m not concerned. Nico Johnson looks like he wants that starting job. He seems to be in the right place most of the time. Second team got very little pressure on the QB. Not to say that there weren’t moments but if you are looking for a surplus of a position, a good pass rushing OLB isn’t here.


Mixed bag really. First team I thought did a great job of playing on their man, making the QB make a perfect throw. Brown got picked on a lot. He I know has looked great in camp, but it’s very frustrating watching him cover well and then not turn around and look for the ball and panic. Agnew got picked on as well. Like real bad. I’ll be surprised if he sees many more days of camp. Random note: Why do we keep playing Berry in the box? Let him roam and make a play. He does better just letting him read the play and go on instincts.

Special Teams

Maybe the best part of the entire team. Dex and Davis gave us some flashes of things to come. I don’t think it’s is this team going to get a touchdown on special teams, it’s how many times.

Succop left no doubt that he is the man and Colquitt is still in a class all of his own.


Minus the fact that we lost the game, you have to be pretty upbeat about it. Honestly if felt like we won. Biggest concern is depth but you have to remember this is a 2-14 team. It's going to take a few years to get some solid back ups in there. Biggest thing to look at for next week is WRs getting the ball and can someone step up in both the secondary and OL on the 2nd and 3rd teams.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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