The KC Chiefs training camp freakout: 2013 edition

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is a great time of year with football finally back. It's also hilarious to see us all freak out.

Nobody gets more excited about the start of training camp than yours truly. I count down the days, think of the upcoming season at an obsessive level and pour over the roster daily trying to figure out who is going to make the cut. Why? Because I'm insane, just like the rest of you.

It's a beautiful thing, seeing all of the Kansas City Chiefs back on the field. Well, not Ricky Stanzi, but the rest of them.

However, training camp is also the time of great comedic relief. Only in training camp do people get duped into thinking a third-string right tackle is going to be the second coming of Willie Roaf because he stonewalls Justin Houston once. Conversely, Eric Fisher is a complete bum and a bust because he struggled on a pass protection drill.

Life is good when we get a David Mims or Bobby Sippio train rolling. People legitimately believe both could have been All-Pros given the chance. Shockingly and to the dismay of the Hall of Fame, neither were ever afforded the opportunity.

Ah, the good times of training camp, where mass panic and chronic overreaction rule the day with an iron and unyielding fist.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It will only get better though with the start of preseason games. The Chiefs first contest is on Aug. 9 against the New Orleans Saints, and I'll have my popcorn ready. Not simply for a terrible exhibition in which the players who matter will play two series, but mostly for the Arrowhead Pride open thread.

Without question, one of the two following scenarios will happen:

1. Kansas City will take the lead with its starters, leading to uninhabited and overwhelming excitement. No matter that New Orleans already pulled half its defensive starters and isn't blitzing once; it's a touchdown isn't it?. Put it on the board and book it, here comes a run at the Super Bowl, baby.

2. Kansas City gives up a touchdown to Drew Brees and co. Dear God, the sheer horror will swallow the entire thread. Sure, some folks will try to keep sanity but they'll be powerless to stop the flooding of comments such as "2-14 again", "It's over, we suck", and "Bring back Romeo."

Don't get me wrong for a second, I love all of this. It's this passion which makes the Chiefs so much fun, and sadly, so devastating more often than not. How many other websites have a detailed breakdown of a preseason game, followed by 600 comments?

After having months of worrying about nonsense like my job, girlfriend and health, I can focus on the important stuff.

Thank goodness football is back.

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