Did the Kansas City Chiefs improve? TE edition

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We continue on in our series looking at each KC Chiefs position group and asking the question: Did the Chiefs improve at this position in the last year. Up today is tight ends.

2012: Tony Moeaki, Kevin Boss, Steve Maneri, Jake O'Connell

2013: Anthony Fasano, Tony Moeaki, Travis Kelce, Demetrius Harris, Kevin Brock

Advantage: 2013

After quarterback, GM John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid gave no position more attention than tight end. It was a dramatic upgrade on a number of levels that suggested to us that the tight in Reid's offense will be extremely important. It also suggested that tight ends in his offense will have a number of roles as each of the Chiefs tight ends have different strengths and weaknesses.

But back to the point: Is this position better now than it was in 2012?

Yes, and I shall tell you why....

At the top of the line, Fasano is the type of experienced, blocking tight end that the Chiefs simply didn't have last year. Kevin Boss had some experience and had been paid big bucks before but he didn't have the all-around game that Fasano had. Also, Boss had a concussion history so the fact that his season ended with a concussion shouldn't be all that stunning.

The second option in KC right now is Tony Moeaki. Last year he was the first option. He's coming off of knee surgery this offseason and has not participated in any OTAs. He is supposedly expected to be ready for training camp but we shall see.

The third option is rookie Travis Kelce. Well, he's actually the second option with Moeaki missing time this offseason. I was impressed with him this offseason. With his athleticism, he can contribute in KC right away. I can easily see him becoming the second tight end behind Fasano.

All three of the players above are better than any tight end KC had last year.

Demetrius Harris isn't guaranteed a spot on the team but he's an intriguing player, the kind of raw potential that the Chiefs didn't have last year at tight end. He's the former basketball player trying to make it in football. It's hard to see how he makes the 53-man roster but the practice squad is a legit possibility.

The KC Chiefs tight ends are better in 2013 than they were in 2012 -- without question.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

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