KC Chiefs training camp 2013: Day 5 practice report includes injury updates

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to work outside in St. Joe for their 2013 training camp. Day five of camp brought us a number of injury updates, Alex Smith getting knocked to the ground (he's fine) and Quintin Demps continuing to show up. Read on for more updates from day five.

Injuries are piling up

Dwayne Bowe: "Bowe cramped," Andy Reid said after practice. "Minor thing." This image of Bowe being carted off was a little scary, but he's apparently fine.


Jeff Allen: He returned to practice after missing since Saturday. He had a shoulder injury but was back in the lineup. Good news.

Cyrus Gray: Foot injury. He has soreness, according to Reid, and an MRI coming. He was spotted walking off the field to the trainers tent at one point then carted off up the hill.

Colin Kelly: Knee injury and an MRI coming, too. He was helped off the field. This looked like a potentially more serious injury the way he was unable to walk on his own.

Mike Catapano: Strained calf. "We'll see how he does," Reid said. He was spotted limping off.

Eric Berry: Hamstring injury. Same as Monday.

Dunta Robinson: Hamstring injury. The fourth time in the last five days he has been in the trainers tent.


Alex is hit! (Kinda, not really)

The quarterbacks wear yellow jerseys. They are not allowed to be touched. At one point we saw the pocket collapse and Smith somehow ended up on the ground.

"I was going to make the throw and just tucking it at the last minute," Smith said, "probably could've been more athletic and kept my feet. Not a big deal."

Soo, was Andy Reid a little upset that his quarterback got hit?

"He didn't say too much because it was an accident," Justin Houston said. "The guy slipped and fell. Accidents happen."


The tackling continues

Chiefs players have tackled to the ground for two days now. Reid said the tackling has been good so far.

"You play the game, and you have to be a good tackling team," Reid said. "Normally the good tackling teams end up playing late in the year. Or early in the year, right?"

No injuries yet.

I heard the KC Star's Adam Teicher on 810 WHB the other day and he made a good point. You have to decide now if the tackling is worth the injury risk. You can't say it after a season-ending injury continues. So, right now, is the tackling worth the risk of injury?

Quintin Demps showing up

My early prediction is that Demps, the safety, is making the team. He's been making plays with Berry banged up the last couple of days.

Demps had an interception during camp, probably the pick of camp so far. He was in for Eric Berry so he was playing near the line of scrimmage. The ball was thrown and Demps jumped up out of nowhere and made the interception. The defense crowded around him cheering after he made the play.

"I drafted Quintin in Philadelphia so I know Quintin. I thought we could use him here. John liked him. So John actually brought him to me and checked with me on it because he knew I knew him."

Reid also clarified that the personnel things are Dorsey's. And if Dorsey has a player that Reid has coached, Reid will give him the thumbs up or down on him. Whenever Dorsey's name comes up, Reid seems to clarify that Dorsey does the personnel side and Reid does the coaching side.


More observations
  • Rico Richardson, an undrafted receiver, had an excellent back shoulder reception. It was far down the field and Richardson had to stop and turn to make the catch in the air. Excellent hand-eye coordination.
  • I think Chase Daniel was the quarterback here -- I only saw the end of the play -- but Josh Bellamy had an outstanding reception on a deep ball. Those are tough to pull off with a man on you but he did. Bellamy also had a drop on a slant and he had a lot of room in front of him.
  • Tony Moeaki had a diving reception in the first play of the full-on tackling session. The next play he dove again but it was just out of reach.
  • Junior Hemingway caught a pass over the middle and stopped and started to get past the defender in front of him. Excellent YAC from the Chiefs receiver.
  • Knile Davis had a nice reception in the flat, which would've produced a first down. He also dropped one.
  • Speaking of in the flat ... Jamaal making a reception around the line of scrimmage and hitting the open field is soo exciting, even in camp.
  • Jalil Brown had a nice pass break-up on Dwayne Bowe. And later he had an interception.
  • One of the top catches of the day came from Travis Kelce who (like yesterday) tipped a high pass back to himself and made the catch. My camp note that Kelce is a "long player" is making more sense.
  • 6'3 Sean Smith vs. 5'9 Devon Wylie in coverage ... to no one's surprise, Smith broke the pass up in the end zone.
  • Chiefs DB Greg Castillo had a near-interception as well.
  • Brandon Flowers had a nice pass break-up on Dwayne Bowe across the middle of the field. They were nearly to the other hash mark so Flowers followed him for a while.
Lots of pre-snap movement from the Chiefs

There is a lot of movement before the snap during camp. Players are motioning. Running backs are coming out of the backfield and lining up outside. Alex is waiving his hands around.

What does it all mean?

"Lots of different things," Alex said. "It would be hard to even get into it. Some of it's communicating, non-verbal communication. Some of it's just nothing. Different stuff."

Hmm ... must be classified information.

Len Dawson makes an appearance at practice

"It's awesome," Alex Smith said. "Such a great, what do you want to call it, alumni or family. The pride and history of this organization. You can feel it."


Wednesday is an off day

That means no practice report.

"To relax and keep the liquids in," Reid said when asked what he told his players they'd be doing. "If you see them, remind them of that."

I'm not in camp shape yet either so I welcome this day off.

Best jersey


Best photo of John Dorsey when he's not looking


Pic through the lens of Nick Jacobs camera

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