Projected 2013 Chiefs Regular Season Roster

Well everyone, this is my first FanPost ever on Arrowhead Pride, and on SB Nation in general, so I am kind of nervous. Well to get things started I'm sixteen years old, so if I make any mistakes don't be too critical of them.

Let's begin!



#11 - Alex Smith

#10 - Chase Daniel

#9 - Tyler Bray

Yes, you are seeing the #3 quarterback correctly, no Ricky Stanzi. It hurts me saying that considering I spent a good chunk of my early teen years watching the Stanzi, Greene, Moeaki tandem.


#25 - Jamaal Charles

#35 - Knile Davis

#22 - Dexter McCluster

#32 - Cyrus Gray

No more Draughn. I believe he over stayed his welcoming in KC.


#42 - Anthony Sherman

#40 - Branden Wilson

Two full backs? Yep, remember 2010, Castile and Cox? Man, that was a good year.


#82 - Dwayne Bowe

#89 - Jon Baldwin

#17 - Donnie Avery

#22 - Dexter McCluster

#19 - Devon Wylie

#15 - Terrance Copper

I really do hope we keep the special teams guru in Terrance Copper, love that guy. As for Baldwin at #2 receiver, he was a first round pick, and with all the talks about Reid working with him 1-on-1, I think he'll stay at #2.


#81 - Tony Moeaki

#80 - Anthony Fasano

#87 - Travis Kelce

#46 - Kevin Brock

I'd keep an eye on Kelce, he's a sleeper. Could leap his way up to #2 or possibly a starter depending on the health on Moeaki.


#76 - Branden Albert

#79 - Donald Stephenson

#60 - Steven Baker

Remember Steven Baker? He was the first signing of the Reid-Dorsey Era and he'll stay assuming they don't pick up any waived veterans.


#74 - Geoff Schwartz

#71 - Jeff Allen

Schwartz is the best option at LG in my opinion. I have mixed feelings about Jeff Allen.


#61 - Rodney Hudson

#52 - Eric Kush

If Hudson stays healthy, obviously, Kush won't see the light of day at starting center this year.


#73 - Jon Asamoah

#74 - Geoff Schwartz

#71 - Jeff Allen

If Asamoah gets hurt (God forbid it), I think Schwartz steps in at RG and Allen to LG.


#72 - Eric Fisher

#79 - Donald Stevenson

Fisher sucks. I'm only kidding everyone. Next Joe Staley? Hope so.



#94 - Tyson Jackson

#92 - Austen Lane

It's Tyson's year. Nuff said.


#92 - Dontari Poe

#98 - Anthony Toribio

#95 - Jerrell Powe

It really wouldn't surprise me if Toribio gets the nod all 16 games. Like I said with Baldwin, Poe was a first round pick and we have to reveal his true talent this year as a starter.


#70 - Mike DeVito

#97 - Allen Bailey

I really like Bailey, I want him to get his chance, I was hoping that in the offseason, but then they signed DeVito and crushed my dreams.


#50 - Justin Houston

#99 - Edgar Jones


#56 - Derrick Johnson

#57 - Nico Johnson

#55 - Akeem Jordan

Akeem will stay, Zombo possibly to if they can find a spot on special teams, other than that Jordan will be nice.


#91 - Tamba Hali

#53 - Mike Catapano

Catpano will be a FANTASTIC addition to the up-and-coming #1 pass rushing defense in the NFL. I'm pitching a tent just thinking about it.


#24 - Brandon Flowers

#27 - Sean Smith

#21 - Dunta Robinson

#30 - Jalil Brown

#26 - Sanders Commings (Injured)

Jalil almost had his shot at nickelback after Arenas was traded, looks like he'll be spending most of his time on Special Teams.


#23 - Kendrick Lewis

#26 - Sanders Commings (Injured)

#39 - Husain Abdullah

For the time being, Abdullah will be the #2 FS. However, when Commings comes back healthy, he could possibly push for the starting role, same for Abdullah. This is going to be a great position battle to watch for.


#29 - Eric Berry

#35 - Quintin Demps

I really do see us holding on to Demps, he wasn't really that bad in Houston, with that being said, he'll be a good ad on.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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