Could Catapano Be The Surprise Of The NFL Draft?

Last year the NFL had Alfred Morris drafted in the 6th round who went on to Rush for over 1600 yards (second only to Peterson) and win NFL Rookie Of The Year. So who will the surprise be this year? Well what about the Chiefs 7th round pick Mike Catapano? If you add up all the pieces the writing seems to clearly be on the wall.

An unlikely pick from a school who hasn't had a draft pick in 12 years Catapano "knew" he would be drafted by the NFL in high school. In fact he told his employer who owned a local Health Club (where 17 year old Mike Catapano worked the front counter) that he would do that and many other things. Mike told club owner Justin Miller that he would learn a new position so that he could play football for and graduate from the best academic college in America, become the best player in the entire Ivy League and be the first Princeton player to get drafted by the NFL in over a decade.

Many kids have big dreams but what makes Catapano different is that he did everything he said he would. Now as a 22 year old Princeton graduate, 2012 Ivy League Defensive Player Of The Year and the first Princeton player drafted into the NFL since 2001 he has set new goals towards a bright future in the NFL.

At 6'4" 280 lbs with 8% bodyfat (has visible abs) this physical freak nicknamed "Drago" for his chiseled face and square jaw, also runs a sub 4.7 4o yard dash. This along with his hard nosed attitude should strike fear into the heart's of opposing QBs. A whole lot of fear! When asked about his physical strengths Catapano is quick to point out his mental toughness and relentless work ethic is what got him to where he is today. Strong words from a strong man, literally strong! Catapano can deadlift over 700 lbs despite being as limber as a cat. This young man who in 2012 led his league in tackles for losses, forced fumbles, averaged 1.2 sacks a game and was reported as being "unblockable" down at East West Shrine practice week has 2013 NFL sleeper written all over him.

We will find out pretty soon if his football ceiling is as high as his Ivy League I.Q. While his peers may go on to be Wall Street Executives, Engineers or maybe even our future President, Catapano says his mind is "solely" focused on the same thing its been since he was 8 years old...being a star in the NFL. He has my vote as the sleeper to watch in the 2013-2014 season. Check out some youtube videos of the Chiefs late round draft pick, you may find them very encouraging if you are a Chiefs fan. Interesting the Chiefs got Catapano, as they too may end up being the surprise of the NFL this year.

Mike Catapano Princeton Football - 2012 Ivy League Defensive Player of the Year, All-American. (via MrTigerfan10)

Mike Catapano Princeton Pro Day 3-20-13 (via MrTigerfan10)

2012 Bushnell Cup - Mike Catapano Feature (via ivyleaguesports)

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