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What will Chip Kelly do to the Philadelphia Eagles? Recent reports suggest a run heavy Quick tempo ala the Oregon Ducks. Can Ducks really become Eagles?

Lesean McCoy is the key to a transformation of Chip's Offense to the NFL in Philadelphia. He will be the Jamaal Charles of the Eagles attack. 1400 yards on 300 offensive touches. Micheal Vick and Bryce Brown are expected to add another 1150 yards on 130 offensive touches. Profootballfocus only expects 13 games from Vick this season.

Nick Foles is not Micheal Vick and might not be suited to the Eagles hurry up and run attack. Will Chip have to adjust the entire offensive system to allow his backup QB an opportunity to succeed?

The Philadelphia Eagles scored 280 points in 2012 and allowed 444 points. Can Chip hurry up the offense to score more while also preventing the opponent from scoring on his defense? Is the plan to run to control the clock and keep the defense of the field? The Chiefs once got far with that. Right to the crash site and a no punt NFL game in the playoffs.

This offensive shootout became the first game without a punt in NFL playoff history. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning threw for 304 yards and three touchdowns, while Edgerrin James ran for a career postseason high 125 yards and two scores. On the Kansas City side, Dante Hall caught a touchdown and returned a kickoff for another; and Priest Holmes, who set the regular-season rushing touchdown record, rushed for 176 yards, caught 5 passes for 32 yards, and scored twice. Kansas City quarterback Trent Green threw for 212 yards and a touchdown while also rushing for 18 yards in his first career postseason game. The Chiefs defense failed to stop the colts offense. Kansas City's defensive coordinator Greg Robinson was asked to resign the following week. - wiki

Dick Vermeil could not pull it off. He had decades of NFL experience.

Here's Billy Davis

The Eagles have finally found their defensive coordinator: Cleveland Browns linebackers coach Billy Davis.

Davis has four years of coordinator experience in the NFL and 20 years of pro coaching experience. Prior to joining Cleveland’s staff in 2011, Davis served as the Cardinals’ defensive coordinator in 2009 and 2010. He was Arizona’s linebackers coach the previous two seasons and was the 49ers’ defensive coordinator in 2005 and 2006.

Here’s Davis’ full resume

Cleveland Browns (Linebackers coach, 2011)
Arizona Cardinals (Defensive coordinator, 2009-2010)
Arizona Cardinals (Linebackers coach, 2007-2008)
San Francisco 49ers (Defensive coordinator, 2005-2006)
New York Giants (Linebackers coach, 2004)
Atlanta Falcons (Linebackers coach, 2001-2003)
Green Bay Packers (Defensive assistant/defensive line coach, 2000)
Cleveland Browns (Defensive quality control coach, 1999)
Carolina Panthers (Outside linebackers coach, 1995-1998)
Pittsburgh Steelers (Defensive quality control coach, 1992-1994) -


Did I mention the Eagles are transitioning from their 4-3 Defense to a 3-4 hybrid in 2013.

"I have been so many places, you tend to forget what you did when and when things happened," Davis said "It all blends together."

Indeed. In 17 NFL seasons, Davis has worked for eight clubs and has run or been a part of just about every kind of defensive scheme there is. He has been around long enough to have seen the 3-4 defense go out of style and subsequently come back as, what Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians calls it, "the vogue defense right now," including his own team's superior unit.

But do the Cardinals run a 3-4 also? The answer might surprise you.

"Everybody puts us in that 3-4 category, but what we are is an 'under front, a 4-3 'under' defense, "Davis explains. "The 'under' is almost a 3-4. As 3-4 [defenses] go, it's not really what we do here."

An 'under' defense slants towards the tight end. Likewise, an 'over' front shifts away from the tight end. As he explains the workings of the Cardinal's defense, Davis starts talking, then does as any good coach or teacher would: He grabs a pen and paper. "Well,here, let me show you want i mean ..."

Pretty soon, he's scratching out the defensive scheme on a paper, the same one the Cardinals will use to try to stop the Steelers on Sunday. He also, for comparison, sketches out the traditional 3-4 defense and the 4-3 'even' front, both of what he has taught and coached in the NFL.

"When you're talking about the 3-4 team, you have the three D-lineman," Davis said. "Then you have [two] outside 'backers; then [the inside linebackers] bubble on the guards." -


Seems like our Defensive Coordinator Bill Sutton. Oh Wait, this was the dude that worked under former Chiefs Defensive coordinator Pendergast for Todd Haley in 2009. We know how messy that is defensively :(

We got the Eagles former Head coach and have already gone through the Pendergast era in KC (Twice).

Chip Kelly and the Ducks were fun to watch. I imagine Chip and the Eagles will too.

Geaux Chiefs

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