Just an old mans thoughts on the upcoming season

Well let me say this,i think Sam Mellinger is a good writer but he is dead wrong about this year so i thought i'd take a shot. First lets start by saying that i really appreciate all that the front office has accomplished so far. Also i'd like to thank the Chiefs players for being grown ups and staying out of the headlines.

For most of us Chiefs fans we must stay cautiously optimistic due to the past experiences at One Arrowhead Drive. But i'd like to remind you all that we have never had a coaching staff of this caliber since Marty and the Boys. This alone gives me a sense of well being for our Chiefs going into the season. Well anyway here it goes so jump on or be left behind my fellow Chiefs fans.


Chiefs at Jaguars

Let me start by saying this game won't tell us a lot about who our team will be this year. I believe the staff will keep it fairly simple offensively and defensively to just to get us on the right track. Andy starts the JC show with simple screens and runs more than normal. Dex shows some magic and Alex and the Bowe Show get together for a touchdown. The big thing here is our defense,they start slow but in the second half will totally shut down the Jags and pic Gabbert twice.



Cowboys at Chiefs(HOME OPENER)

This is the game where we get a glimpse of who Alex really is and what he will mean to this team. The Cowboys are learning Monte Kiffins tampa 2 defense and Alex destroys the Boys at our house. Baldwin and Bowe have a TD each and Jammal goes over 100 for 2nd straight game. The defense struggles late as Romo attempts a comeback and throws 2 TD's late. Arrowhead crowd shows the NFL who has the loudest stadium and does it with passion.



Chiefs at Eagles(Andy back at the LINC)

This game is hard fought from start to finish and will be a defining factor for both teams for this season. Chip and his boys take an early lead and look like this will be a run away game. The Chiefs fight back and have defensively THE BEST GAME IN YEARS WITH 2 TURNOVER TD'S one by TJax after a strip sack and the second on a safety blitz where Berry crushes Vick and picks it up and runs it in. The deciding factor is a blocked field goal attempt as time runs out on the Eagles.



Giants at Chiefs

This game is one of the best of the year for both defenses as the running games can't get going and the pass defense is stiff on both sides. The Chiefs fight hard here and do themselves proud but in the end Eli pulls a rabbit out of his hat and gets a critical first down to put them in field goal range and they hit it at the end. This one is hard to swallow but for the 4th time the Chiefs play well and have no need to hang heads.



Chiefs at Titans

This game has all the makings of a snoozer when you look at the schedule,but something happens on this sunny day in Nashville. We are all witness to JC vs CJ in the i'm faster than you show. Both backs break 150 and both have long TD runs as the offenses go back and forth. Both defenses are stoic this day and the offenses are shining. Baldwin has another TD along with Avery getting his first one as a Chief. The game changes on a punt return for a touchdown by Wylie.



Raiders at Chiefs

WE SPANKED THEY'RE ASSES AND SENT THEM HOME WITH NOTHING(AND I WIN BET WITH BROTHER IN LAW) The Chiefs score a shutout here,3 int's and a huge JC day over 200 yards.



Texans at Chiefs

Big home game here and it does not disappoint at all. Alex has his best game yet and the offense really catches fire. Bowe has a big day with 185 receiving and 2 TD's,Alex goes 350 3 TD's and no pics. The big play of the day is JC at wideout and blows by the defense for a wide open TD. The defense is coming together and playing more like the attacking unit we heard about in the early times of OTA's and camp. again forced turnovers and the pass rush gets better each week. If the Chiefs play like this the rest of the way watch out 5 head!!!!



Browns at Chiefs

Well i believe we all knew this could happen, the let down game. The whole team seems to have forgotten that they were good. Looking very flat and ineffective against a better than perceived Browns squad that holds JC under 100 for the first time this season. Alex has his first BAD game and is picked twice in Browns territory. Andy will not be happy with this performance and neither will the fans.



Chiefs at Bills

The new Bills have a long way to go and the Chiefs recover nicely from last weeks joke of a game. alex recovers and performs quite nicely with another 300 yard game and 2 TD's. Knile Davis gets in on the action as Andy knows he needs JC down the stretch and with a bye next he can rest him nicely. Dex has a big game and though he has been steady has had real big shining moments until today. With a punt return for a TD already in his pocket he takes a pass from Alex and goes 75 yds for another score. The defense is very stiff and stuffs Spiller and gets 4 sacks on the day as Buffalo tries to get back in the game.


OK so we are at the bye week and sitting at 7 up and 2 down with both losses out of division and unfortunately both were at home. Overall the Chiefs have played pretty well and have had some luck on they're side. As we head into the final 7 we have 3 at home and 4 on the road. Lets hope the bye week adjustments take hold and we finish the year strong and getting stronger. For the most part health is not a concern and the defense is really starting to gel nicely. The offense so far has been good but still has room for improvement. Special teams has been good but not as strong as expected with Toub here.To this point the Chiefs have not shown much Pistol but we all know its there. The Chiefs are doing very well as far as penalties go as they are the least penalized team in the NFL to this point.


Chiefs at Broncos

As we all know Andy does not generally lose after a bye. But we are in the Broncos house and they are the best in the division right? Well the game is low scoring and in the end it's anyone's game as it should be. Old 5 head has had a rough go of it with Justin and Tamba in his face ALL DAY. The Broncos get the ball with 1:56 left and all tied at 17 and 5head goes to work and the crowd is really hurting him as they are loud. With a 3rd and short they play action and Poe screams up the middle and bats the ball from 5head and runs for a touchdown. OK what really happens is 5head drives em down and they kick a field goal to win with no time left. Great game overall.



Chargers at Chiefs

Phillys in the house and our defense plays lights out all day. Alex has a steady mistake free game and the offense is very workman like in the way they handle the Bolts defense. Jammal has a fine day even though they are stingy with giving up run yards but Alex throws enough to keep em honest. Phillys throws 3 picks and one for a pick 6 along with a fumble from Ryan that puts the game out of reach. The Chiefs are upset at losing to 5 head and take it out on Phillys and the Bolts here.



Broncos at Chiefs

Now 13 is my number so i'm going to take some liberties here OK? First and foremost the Broncos only rush for 13 yards. 5 head is sacked 4 times and hurried 9 times and has a long long day at Arrowhead. JC rushes 13 times for 128 yards,Bowe has 13 catches for 161 yds and Alex has a 4 TD game. This game is all payback as the Chiefs roll over the Broncos big and people start to believe! By the way Alex has 2 passes for TD's of 13 yards,JC rushing TD 13 yds and we get a 13 yd field goal as time runs out on the half.



Chiefs at Redskins

The Redskins find the Chiefs to be overly aggressive and run through over and around the KC defense for over 200 yards. We all know what that will do for RG3 as he passes with ease and they trounce the Chiefs at home. Alex gets em on the board late with his legs but it's to little to late.



Chiefs at Raiders

The Chiefs play a very good game here and sweep theFaiders for the first time in forever. JC has ahuge day with over 200 yards and the defense stops them cold



Colts at Chiefs

This game is a shootout between Alex and Luck and it is a great one to watch. Neither defense does a lot of stopping anything as this game is all offense.Alex and JC again have big days and Knile Davis scores his first 2 NFL touchdowns one on a kickoff return and one rushing giving Jammal a breather. Alex has his best game yet and throws for 400+ and 2 TD's and rushes for another. Baldwin again scores and Bowe has to many catches to count. If i didn't know better i would have thought this game was Brady and Brees going at it.



Chiefs at Chargers

This game is for the division as the Chiefs have matched the Broncos so far. Unfortunately Phillys gets revenge on us with his best game of the year. The Broncos beat the Faiders and win the division,but we score a wild card.


Well that's my outlook at least now for the season ahead. Thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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