10 Bold Predictions for the remainder of the Kansas City Chiefs offseason

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From the FanPosts. Bold! -Joel

With the Kansas City Chiefs entering the lull of the offseason, I figured it would be nice to make some nice predictions for the rest of the offseason and even preseason.

  1. Tony Moeaki to New England- This one makes the most sense and if I had to pick one to become the most likely, this is it. Tom Brady has no one to throw the ball to right now with Aaron Hernandez more than likely going away for a good long time, no name WRs and Gronk being out for a while. Here in KC, we have Bowe, Charles, Dex, Fasano, Kelce and Baldwin. May not be the best bunch but better than what New England has going for them. Not to mention that if Kelce becomes a great TE and Demetrius Harris works out, there might not be room for Tony on the roster. Why not try and get a 3rd and a 7th for him?

  2. Vonta Leach signs with the Chiefs- As of this writing, it has come out that it is unlikely he signs with the Chiefs. The Chiefs have spent a lot on their FB depth including trading Javier Arenas to AZ. Leach is one of the best FBs in the league and he could really help not only opening holes open for Jamaal Charles but also provide in pass protection. The only flaw with him is that he doesn't play ST.

  3. The Chiefs lose a key starter to IR during preseason- I don't know who but call it intuition that the Chiefs are going to fall victim. The Chiefs and fans know all to well what it is like to lose key starters to IR after they lost Tony Moeaki in the fourth preseason game a couple years back and then lost Eric Berry week 1 against the Bills and Jamaal Charles week 2 against the Lions. If I had to predict who gets the injury, I would say someone on the OL.

  4. No lingering injuries- Last year the Chiefs had a ton of lingering injuries. CB Brandon Flowers came down with a foot issue that lingered into the season, Jalil Brown had a tiny groin issue, LB Derrick Johnson had hamstring issues and FS Kendrick Lewis had a shoulder issue. None of that this year though.

  5. Tyler Bray sees a couple first team snaps in preseason- Coming out of college Tyler Bray was the best QB from a physical standpoint. If it were not for him being a knucklehead, he would have been the first QB off the board. We know how I feel about Bray and I think Andy gives him one or two snaps to see how well he does with an NFL offensive line in front of him. This will help determine whether or not to keep him on the 53 man roster or put him on IR for a year.

  6. Ricky Stanzi gets cut- I think Bray does well enough to kick Stanzi off the team. For Stanzi to remain on the team, Bray has to completely bomb. Andy Reid and John Dorsey have no ties to Stanzi and took a chance on Bray.

  7. Demetrius Harris lands on IR- This is a case of the team liking a player but cannot risk him on the practice squad. Converted basketball player, Harris is looking to follow in the footsteps of other former basketball players to become great NFL tight ends.

  8. Branden Albert gets his contract- As unlikely as it is, I think the Chiefs give Albert his extension and ensure he is on the team for the long haul. They drafted Eric Fisher with the first overall pick but if Albert remains on the team, the Chiefs have two solid tackles. With the way the rookie wage scale works, the Chiefs won't have to shell out major money for Fisher and feel pressured.

  9. Knile Davis is the starting KR- Kniles Davis did not return any kicks in college but has the speed and size for a return man. The kid is a physical freak being 230 pounds and running a 4.3 40-yard dash. Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub is going to find the best man on the roster to return kicks and Knile Davis will be that guy. If I had to predict when that happens, it will be game four of preseason.

  10. The Chiefs sign Devin Hester- This of course means that the Bears release the greatest return man of the last 10 years. Devin Hester will give Toub, who comes from Chicago, his former return man and may reinvigorate the career of Hester. Hester is still the most dangerous return man in the league and may just need a change of location.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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