The Cadre

The 2012 Kansas City Chiefs were a team with no Overall leadership or Offensive leadership. The Chiefs Defense was led initially by Romeo Crennel until Romeo Crennel fired himself as Defensive coordinator.

Head coach Romeo Crennel isn't going to sit by idly as the second half of the season sinks deeper into the shitpile, though. He's making moves. The team released starting corner Stanford Routt, who was cut by the Raiders in February a year into his five-year, $54.5 million contract. Also, the defensive-bred Crennel relieved defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel of his duties. Wait, what?

The problem was not the players, but the Coaches and schemes, outside of the QB position.

A nice Guy over-promoted (The Dilbert Principle)



But what about Stanford Routt? What about Eric Winston? Glenn Dorsey and Javier Arenas. Hillis and the other players now long gone. Routt, Hillis, and Winston are still unsigned for 2013. Why did they seem to fit the Chiefs?

Were the Kansas City Chiefs of 2012 an odd Duck of scheme. Well, Yeah. A two gap bend not break defensive front with a quarter-quarter-half zone cover scheme. Routt was a man corner and like Eric Winston a little bit of a talker:). Eric Winston was a ground pounder ZBS Right tackle. The Chiefs ran well behind Winston and Jon Asamoah. IMO, Winston would still be on the team IF the Chiefs had not had the 1st overall pick in the 2013 draft. Offensive Tackle was going to be the pick once the new Chiefs Management decided their QB of the present was going to be Alex Smith.

The Cadre:

ca•dre (ˈkæd ri, ˈkɑ dreɪ)


1. the key group of officers and enlisted personnel necessary to establish and train a new military unit. 2. any core group qualified to form, train, and lead an expanded organization or work force. 3. a member of a cadre. 4. a framework.

The Chiefs still, surprisingly, have only 4 players 30+ on the roster. Derrick Johnson (30), Dustin Colquitt (31), Dunta Robinson (31) and Terrance Copper (31).

Andy Reid and John Dorsey can build around those guys!

Maybe part of the problem in 2012 was too much Youth and poor Leadership. No one ran the Show once the QB became a non-factor.


  • Andy Reid 14 years as a Head Coach and Play caller for the 2013 Chiefs
  • Bob Sutton 13 years as a NFL Defensive Coach (10 years as LB's coach and 3 season as Defensive Coordinator)

Nobody is doing anything they are not well trained and veterans at doing.

Geaux Chiefs

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