A havoc wreaking DE or a studly  OT

Hello AP! BOOM! MY first FANPOST! Currently in South Korea and I hail from North Dakota! But I don't want any of that to be my focus for this first post that will come later or how I became a chiefs fan(which i did I guess mention below)!

Which I feel almost somewhat robbed my uncle a Packers fan started my brother out with the Steelers since he works with steel and he was living in Kansas City at the time I was born so he started me with the Chiefs! I cried the morning I woke up when the news came from my brother that Derrick Thomas was in a horrible car crash and was paralyzed! WOW terrible news to hear for your favorite football player! I think when you are young you focus on one player and Idolize him so the news was devastating especially and that wears off as you grow up and you start to enjoy a whole team!

But anywho time for what I decided to make my first FanPost about in regards to having the #1 pick in the draft especially in a year like we had. I hope to think of many angles for this and I want to ask after thinking about this what would you rather have? The havoc wreaking DE or an OT who doesn't allow anyone by him. My thoughts on this....I absolutely love Von Miller when someone chooses 58 to wear because he idolized Derrick Thomas...I feel get that guy on your team any way possible! I absolutely loved Jared Allen and still do and still miss him! I love watching Tamba Hali and now also Justin Houstin!

Last year we signed Eric Winston and gosh were we all excited! He was going to cement our line and make it one of the better lines or at least having two solid Tackles! So we signed an OT! I thought when was the last time we have been able to secure the services of a havoc wreaking DE or outside linebacker since that is what Hali and Houston are labeled in our defensive Scheme. I don't know this answer but I have been a Chiefs fan since 1989 and I am having trouble remembering any before 1995 the year I started remembering football things. Wouldnt it of been better to draft Dion Jordan an outside rusher or another guy that could be capable of putting up over 10 sacks within two years?

Here are my reasons why I would rather have a pass rushing DE or OLB: sorry if you dont like the BOLD go BOLD or Go HOME! I bolded that just for you! Can we get something BOLDED rather than recorded? LOL

1) Amazing DE's usually never hit the market when they are young!

2) Offensive Tackles seem very easy to sign in free agency(Winston) even though I would not like to sign one via free agency because I feel OT's are easy to replace via draft much cheaper because good ones are still available late in round 1 and 2.. After the top 15 it seems harder to find dominate Rushers DE/OLB...

3) Seems easier to groom an OT and have him sit and watch for a couple years which allows you to draft him later then a DE who usually seems to shine sooner! And remember I am not talking about DT's(Defensive Tackles)

4) I also think a DE smashing into a quarterback is more AWESOME plus offensive tackles dont do a cool dance when they pancake a defensive person like a DE does when he drops the QB!

5) Who honestly is our 3rd rusher? Not a clue I see Houston and Hali who is #3

6) Can you possibly have too many dominate rushers?

7) see 1-6 and also do you ever hear someone say besides Chargers and Raiders fans(because they dont have an offensive line) hehe! Had to get in a shot at them.."Man I wish we had Matt Kalil instead of Von Miller"

My 8th, 9th and 10th reason is

I will always love the position that Derrick Thomas played! He was and always will be my favorite player! DT #58 always live on! Never replaceable! A link to Derrick Thomas Awesomeness! Prepared to be WOW'ed

Even if Dion Jordan, Barkevious Mingo Jarvis Jones Ezekiel Ansah do not pan out I would have rather taken a shot with one of those 4 than Joeckel, Fisher or Lane Johnson all offensive tackles. I like what the Dolphins did in trading up from I think #12 to #3....

what in the heck did the raiders do in drafting that CB(D.J Hayden) after trading down is my only question with that injury history...I thought with a history like that Round 3 at earliest...remember what round Tyron Mathieu LSU got taken in and he had no injury history!

Share your insights and things you think I may have not covered in this article! Thanks for the read! Can I get some BOLDED instead of Recorded?

And one last thing... my favorite quote that I say to myself..."You are only forgotten once your impacts on the life's of others are non-existent." The author is Me...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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