Happy Fathers Day AP



We all should be like him. Hard working, strong morals, fictional characters. Fathers are never like that. Fathers are just like the sons and daughters we have. Strong willed, opinionated, hard headed youth (only older).

Watching "16 blocks" and the idea that all of us are better than our worst day.

[Jack gets out of the car and walks into a liquor store]

Eddie Bunker: Yo, it ain't Miller time, man!

Yep, Some of us fell in a bottle. Why is a mystery wrapped in a riddle amid a conundrum.

Jack Mosley: Never met your sister?

Eddie Bunker: No.

Jack Mosley: Wow.

Eddie Bunker: So I'm going out to Seattle to meet her. I'm looking forward...

Jack Mosley: Maybe she turns out to look like Angelina Jolie.

Eddie Bunker: Shit, if she do, I hope she ain't my sister.

Yep, and some of us chased skirts. Another thing that messed up many of our lives.

"Is today really your birthday?" I asked.

Eddie laughed and shook his head, "No. I just said that because the little girl, she was all scared" he replied, "She was cute"

"When is your birthday?" I asked. Trying to keep him awake and in conversation. And also because I was actually curious.

"I don't know" Eddie replied. My eyes widened in surprise.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" I asked with a smile.

"No, for real. I don't know. I came up in foster care. Had a lot of birthdays" There was a sad tone in his voice.

Yep, and some of us never stuck around to see what we created.

Being a Father is very easy. It requires little effort at all.

Being something more? All would say takes a lifetime. Happy Fathers Day AP. Love thy Father (even if you can't stand his guts). Love your children with patience and the realization they are your little clones. The rewards are immense if you take the time to raise the seeds you have sewn.

People can Change

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