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The Pistol Offense

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — Despite all those gaudy statistics and impressive physical skills, Colin Kaepernick faced plenty of questions coming out of Nevada about whether he was the product of a gimmicky college offense that would have no chance of working in the pros.

On the big stage of the NFL playoffs, Kaepernick is demonstrating just what he and that pistol offense are capable of against the toughest competition.

With scintillating runs in the option game and downfield passes with his powerful right arm, Kaepernick has the San Francisco 49ers back in the NFC championship game for a second straight year and has given more credibility to the offense designed by his college coach less than a decade ago. - Huffington Post

Seems maybe, Alex Smith was never going to be the Guy in San Francisco once Jim Harbaugh became the Head Coach.

"I think quarterbacks that have a talent for running the ball can be very effective," 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said. "That's been long known in football, the National Football League as well. A quarterback that can get out of the pocket, run, pick up first downs, that's a threat that the defense has to account for. There are some quarterback-driven runs that have been added because our quarterbacks are very good at those, and Colin especially."

The West Coast Offense

Smith isn't yet 30, and a marriage with new Chiefs coach Andy Reid's offense seems — on the surface, at least — like it has the potential for sustained success. Reid is a stalwart of the old West Coast offense, the one developed by Bill Walsh and then carried throughout the NFL by protégés like Mike Holmgren, Mike Shanahan, and, of course, Reid, who spent the last 14 seasons as head coach of the Eagles. Smith seems like the model West Coast offense quarterback — smart, accurate on underneath throws, with good feet and quickness. The scouting report on Smith sounds a lot like one for another great West Coast offense quarterback — Joe Montana. - Grantland

So maybe not the greatest fit in San Francisco, Alex Smith could be the right fit in Kansas City. Jim Harbaugh wants the long ball in the arsenal along with the running ability for the Pistol Option Offense. Jim and Alex Smith made it work well enough to compete in back to back NFC Championship games together.

But there are lingering questions about both Smith and Reid. I'll let others address whether the Chiefs overpaid for Smith, but I'm still not so sure that the fit is as good as it would seem. As is West Coast offense tradition, when Reid's offense was at its best, it was as much about throwing vertically — with deep passes to Terrell Owens or DeSean Jackson breaking open a game — as it was about short passes underneath. Smith has never been known for his ability to throw the ball down the field. And of course, one of the biggest knocks on Reid in Philadelphia was that he would never stick with the run; much of Smith's success in San Francisco came when supported by Harbaugh's deep commitment to a power running game.

The Kansas City Chiefs 2013 NFL draft would seem to suggest the Chiefs will indeed attempt the power running game to help Alex Smith. 1st overall Right Tackle Eric Fisher, 3rd round picks TE Travis Kelce and RB Knile Davis, Fullback and Center in the later rounds. Free Agency brought in Offensive Linemen and Fullbacks and more Tight-ends. Wide Receiver was not seriously addressed at all.

Lets compare the Offenses of the Chiefs and 49ers:

2012 profootballfocus accumulated score:

Position Chiefs Rate 49ers Rate
QB Alex Smith 7.0 Colin Kaepernick 21.1
QB Chase Daniel 0.4 - -
RB Jamaal Charles 8.4 Frank Gore 18.2
RB Knile Davis - Brandon Jacobs -0.2
RB Cyrus Gray -3.4 Kendall Hunter 6.4
FB Anthony Sherman -1.1 Bruce Miller 13.3
WR Dwayne Bowe 8.5 Michael Crabtree 27.5
WR Donnie Avery -10.4 Mario Manningham 8.1
WR Jon Baldwin -2.4 Kyle Williams -1.1
WR Dexter McCluster -4.1 Ted Ginn 0.3
TE Anthony Fasano 4.2 Vernon Davis 21.6
TE Travis Kelce - Delanie Walker 5.7
TE Tony Moeaki -4.0 Garrett Celek -0.3
Left Tackle Branden Albert 13.8 Joe Staley 46.8
Left Guard Geoff Schwartz 5.8 Mike Iupati 19.0
Center Rodney Hudson 4.6 Jonathan Goodwin 13.2
Right Guard Jon Asamoah 15.0 Alex Boone 28.1
Right Tackle Eric Fisher - Anthony Davis 29.8
Swing Tackle Donald Stephenson -6.6 Leonard Davis -4.8
Swing Interior Eric Kush - Daniel Kilgore 4.8

I did not go all in examining the changes the 49ers were making for the 2013 season. But they have some serious guys manning that offensive line. The Chiefs are maybe done rebuilding the Offensive line to suit Andy Reid and Alex Smith?

Geaux Chiefs

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