Kansas City Chiefs' Bob Sutton defines the KC defense


What will the KC Chiefs defense look like next season? New defensive coordinator Bob Sutton explains.

The Kansas City Chiefs defense should be exciting to watch this season. I just don't know if it will be excitingly bad or excitingly good. Bob Sutton, the Chiefs new defensive coordinator, is expected to bring a defensive attack that will be significantly more aggressive than Romeo Crennel's bend-but-don't-break strategy. We know very little about this defense given the Chiefs have only played in it in shorts. Sutton, however, spoke briefly to the media about what his defense is and how he would define it.

"It's based out of 3-4. That's the personnel that we select off. We're more multiple than just 3-4 without much imagination. We try to do a lot of different things that encompass the same kind of techniques and adjustments, particularly for the up-front guys. It goes on as we get into the sub and the third down we have some more multiple things, pressures, etc. that we try to do. I would guess you'd say it's multiple in nature, but it's based out of a 3-4 personnel."

Defensive end Mike DeVito has played in this defense while under Sutton in New York and explained it a while back on 810.

"It's really different than anything I'd seen in any kind of traditional defense," DeVito told Soren Petro on The Program. "It's a hybrid 3-4 / 4-3. A lot of different fronts up front, a lot of different movements and things going on and shifts and things like that based on what the offense is doing. A lot of simulated pressure."

More from DeVito: "The one thing we did in New York was you never knew where stuff was coming from. We would line up three guys to one side then blitz the other side. It's a tricky defense but it's a defense that's easy to play for the players, easy to learn and something that presents a lot of problems for opposing offenses."

Lots of movement + lots of blitzing = lots of wins? I hope but we shall see.

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