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“I have looked at the roster and there are some good football players on this football team,” Reid said. “The quarterback position, I’m going to dig in and look at that and we’ll build that thing. We’ll see how that whole thing builds out. I need to spend some time working at it, though. I’ve got to find that next Len Dawson, doggone it. It might be right here, it might not.” - Andy Reid

ProFootballfocus is out with their Fantasy projections for players in the 2013 season. Link

I pulled these projections a few weeks ago and wanted to see how they matched up to the expectations of AP readers. I notice that there have been some revisions since I pulled the stats originally. Not to the good it appears.

The Playmakers:

Player Pos Rush Attempts Rush Yards Rush TD's Pass Receptions Receiving Yards Receiving TD's
Jamaal Charles RB 249 1381 8 52 375 1
Shaun Draughn RB 43 176 1 8 66 0
Knile Davis RB 59 223 1 4 31 0
Anthony Sherman FB 9 28 0 4 34 0
Dwayne Bowe WR 0 0 0 77 1113 7
Dexter McCluster WR 8 42 0 60 613 3
Jonathan Baldwin WR 0 0 0 38 612 4
Donnie Avery WR 0 0 0 27 396 2
Travis Kelce TE 0 0 0 37 465 3
Anthony Fasano TE 0 0 0 28 326 2
Tony Moeaki TE 0 0 0 14 186 1
Total - 408 2018 11 349 4217 23

Numbers include the QB stats below.

6,235 Total yards of Offense would have placed the Chiefs at #5 overall in 2012.

1 New England 6846 427.9 4662 291.4 2184 136.5 557 34.8
2 New Orleans 6574 410.9 4997 312.3 1577 98.6 461 28.8
3 Detroit 6540 408.8 4927 307.9 1613 100.8 372 23.3
4 Denver 6366 397.9 4534 283.4 1832 114.5 481 30.1
5 Washington 6131 383.2 3422 213.9 2709 169.3 436 27.3

Do you notice all of those teams scored 23+ points per game?

The Kicking Game:

Player 0-29 yards 30-39 yards 40-49 yards 50+ yards Extra Points
Ryan Succop 7/7 9/11 9/12 2/3 35/35

A combined 27 of 30 on Field Goals attempted for 81 points plus 35 extra points is 116 total points. The Chart above shows the Chiefs Play-makers scoring 34 combined Touchdowns. I assume the writer thought the Chiefs would score a single Touchdown from our Defense or Special Teams in 2013. Regardless, 326 total points on the season would average out to 20.375 points per game.

The Distributor:

Player Attempts Completions Yards TD's Rushes Yards TD's
Alex Smith 560 347 4174 23 40 168


The Defense and Special Teams:

2012 was Epically bad. The Chiefs created few turnovers and not a single Interception was returned for a TD. We did return one Fumble for a score, but that is far below our average. 2008-2010 the Chiefs scored 3 times defensively per season and our Givaway/Takeaway was +5, 1, and 9 in those years. In 2011, the Chiefs generated two interceptions for TD's and a G/T of -2. In 2012 a whopping -24 in Giveaway/Takeaway.

Can the Chiefs revert or surpass the norm on Scoring from the Defense? 21 points would be huge in the plus column. Dave Toubs' Bears Special teams averaged 2.67 TD's per year from 2009-2011. The Bears last year did not score on a Kickoff or Punt return. 21 points would be huge from the Special teams. Neither did Kansas City.

Geaux Chiefs

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