Hall Of Fame and the 2013 Chiefs Part 1

The Hall of Fame. It is every players dream to eventually have his bust in Canton, Ohio. It doesn't matter where you were drafted, if you tell people by your play that you are the best of the best at your position, you will make it. There are also some snubs that should have been in (looking at OG Will Shields) but are not yet.

What does this have to do with the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs? Well there are some players on this team that will get it in. There will be some players who are good enough but are not likely going to get it the first few times they are eligible. Then there will be some that could get it but likely will not.

That is what I am going to rank them on. First set will be those that are a guarantee to get in. Then those that will have to wait 5 or six years before they are honored. Lastly those that should get in but are likely to only get in on the veteran vote.

Note: This will be going by their play up until the 2013-2014 season and must have played at least two years. No potential so rookies and second year players are not eligible (sorry Poe fans).

This first part is going to be those who I feel are a guarantee to get in within their first five years of eligibility.


* Jamaal Charles- In his first five seasons, Jamaal has redefined what the Running Back position is. The days of the big brute, cement hands backs are gone. In todays pass happy NFL, you not only need to be a good runner but also a good receiver as well. Jamaal has shown both. Averaging a career YPC just under 6, Jamaal Charles is one of the best backs in the NFL today. In his 2010 campaign he was one carry from breaking Hall of Fame RB Jim Brown's single season YPC record. Not many running backs can say they have done that. Before he tore his ACL against the Lions, Jamaal Charles looked to continue where he left off the season before. When he came back last year, there was a sense of uncertainty on whether or not he would return to his 2010 form. He didn't return to his 2010 form, he was better. The ACL tear made him not only stronger, but faster as well. Despite defenses having to game plan for him, he still put up 1500 yards. Had Adrian Peterson not gotten a tune up and Peyton Manning returned to being Peyton Manning, he would have been a prime candidate for Comeback Player of the Year.

Future Outlook: It appears as though Jamaal Charles will continue to be one of the best RB's in this new era of the NFL. Having Andy Reid as a Coach can only help because he can keep his legs fresh by catching more. Look for him to get about 1300 yards on 5.8 YPC and about 600 yards receiving. I know that seems like a lot but Charles is a good enough player to do it. If he plays his cards right, he could play for 5 more years and then count down the days until he is Canton.

* Dwayne Bowe- Since Dwayne Bowe came into the NFL, he has had to deal with some of the worst QB play you can ever imagine. Damon Huard, Tyler Thigpen, Brodie Croyle, Matt Cassel, Tyler Palko and Brady Quinn are all QB's that have thrown to Bowe since he entered the league back in 2007. I dare you to pick a WR that has had worse QB's throwing to him. Good luck. Also he has had next to no one across from him to take some pressure off. Yes he has the tendency to drop the ball in key situations (no pun intended) but really it hasn't been all that bad. The only drops we remember are the ones that cost the team a game (2010 Colts game). Sure he is no Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson but I truly believe that he is a top 5 guy if he can get a QB. Outside of his 2009 and 2012 seasons, he has put up at least 1000 yards every season. Those two seasons were because of a 4 game suspension (2009) and injury (2012). He is super consistent.

Future Outlook: Andy Reid may be the best thing to happen to Bowe since his four game suspension. Look for Bowe to have some of his best years with Andy Reid as HC. While he may never touch his 2010 TD season any time soon, he may just have his best year in terms of yards. Alex Smith is a very capable QB and Bowe excels in those short slant route catches. He may never be a true down field threat but he is one of the best WR's at Yard after the Catch. I am seeing 1300 yards and 10 TD's next season. High octane offense and Avery to take the heat off of Bowe will work in his favor.

* Eric Berry- This was an interesting pick. Only having 2 full seasons under his belt may seem a little premature but he showed that he is one of the best Safeties in the game today. He came off slow last year after having the ACL tear but towards the end, he was on fire. Probably the best first round pick by former GM Scott Pioli, Berry became the first Chiefs rookie since Derrick Thomas to go to a Pro Bowl his rookie year. He was greatly misplayed last year having to act as a LB rather than a roaming Safety that he does best. The former Volunteer is one of the first to evolve the Safety position. Teams are going away from the FS and SS designations and looking for a Safety that can do both. Eric Berry is that kind of player. The casual fan and even some Chiefs fans don't realize how good of a player he is but his peers do. He was voted into the Pro Bowl last year by the players and front office guys alone.

Future Outlook: If his two active seasons are anything to go by, the league will know the name Eric Berry soon enough. His DB Coach is Hall of Fame Defensive Back Emmitt Thomas and is one of the few carry overs from the last regime. Eric Berry has many more Pro Bowls to come. This season I think he will have 6 INT's and one returned for a TD.

* Justin Houston- The last of this group, Justin Houston has made it known why he should have never dropped to the third round because of weed. His rookie year, he had 5.5 sacks in the final 5 games of the season. While that may not seem like a whole lot, he was backing up Andy Studebaker most of the season. This was not because he is not good enough but because he had to learn how to be a complete OLB. We all knew he could rush the QB but Romeo Crennel wanted to make sure that he is could defend the run as well. It paid off in spades. Leading the team in sacks last year despite most teams having a lead against the Chiefs. Pass rushers are a must in todays NFL and Houston is beginning to show why he is one of the best. Having Tamba Hali across from him can only help the former Bulldog along with the offense being able to score. The more pass attempts the opposing team makes, the more chances Justin has at getting his sacks and maybe an interception or two.

Future Outlook: Things are looking bright for Justin Houston. Don't let the fact he was an alternate last year fool you, he and fellow Chief Tamba Hali should have switched places. I doubt that happens again. He is one of the future stars in this league. If getting the number of sacks he did last year despite most teams running on the Chiefs is any indication, his numbers are going to go up. His numbers will not be Jared Allen or Demarcus Ware big because he will be used to defend the run or drop back into coverage more than those two. I see 12 sacks and 2 INT for him next season and see his career average be about the same. Things can change in the next 8 or 9 years but I don't see it.

In Part 2, it will be those who may have to wait a while and those who may never get in. I was going to make this one post but this is already long enough.

Feel free to let me know what you think.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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