We Might have the Best Offensive Line in the League

Lets think about this for a second if the rumors are true, which I don't know if a deal couldn't get done with Albert or not, because of the situation that was created from all the trade talk and the Chiefs admitting that they were actively seeking a trade for him. But if we were able to sign him to a long term deal maybe 4 years or something we might have the best offensive line in the league lets see why.

1. The O-Line would look like this:

LT- Albert/ Stephenson

LG- Allen/ Schwartz

C- Hudson/ Kush

RG- Asamoah/ Schwartz

RT- Fisher/ Stephenson

2. Last year Andrew Luck signed a 4 year $22 Million dollar contract with like $15 million guaranteed at an average of $5.5 million per season that is almost the same contract that was signed by Eric Winston last offseason his contract 4 years $22 Million with $5.5 million per season. This should be the same sort of contract that Eric Fisher gets which would be a right tackle contract and if he dominates on that side and Albert can continue to do what he does on the left side we could have very good bookend tackles for the next 4 years and maybe beyond that.

3. Asamoah is going to be a free agent next offseason but with his play I think they can lock him up midseason especially because he plays right guard and the contract will be that bad and something we will be able to absorb if we give Albert a new contract.

4. Allen is going to have to get better against the point of attack he played well last year after being thrown right into the starting line up and I think he will only get better. Both Asamoah and Allen came from Illinois and I think Allen will blossom just like Asamoah has and we could be looking at the best Offensive line in the league with Charles running wild.

5. They must all stay healthy Hudson had some problems last year and hopefully he is fully recovered and ready to get back in action he was the best center in the draft the year that we drafted him it is his time to show why we drafted him that high and I think he will step up to the plate. I think that Albert tried to down play his back injury I don't think it is serious but I think it may have been a little more than back spasms.

6. Andy Reid like to throw the ball and when you can lock up one of the best pass protectors in the league and draft one who could become one of the best pass protectors in the league in this offense that would be huge for this offense.

7. Totally off of the o-line but this offense is going to strive in this offense this season let me break down what kind of year our passing game could potentially have this season.

We play 10 of our games against opponents that ranked in the bottom half of the league (16th or lower) against the pass that is going to bode very well for Alex Smith and this offense, on top of that we face only 5 teams that ranked 11th or better in sacks. The other teams we face in terms of sacks all rank in the lower half of the league all below 19th we could see our offensive line dominate defensive lines they face this season as Smith, Charles, and Bowe could have career seasons because of this.

By the way the reason that I have only Stephenson, Schwartz, and Kush as the back ups because on a normal Sunday teams only dress 7 offensive linemen and this will be our 7 that we dress most often I think maybe with the exception of Kush if Hudson proves to be healthy and we need another tackle or guard.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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