Chiefs news roundup: Branden Albert rumors, Javier Arenas traded, 13 UDFAs sign

Kevin C. Cox

The Kansas City Chiefs had a busy Wednesday. Catch up on all the Chiefs news that came down on Wednesday, including news on Branden Albert, Javier Arenas and undrafted free agent signings.

As some of you may know, Chris is in Kansas City visiting me and my parents. We decided to go out to lunch, which isn't something I usually do. (I prefer my life without any human contact.) Whenever I leave the house during the day, I just hope that there's no Chiefs news that breaks. So we leave and whaddya know, within minutes the Chiefs sign 13 undrafted free agents and trade Javier Arenas to the Cardinals. Then, when we're sitting down to eat with my folks last night, the Branden Albert stuff came up.

Chiefs news does NOT appreciate my social life. But whatever. Let's do our best to recap the KC Chiefs news that came down yesterday.

Chiefs sign 13 undrafted free agents

Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee
Darin Drakeford, LB, Maryland
Otha Foster, DB, West Ala.
Frankie Hammond, Jr., WR, Florida
Demetrius Harris, TE, UW-Milwaukee
A.J. Hawkins, OL, Ole Miss
Colin Kelly, OL, Oregon St.
Rob Lohr, DE, Vanderbilt
Brad Madison, DL, Missouri
Josh Martin, DE/LB, Columbia
Brad McDougald, S, Kansas
Rico Richardson, WR, Jackson St.
Ridge Wilson, LB/DE, West Ala.

Our undrafted free agent tracker has a lot more names than that but the reason, as it is every year, is that some guys say they're joining the Chiefs when really they just received an invite to the Chiefs rookie minicamp next year. Quarterback Dayne Crist, for example, is a minicamp invite and not a UDFA signee. So if you're wondering why this list is smaller than our list of reported signings, that's why.

Javier Arenas traded to the Cardinals

We've covered this from all angles. Check it out:

Initial report: Chiefs trade for Anthony Sherman
Second report: The trade includes Javier Arenas
'The Tony G. pick!' Reactions to the trade
Javier Arenas trade approval poll
Chiefs fans don't agree with Arenas trade
Anthony Sherman from the AZ perspective
Javier Arenas from the KC perspective

Branden Albert trade talks 'dead'; long-term deal possible?

A report from NFL Network stated that trade talks between the Dolphins and Chiefs are 'dead'. The report also stated the Chiefs would be working on a long-term deal with Albert. My reaction to the news:

I would LOVE if the Chiefs could come to an agreement with Albert. That would give the Chiefs bookend tackles (sorta like how they had with Albert and Winston but that's another story) for a number of years. My initial reaction upon hearing this report doesn't give me any confidence that they will do a deal. I do think it's possible Albert plays in Kansas City in 2013 given he's under the franchise tag. But right now I would not bet money on him being here beyond that.

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