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Heh. Doing some old-fashioned HTML coding. Try to remind you why us old farts were so excited about it. Long article, but you can click on the separate sections and use the back button to return to the top, for easy reference, when you dissect every word.

The younger generation seems to like to use 10 tags to do the same thing we used to do with just one. But they're farther away from the code than us old-timey HTML typers. I just wish I had the formatting capabilities, so my images would be formatted the way I'm trying to. But I'm using old-school and the new-school wants all this fancy CSS stuff that just gets in the way, if you already knew what you were doing before folks mucked up the basic idea.

I went back and tried to lift the old code from my old postings, but the code had been stripped-down, and now I can no longer tuck pictures to one side and text wrap. Sucks. Oh well.

I'm gonna go ahead and publish this, and we can argue about it as I get through the next couple drafts. Or not. If the pictures were formatting the way I wanted, I'd've put more of them in here. Still might, if this post has legs. Excuse me, I meant 'would of wanted.' Sorry about that.

Ownership: I think Clark is well-intentioned and just wants the right kinds of things. It's just a matter of finding the right people to run the show. I think he wants to be a facilitator, but he doesn't want to run the day-to-day.

I think he liked Pioli's take-charge attitude and business school principles and strong will, after years of what seemed to me to be a jobs program for Carl's cronies, who became fixtures in the life of Lamar, in his final years. I see Clark sticking with Carl as long as he did, out of respect for his old man, and I respect that

Management: MUCH more collaborative. Interesting to see the recent hirings of the heads of pro and college scouting. Didn't promote from within. More football guys than business-school types? I don't see ANYbody engaging in pissing contests. I like the cut of the players they brought in - vets AND rooks. They seem to share MY eye for talent.

They secured a (somewhat rich) long-term deal with DBowe and whattayaknow, Branden Albert showed up at VOLUNTARY OTAs. I haven't heard ONE antagonistic thing, from ANY of the parties involved, no matter how hard the hypesters try to manufacture drama. I like the Dorsey hiring. A LOT.

Coaching: Another offensive guru, with a long and storied career as HC with a lot of say on personnel. I'm always skeptical of the offensive guru types. I always fear they have that Mike Martz obsession with the skill players, and will mishandle the trenches, blame their skill players, and go after more toys skill players, instead of minding the trucks.

Seemed like Andy gave due attention to the trenches. But his lines seemed to underperform, for whatever reason, making him LOOK like another o-guru obsessed with finesse to the detriment of the team build. Failure of scouting? Overdrafting for need, so that the pick position didn't correlate with the on-the-field? Seemed that way.

I thought the assembly of the Dream Team was a disaster, and that Vick was a waste of time. Get McNabb a better O-Line, and quit fiddling with QB! Was it hubris that made him think he could endow Vick with real pocket awareness, when everybody SAW Vick struggling against the 3-man rush spearheaded by Warren Sapp, back in Vick's ATL days? What good's all that speed, if his brain just can't process the situation as it develops?

Anyhoo. Real head-scratcher material, there. I'm really encouraged by the Eric Fisher pick, and optimistic that it will work out well. My biggest concern with Reid is frittering away limited resources on offensive and defensive toys, and not getting the BEST people up front. That was my semi-Mike Martz opinion of him, after the Dream Team nonsense, and his way of picking up 2nd-round toys on offense.

But he's gone out of his way to get bigger and more physical, which I like. That said, it kinda sucks when your HC is obese. How can you push guys on the field, when you can barely hoist your own fat ass around? Seems to me like the 'old man' of the outfit should take better care of himself.

That said, it DOES seem like Reid IS paying attention to getting a PHYSICAL team. Maybe he sees his history the same way. Maybe he always thought that way, only he wasn't successful with the big men he chose. Looking at the kinds of players they've brought in, it sure seems like he doesn't want to repeat his mistakes.

And the deal with Vick, and the Dream Team, there at the end. Again, that's what you do, when you've failed to build/sustain in the trenches. You go after DBs and get a QB who runs like the wind. So maybe those moves weren't bad, in themselves, but the situation, itself, said there was a failure in the due diligence dept, and I think that's where Dorse comes in.

QB - Clear upgrade at the position. I read Alex Smith has an exceptional command of play call and pre-snap reads. I read endless articles on stats telling us one thing (trending up) or another quantitativel, but only watching him in action tells you his quality. The film tells me he sees the main chance, has quick feet, quick release, and good accuracy and zip on short and intermediate routes. He doesn't have freakish arm strength, like Elway, or Favre, or Flacco. But I will never let people forget that Elway didn't win it all until a biceps injury took the top off his legendary arm strength.

Smith is all-around, in the sense that if the opening presents itself in the course of a passing play, he can pull it down and run effectively. Unlike his somewhat dysfunctional situation in SFO, Smith's coming to a team that is GOOD, but not set in stone, and an offensive-minded coach with definite ideas of how to succeed with him. Smith is the kind of QB Reid's always wanted, but never quite had, since he was cutting his teeth under Holmgren.

I trust Reid to make the right kinds of choices, and I'm optimistic that Dorsey's done a good job making sure the choices actually are right. Not just a measurables pick at PON, but getting PLAYERS. For instance, Fasano and Kelce are the kind of TE I always wanted, and never seemed to get.

Of ALL the things you could say about Geno Smith, you can't dispute the FACT that he will NOT have Eric Fisher as one of his bookends. Landing franchise OT #1 is the one thing you can NOT do for a QB taken #1.

Chase Daniel seems like a solid pickup. I like having a vet backup, and KC didn't have one. And I don't have anything against a QB's height, if he's quick and tough. Looking for film on Daniel, I found only the merest snippet in garbage time. Still, he iced the game with a 10-yard pass for a 1st. I don't think Peyton was looking to get rid of him, but I do think he has a little bit better shot at getting PT behind Alex Smith.

WR - Big question-mark, here. They went out and got Avery, Gilyard, and Shoemaker (in descending order of production, starting with not a whole lot, at the top, with Avery). Injected speed with Avery and Shoemaker, and a relatively thick-bodied (5'11'', 194 lbs) over-the-middle guy, Gilyard. Bowe's in for the long haul. And numerous younger guys, who haven't produced a whole lot.

I think we have a shot at getting some better-than-average speed on the field with Avery and Wylie. My guess is that #1 slot WR is Wylie's job to lose to Gilyard.

Setting 1st-round over-commitment to a player aside, I honestly don't see Baldwin as an every-down line-him-up WR in this league. There. I said it. Hope I'm wrong, but I just feel like he takes too long to get rolling. He could be a deadly threat in motion at the snap, to USE momentum, rather than start from dead stop, but you can't motion him on every play, can you? Reid said this week that he's a big-bodied WR and is learning to play that way. Let's hope it works out, but let's not get all wistful and needy about it.

SFO film tells me what Alex needs in order to function at his highest level is not only speed, but instinctive awareness of the coverage and the blitz. He needs to be able to throw it away from coverage as much as TO his WRs. Other than Crabtree and Davis, the SFO receivers didn't seem strong in this category.

There's at least a decent chance that Reid will be able to do some better than Harbaugh's managed in SFO. But I did NOT get the 1st-round security blanket I wanted @ WR. None of the FAs is considered a dominant wideout. Kind of an open question, for me.

TE - Speaking of feeling the coverage and anticipating where the ball is going to be, you need look no further than Anthony Fasano. I love seeing Fasano and Kelce joining the group. These guys aren't just "Look! He sorta blocked that guy! He's pretty good at blocking (like a dog who comes promptly when you call, whenever the hell he feels like it.)! A real all-around TE!" kinds of players. You know, like Tony Go' or Tony Mo'. Fasano and Kelce impose their will on at least one defender, and usually get a piece of 2 or 3 any time they're asked to block. And they have soft hands.

HB - Already a strong group, if you like that kind of group. Knile Davis - the WTF pick - is the only one with what I consider a classic fast, low-to-the-ground NFL kind of HB body, but he doesn't seem to play that low to the ground. Just as fast as the other guys, but more weight on a shorter frame, like RBs are SUPPOSED to be. You want a HB who's all-around, and that includes the tough inside running to go with the outside speed. Even though Knile has those measurables, he runs like a pure outside runner. He looks like an accident waiting to happen mixing it up in the middle, rather like Jamaal, in that regard.

I put Dex in the HB group. Sure he'll maybe end up in the slot, now and then, but he's more effective out of the backfield and in motion. I love the fact that Reid loves the player. If they get ANYthing decent going to their wideouts, Dex is going to KILL teams with flairs and wheel routes. And I personally think he works very well with Jamaal, because they pressure the D to BOTH edges.

Can't believe I'm talking about Jamaal so late in the convo. But we all know he's a homerun hitter, with an exceptional blend of vision, balance, and speed. I'll believe he's all-around when I see Reid throwing to him more often and in more different ways. MY jury's still out on whether Jamaal's the best all-around threat for the best all-around offense, as I clumsily duck.

Got to love watching Cyrus Gray play. I would love to see him get some more playing time.

I think the Chiefs, overall, have a deep, all-around talented group, but no clear feature back. Davis and Gray have that potential. I'd include Draughn in that category, but I think the rest of the crew have better burst to the hole than he does. And that's more important to 99% of people than it is, to me. And his choppy running style is more violent than the others, which is more like what I want in a HB, truth be known. Ground game is attitude, AFAIC, and I want a bowling ball with razorblades, and that's not how this RB group is built.

FB - Which brings us to FB. I think our FB group is half TE group and vice-versa. But that physicality is definitely there. I don't know how much power running we're going to see, or who's going to get the rock when we power up, but I'm glad we have the power to go with a mostly finesse HB corps.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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