Let's Get Realistic

Okay I want to try to be as realistic as possible for this post, no dream scenarios just cold hard facts and real possibilities (in my opinion of course)

Brandon Albert:

First lets talk about Brandon Albert it seems we have backed ourselves into a corner with all the reports that have come out about us wanting to trade him. There is just one thing... we haven't traded him yet. Teams like the Cardinals, Lions, and Dolphins you would think would have been all over this and the deal would have been done already. I feel Albert is viewed as an average left tackle by the majority of teams in the NFL and average doesn't garner 2 second round picks or a second and a third round pick. If this is the case it is in the Chiefs best interest to keep Albert and try to sign him to a long-term team friendly contract, and if not let him play on the tag this year.

We Won't Draft an OT With The Number 1 Pick:

This kind of plays off of us not being able to trade Albert, there would be no point for us to draft either Joeckel or Fisher at 1 if we can't trade Albert. I think Reid and Dorsey feel confident in Stevenson to handle either tackle spot, I think they would prefer him on the right side though, that is why Schwartz was brought in to push Stevenson. So why draft a tackle then you risk not having Stevenson get any playing time, because you aren't going to sit your new number 1 pick or Albert at the contracts you would be paying them.

We Won't Trade The Number 1 Pick:

I am not going to say it isn't impossible for us to do I am just going to say if someone trades us I will be totally shocked. With us the Jags and the Raiders reportedly looking to trade down, I see no reason for anyone to feel that need to come all the way up to number 1. We are going to make calls but ultimately we will be stuck and have to take who we think is the BPA and fits our team.

We Need Pass Rushers:

I know that we have (what I consider to be ) tow of the best pass rushers in the league, but we need sacks more than pressure. Too often last year I watched Hali and Houston explode off the edge, beat the right and left tackle easily to only have the QB step up into an empty pocket where he could easily complete a pass or take off running. There is no doubt we need someone else that can rush the passer. We have addressed the secondary and with the moves that we made I can see us playing a lot of man coverage and blitzing 60-65 percent of the time. I believe our secondary will be one of the best units in the league with a better pass rush expect our corners and safety's to create turnovers, like the Bears did last year.

We Will Address ILB Twice In The Draft:

In my opinion this is the weakest position on this tam, losing tackling machine Belcher last year really hurt us. I think Reid and Dorsey know there is some good value to be had at this position in rounds 3-5, I think we will draft an ILB with one of our 3rd round picks and our 5th round pick.

My Chiefs Mock:

Round 1 Pick 1: Dion Jordan- This guy is a beast of a man will provide that other pass rush this team desperately needs.

Round 3 Pick 63: Da'Rick Rogers- Strong, physical receiver that may not fall this far but if he does we snag him without thinking about it. He becomes our starting number 2 receiver before training camp is over.

Round 3 Pick 96: Kiko Alonso- The first of two ILB I think we take in this draft, Dion Jordan didn't work out at Oregon's pro day but Alonso did and guess who was there both Reid and Dorsey.

Round 4 Pick 99: Kahled Holmes: Solid center prospect could take Hudson's job and Hudson could potentially kick into LG he has played that position before in college.

Round 5 Pick 134: Nico Johnson- The second ILB we take in this draft, would create good competition and good depth as well as two potential starters when DJ leaves or retires.

Round 6 Pick 170-:Zeke Motta- If he can show what he has, could potentially win a starting safety spot.

Round 6 Pick 204: Tanner Hawkinson- O-Line Depth

Round 7 Pick 207: Eric Martin- D-Line depth

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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